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  1. Activity key experiences & instructions

    Range Rover Mark IV / L405
    Anyone try the activity key? Have a neighbor take us out today and he couldn’t wait to show us the activity key.... but he’s not a big reader of manuals: etc. He spent about 2 minutes waving, pressing and holding the band over and on the R on the tailgate before the car locked. Is that how...
  2. Activity Key for RRS

    Range Rover Sport II / L494
    One thing Im super jealous of on the Disco 5 and Velar is the new Activity Key. I've long suspected that there is a way to retrofit this to the RRS, bit haven't seen anything on it. I came across this vehicle prep kit today. Since the Disco uses the same ICTP system as the 2017 RRS, wouldn't it...
  3. Weird Stalling / Rev activity on 95 classic

    Range Rover Classic
    On the way to work this morning I had a sudden loss of power, and then the vehicle started to almost die, then rev up, then almost die, rev up etc for a few passes. I tried to give it gas, and it died. On a restart same behavior. I let it sit for about 1 minute, fired it up, It Rev'd up to...
  4. ABS pump activity

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Hi, how much should the abs pump run normally? Mine runs a good 10 sec at start up and then every few minutes, is that normal? Should i change the accumulator? I dont notice any problems with my brakes/abs.
  5. Overland Expo 2013 - Lots of Land Rover Activity

    General Chatter
    Calling all Adventurous Folks: Another great annual event coming up here in May, the ever expanding and entertaining Overland Expo near Mormon Lake, Flagstaff Arizona. Tons of Land Rover activities, including all of the NA Based Camel Trophy Trucks and Drivers, a custom built Land Rover Test...
  6. Battery drain after 2 days non activity

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    I have just purchased my first RR a 2007 3.6 TDV8. After some snow and ice last week I parked my car on the drive and did not use it for a couple of days. When I tried to start it on the third morning all I got was a feeble attempt to turn the engine over and a lot of ticking from under the...