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  1. Speedo drive, TDR 110 automatic to 83 classic cable

    Range Rover Classic
    Hi, I have an 83 classic that has a 110 landrover 2.5 tdr diesel. I have continual problem with the speedo going dead. Have fitted(first time this happened) , brand new angle drive, brand new cable (second time about8 months ago) another speedo, new worm drive in transmission. It has gone...
  2. New Rover + 825 miles + 110 degree weather = questions

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Picking up another P38 this weekend. 2002 96K, two owner. Quite flawless. Concerned a bit that I have to drive it from L.A. to New Mexico in what looks like 105-115 degree weather. I have a plethora of receipts, none showing any coolant work (ie. pump, etc) however. My issue with the Rover OE...
  3. Defender 110 Blues

    General Chatter
    Anyone have any hints for finding Defender 110s? Besides the obvious Ebay, etc. I've been poking around for some time now. I'd actually love a project Defender 110 Station Wagon...even one without a motor or transmission...If you have any good sources in the States, I'd appreciate the...