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  1. Range Rover Classic
    Hi all, My '95 RRC's in the shop because it died at a bank and wouldn't start up again. They looked at the coil, distributor and fuel pump, but when they took the spark plugs out they noticed a very "rich" fuel smell and a few of the plugs were fouled. I just read all the posts I could find...
  2. Range Rover Mark III / L322
    My Range Rover only runs great if I add Fuel System Cleaner at every fill up. When I do not add the fuel cleaner, the truck has some hesitation when idle. I use Chevron 93 gas (and have tried others). Is this a sign that I need to go to the dealer and get an induction cleaning. I have been...
  3. Range Rover Mark III / L322
    I wrapped up a valley pan gasket job and thought I'd share something that I found interesting. Prior to the job I ran the techron concentrate (BMW approved) through the system and when I removed the associated parts everything was dirty with carbon build up except the injectors. They were ALL...
  4. Range Rover Sport / L320
    Just got off the ship yesterday with bad Migraine had to fly with it. then go to ER to get a shot. So the day sucks already. So had a appointment with Cerroines for a oil change and also to look at the check engine light usually its the gas cap because the wife has bad hands and cant tighten the...
  5. Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Hi All. I have been on the power enhancer web site which sells additives which they claim can clean the fuel system ,the egr valve or the turbo dependant on which bottle you choose.It mixes in the fuel tank and the additive does the rest.Has anyone had any experience of Archoil products
1-5 of 5 Results