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Showcase cover image for Updated 2002 Range Rover 4.6 HSE (Present Day P38)

General Information

Range Rover
4.6 HSE
Exterior Niagara Grey + Grey Leather Interior
Birr Walnut trim throughout
Have updated a few exterior cosmetic items to give the truck a fresher more up to date look.
The grille has been taken off as it was a very faded grey and after cleaning and sanding got 4 coats of a gloss black paint.
The plastic trim underneath both headlights got the same treatment.
The bumpers and rest of the exterior got 10-12 coats of armor oil.First few coats will soak instantly especially in Florida heat.
The old tired decals were taken off and i replaced them with L322 badges.This was a risk as i wasn't sure if they'd be too over the top or not but i like the end result.I also replaced the LR badges with the black and silver type (cost $6 for 2 of them,shipped from china) but have not a pic up of these yet.Wipers replaced with Bosch set.
Replaced the AC Drier and also the expansion valve.
Engine is currently out of the vehicle as I had a blown head gasket and is currently being rebuilt from the ground up (with the exception of replacing the pistons & liners which are in near perfect condition).
Installing a Crowler Camshaft and ARP studs instead of stretch bolts on rebuild.
2002 Range Rover 4.6 HSE (Exterior Niagara Grey + Grey Leather Interior)


Water pump,
Serpentine belt,
engine coolant temperature sensor,
oil & filter,
transmission fluid & filter,
spark plugs,
coolant hoses,
heater core,
hood struts,
passenger-side blend motor
driver-side blend motor
driver-side blower motor replaced
passenger side blower motor replaced
replaced Crank Position sensor
replaced TPS throttle position sensor
Replaced drivers side arm rest.
New sat nav reader.
Spray painted gloss Black ABS door handle covers.
Spray painted gloss Black rear guards,front grille & underneath headlights trim.
Updated L322 Range Rover decals in chrome.
Updated Black & silver Land Rover badges front & back.
Updated chrome HSE badge.
Updated Land Rover license plate surround in powder coated gloss Black.
Recently replaced front headlight wipers and also installed a new functioning sat nav reader.
All bumpers and exterior trim have been reconditioned.
Windshield wiper arms & plenum cover resprayed matt black
Roof-rack previously stripped security torx bolts drilled out to take the rack off the vehicle.Then the rack was sanded down and resprayed gloss black.
Used running boards from a scrapyard 99 Rover were refurbished and re-sprayed and added to my rig recently.
Dims and fog light bulbs changed out and updated to Slyvania Ultras
Currently booked in to have the roof re-sprayed as there are two small patchs where the clear coat is lifting and at the same time have the front and back bumpers spray painted medium gloss black as well as the two back pillars.
Front and back bumpers and both back pillars have been re-sprayed in semi gloss black.
Roof has been re-sprayed and 18" Hurricanes have been re-sprayed to match the body paint.
New sat nav reader
Blistein shocks and coil suspension.
Working on getting her back on air.
Wheel and Tire
Replaced warped rotors with new OEM ones.
Upgrading to 19" 6 or 7 spoke l322 rims if I get a set cheap and will put BFGoodrich tires on here when I get the rims.
Decided against the 19"rims and decoded to re-spray the 18" Hurricanes Niagra grey to match the body paint and upgraded the tires to 255/60R18 Nitto Terra Grappler All Terrain tires.
Wheels have recently been powder coated Niagara grey to match the vehicle colour.



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