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  1. 2016 TD6 bucking when it rains

    Range Rover Mark IV / L405
    Hi all, first time poster. Bought a 2016 RR TD6 with 16k miles from a reputable authorized dealer and showed no problems in the records from previous owner. First weekend wife took it on a road trip and called me multiple times saying the car felt like it was "bucking" every few minutes while...
  2. Rebuilt ZF5HP24 bucking when downshifting, engages hard.

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Hello all thanks for reading, Builder replaced the failed B-Drum, valve body, hard parts and the torque converter on a ZF5HP24. So now the car engages into drive and reverse hard and vehicle lurches/lunges when doing so. When coasting to a stop the car bucks as it is downshifts thru the gears...
  3. Time to turn my attention to 95 LWB... High gear bucking

    Range Rover Classic
    Ok I work on cars as a hobby.  I am finishing up my current project, and soon it is time to turn my attention to my rover. I have a 95 LWB RRC, and I have had the truck for about 7 years now. My eldest daughter drove it in in HS and in College. She graduated about 1 1/2 ago, and the rover has...
  4. Battery drain, P0103 Code and bucking

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    2003 Range Rover 4.4 Looking for a little help with this one. Went away for a week and as usual the battery drained down. Couldn't put my hands on the charger so I called AAA for a booster jump. Booster didn't do the trick so I finally found the charger and fully charged the battery. Checked...