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  1. Any info on AMR3455 A/D/S subwoofer?

    Range Rover Classic
    Does anybody know if the AMR344 subwoofer speaker has a resistance of 2 or maybe 4 Ohm? What exact speaker unit is installed in it or would be a good replacement if it wears down? My unit is working very well but I'm wondering what kind of amplifier would fit well, any info would be appreciated
  2. Classic A/D/S ADS Stereo - Worth putting back in?

    Range Rover Classic
    Now that I'm moving past high priority mechanical issues on my new rig, I would like to do something with the stereo. My stereo was replaced by one of the previous owners. Then I got the head unit with the vehicle, but not connected. Previous owner took whatever stereo was installed and...
  3. Stock a/d/s stereo system - please help

    Range Rover Classic
    Hi, I recently purchased a 1993 RRC with the stock a/d/s stereo. I want to keep the head unit and have already replaced the (4) 4" stock speakers. Any and all advise, opinion and experience requested and appreciated regarding....... - can you replace the stock ph11 amp with anything that is...