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Bought in 2012 as Project Vehicle. I had it towed to my house and spent the next three months working on it. I am the 6th owner and the last owner only had it for three months,. Originally, I was going to flip it as I had done with other vehicles. I discovered that while I could get a 50% return on my investment, I could not make a killing as I had done with other vehicles. Consequently, I started working on it. Now, 2 years later, I continue to enjoy this vehicle. Moreover, my dog has a car , too.
1999 Range Rover 4.0SE (Black)


-Replaced Head Gaskets
Replaced Radiator
Replaced Auxiliaary fans
Replaced Transmission Cooler
Replaced Transmission Filter
-Replaced entire center console that was broken
-conditioned leather to return its suppleness
-smooth surface disc in dash cup holder to hold suction cup- for GPS
-replaced broken hood lever
-replaced defective radio with oem radio
-repaired CD channger
major rework of driver's door locks, cyclinder, and handle
- replaced heater core o0rings
Bull Bar
Roof Rack
Side Steps (Running Board)
Rear Light Guards
All are genuine Range Rover,. I am a world-class scavenger and have harvested these items fromsalvage vehicles.
Replaced Radio with oem Radio/Tape
Repaired CD Changer
Replaced front and rear Differentials
Rekplaced Front Hub
Coil Conversion was done before I purchased this vehicle and I have no desire to change it back. I know nothing about EAS.
Wheel and Tire
I just bought a 2014 Infiniti Q50 with 17" Black Chrome wheels. I then started looking and noticed t6hat on almost all new cars, the profile of the wheels is so important in the design. I then wanted to update the look of my wheels. I replaced my perfectly good original wheels with Lexani 20" wheels with 265/50-20 Toyo STII tires. jI eliminated the rubbing by cutting oiff the portion of the mud flap that extended intoi the wheel wells



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