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  1. New Key and Barrels for 1979 2 door classic

    Range Rover Classic
    Any know a part number of do I use defender barrels?
  2. 1979 RRC new owner and restoration

    Range Rover Classic
    Hi, Can anyone tell me if 2 door RRC doors are available to buy new. Also in the process of upgrading headlamps. I'm assuming the sealed beams are just one bulb, I.e no side light as the guy selling the new lamps asking asking if I require H4 kits with Sidelight, I don't think so but if someone...
  3. Range Rover 1979

    Range Rover Classic
    Hello! I am restoring a Range Rover Classic 1979 2 door. I am planning to use this car as a daily driver but I also need to go off road once in a while. My only problem are the carburetors. I would like to know how it would affects the car´s off road performance if I change the original Zenith...
  4. 1979 RRC axle swap

    Range Rover Classic
    hello all, i have a 79 british range rover classic that i busted the front axle flange, shaft ect. i ma looking at swapping to GM Dana 44s anyone done this swap before and any pros or cons of doing it? rig below dana
  5. 1979 2 door Rangey on gas ?

    Range Rover Classic
    anyone have thoughts on the 'claim' that this model of rangey 'loves' to run on LPG as much as it does unleaded ?