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    Hello fellow RaRo enthousiasts, Some time ago my first experience with a Range Rover was a two week camping trip with a borrowed L322. What a joy that was. 4x4 bug bit me then. Financial considerations led me to buying a different 4x4 a Jeep Cherokee, but the RARO keeps calling me, so now I'm...
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    hey! Just got me a 2004 L322 and this forum is where the smart people are, I can tell. No questions right now, but thanks in advance for all your knowledge!
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi All just joined the forum. I have a 2003 L322 4.4 Range Rover HSE. I bought it from an American serving with the air force in England. Sounds complicated especially when it comes to getting it repaired in Amsterdam. I am hoping you might all be able to help me with the problems as this car...