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  1. Range Rover Sport / L320
    I'm trying to decide if I should keep or unload my 2011 RRS HSE. It's out of warranty on July 31st. Certified Pre-owned and I have 65k miles on it. I've had a lot of issues with the vehicle and I'm just wondering if all the major stuff is taken care of. Obviously no one can predict the future...
  2. Range Rover Mark III / L322
    I picked up our 2011 HSE (5.0, non-SC) last fall with about 52k miles and it now has just under 60k, so I need to have it serviced. I believe that it did have the brake fluid replaced at 45k. The manual doesn't call for anything special beyond the engine oil and filter at 60k. The rear...
  3. Range Rover Sport / L320
    Hi everyone I am new to the forum and have a few questions. I am due to get the 60k service soon and called one dealership (Parsippany) and was quoted $1100 for the service and they mentioned that I would definitely need to leave the vehicle there and get a loaner.Out of curiosity I called my...
  4. Range Rover Sport / L320
    Hi All, Below are the items I am going to work on once I get in. Addtionally if I am missing anything that you may think would be essential service, please feel free & suggest. Replace: Oil & Filter Spark plugs Front & Rear Differential fluids Air Filter Cabin Air filter element
1-4 of 4 Results