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    Calling in to say "Hello". So far I've owned 3 x Freelander 2's (British English for LR2!) and 2 x Discovery 4's (Ditto LR4) and now awaiting delivery of my first Range Rover L405 :D Green, naturally :thumb:
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    Just bought a p38 DSE. Been on the lookout for ages and then a friend decided to sell me his 95 DSE. She's nothing special but drives well and I know I wasn't buying trouble.:grinning:
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    I'm the proud owner of a P38, I'm getting out of lay up. now that the price of fuel is down! I guess a lot of these vehicles are a bit special this one was chauffer driven and has a tv/satnav for the driver. Many problems to sort out. Hence joined the forum. regards amull.
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    Hi all Bought myself a 2002 4.4 Vogue LPG. Lovely truck.......... But already needs fixing. Lol Hope to make some like minded internet friends. Cheers Christian.
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    Hi everyone i've had a few RR's just bought a 1971 two door, I also have a new RR Sport which I also love so life is good. Cheers
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    Hi everybody, P38 4.0lt owner from Cornwall, I've come to share my experiences of Range Rover ownership and some of the fixes i've used to keep the barge going, no doubt ill be going over what many have already been thru but as they say "there's more than one way to do things"......... Hope to...