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  1. Be careful if working on rear park distance sensors

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    The independent shop recently repaired the rear park distance sensors. The harness is secured to the body with a clip that inserts into a square hole under the bumper. Over the weekend, I had a 'Christmas in July' event where all the warning lights came on repeatedly, along with error...
  2. Be careful with this eBay Vendor - dotcomRacing

    General Chatter
    All, Just a heads up about a particular Vendor on eBay that you want to avoid - dotcomracing. They sell a lot of Range Rover parts so I wanted to post this here as a warning... Last month I purchased a chrome replacement grill for my Range Rover Sport and received something entirely different...
  3. Towing Harness 2010/11 --> 2012 CHANGE. CAREFUL!!

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    Hey forum members, just letting my fellow DIY's know about the following: The harness HAS changed from the 2010/11 --> 2012 model. The 2010/2011 is made up of two sections: (1) which comes from inside the panel/car (3 plugs and ground) through the tail light (2) connects outside of the tail...