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  1. Range Rover Mark III / L322
    car in question: L322 Range Rover Tdv6, 177 bhp, Diesel 160.000 km / 100.000 miles 2006 description: when accelerating in 5th gear, the car cogs / jutters until I hit the throttle heavily in a specific rev range could be that car has similar behavior in lower gears, but barely noticeable...
  2. Formal Warnings
    Post: 2018 order question User: 98lawdawg98 Infraction: clueless personal attack Points: 0 Administrative Note: Message to User: Original Post:
  3. Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Hello all. Recently my valve stem on my FRONT LEFT tire blew off and I replaced the sensor. In the meantime, i threw the full size SPARE tire on. While waiting for the sensor to arrive, I threw the FRONT LEFT tire in the spare compartment. The "check spare tire pressure light" illuminated about...
  4. Range Rover Classic
    ok, so , i bought a non running 89 rrc cheap ( was sitting in a clean dry barn, has 63,011 miles on it) last time it was plated was 2001, so i was told its been sitting since... any ways it wont start it cranks but not firing .. all the fuses work except the fuel pump ( well it lights up for...
  5. New Member Introductions, No Questions Please
    Hi Folks Greetings from Essex, UK. Just about to buy my dream car, a 2006 4.2 supercharged , waited a couple of years and very excited. Stand by for a load of stupid questions..... mark (aka markcdo)
  6. Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Hello, I bought a 2004 range and it came with these 22's (285 35zr 22 106w xl). I will be honest I don't know a whole lot about ranges. I am considering swapping these our for smaller rims and tires. I need help identifying the model of the rimes so I can figure out what theyre worth to sell...
1-6 of 6 Results