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  1. Front Axle Woes.

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    So, its a 1997 AA Yellow 4.6 HSE Vitesse. I am very attached to this vehicle, and have been keeping it in the best running condition I can. However, the front axle has been making noises similar to the old army truck axles where the ring and pinion don't mesh properly. The difference is, If I...
  2. Max permissible wheel size difference front vs rear axle

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    Hi all. On a L322 what is the permissible wheel size difference between front and rear axle? Currently have 255/50/R20 all round but must replace front two only. Will 265/50R20 be okay? Diameter is 30.43 inches (77.3 cm) as opposed to 30.4 inches ( 76.3 cm) Wheel circumference is 242.94 cm as...
  3. Leaky Rear Axle - Which seals need replacing?

    Range Rover Classic
    After a lovely day at Cars and Coffee, my rover decided it didn't like all that oil in the rear axle and spit some of it out the passenger side onto my wheel. I have read that this issue typically starts with a blocked breather. I crawled under the truck and did not see anything blocking the...
  4. 2018 SVR - weird locking axle sensation while reversing

    Range Rover Sport II / L494
    I’m hoping the collective brainpower and experience on the board can help me determine what is causing an occasional issue with my 2018 SVR. About a month ago, I was pulling out of my garage (while access mode was engaged) and my SVR came to a slow halt as if my rear tires nudged up to...
  5. Front axle nut

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Having hard time with the front axle nut. I never have seen this before I’m trying to get a punch screwdriver in to bend back up nothing is working. I couldn’t find anything on site so if there is a post elsewhere I do apologize
  6. Rear axle shaft destroyed

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    Ride: 2012 Range Rover Sport LUX Mileage: 104,000 Location: Lemoore, CA So today, I arrived home from a 4 day journey. Pennsylvania to California. Day three into the trip I noticed that when I would put the vehicle in reverse, it would have a slight humming noise. At lower speeds (taking off...
  7. Broken axle

    Range Rover Classic
    So I broke the right rear axle on my classic last week, and seem to be having a hard time finding a replacement 10 spline. A little backstory; it is a 94 LWB with ABS and TC, so as best I can tell it should be 24 spline, but in the rear it has a 10 spline set up, so I am guessing something went...
  8. Rear Drive Axle Seal replacement L322 RR 2006

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    I have a punctured rubber boot at the wheel on the rear axle on my AJV8 2006 that needs to be replaced. It looks like if i take the axle out I need special tools to replace oil seals and axle at the diff and that means I am forced to take it to the dealer ...... Has anyone removed and replaced...
  9. NAS axle part numbers needed

    Range Rover Classic
    Hi friends, I need some information from a NAS parts catalogue please. I own just about any Range Rover bible you can imagine, including the workshop manual in two languages and many different owner's manuals plus all the parts catalogues that are sold in the UK. What I don't have is one for...
  10. 82 front stub axle

    Range Rover Classic
    I've got the slotted stub axle that doesn't seem to be available any more. I've tried ordering two replacement flat types, but neither seem to fit onto the CV joint properly. Any thoughts on modifying the stub axle from imperial to metric would be much appreciated. It's driving me nuts!
  11. Cv axle install

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Hello. I recently experienced the passenger side front cv axle popping out. I have got my axle rebuild. I installed the axle back in but noticed a small gap still remaining. I’m aware of the cir clip issues but im unsure if it is fully seated all the way. My question , is the axle to the diff...
  12. Does this stub axle need replacing?

    Range Rover Classic
    95 Classic front stub axle. Looks a little worn, wondering if it is worn enough to need replacing.
  13. axle identification

    Range Rover Classic
    Hi,would there be any axle experts on here that could help me find some info on an axle fitted to my vehicle,I am trying to find a front stub axle but without knowing the age or any other info on the axle is proving difficult there seem to be so many variations,I am fairly sure it came off a...
  14. Range Rover to Discovery Axle Swap

    Range Rover Classic
    Recently Broke the Ring Gear on my 1995 County LWB which put a hole in the axle housing. Haven't had any luck tracking down a 95 RRC rear axle assembly near me but have found a few Discovery ones. Does anyone know if they will bolt up to the Range Rover mounts? The Discovery is a 1996 series 1...
  15. New g-wagen going IFS, losing solid front axle...

    General Chatter
    Though this is a RR forum, I think this is of interest for those who off-road and want a solid front axle in a new rig. Looks like Jeep may be the last option now in terms of new rigs. https://jalopnik.com/what-it-means-for-off-roaders-now-that-the-mercedes-g-c-1821783691 At the end of the...
  16. Velar AWD system has a chain drive to the front axle?

    Range Rover Velar / L560
    http://media.landrover.com/en-gb/news/2017/03/introducing-range-rover-velar Chain Drive to the front axle? Has this been done before in a JLR product? Chain Drive really?
  17. Another Axle issue

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    After my battle with my passenger side axel popping out, I went through a couple weeks without issue, so I thought. I purchased a reman axle and had my Indy install it. I took a peek underneath today to find the outside boot is ripped! Grease is everywhere. Its ripped right at the hub about...
  18. Passenger axle keeps popping out

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    I have a 2004 Range Rover and tha passenger axle has popped out twice in the last week since an axle change on Monday due to a failed u joint. Indy did not replace the c clip with a new one. The first time it it went about 5 miles before it popped out. The second time it went about 100...
  19. '92 RRC (passenger side) stub axle bearing issue

    Range Rover Classic
    Hello everyone, (first post) I am rebuilding the front axle of my 92 RRC (without ABS brakes, with vented rotors, with CV joint suffix "B"). Vin # ending in 1240NA. I'm told that a '92 without ABS brakes is somewhat of an anomaly. When dis-assembled, there was a "sleeve" bearing/bushing that...
  20. suspension issue- front axle DTE?

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    The rover has recently been experiencing a suspension inactive followed by a suspension auto leveler inactive. When it displays the second message, the car does not drop to down to the stops and the bellows remain inflated, but I do get the "do not exceed 35 mph" message. I use the Icarsoft...