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General Information

Range Rover
P38 Vogue
Vogue 4.6 V8 Thor (Bosch)
Purchased in Wellington Nov 2014. Only major issue has been the heater core, which I replaced myself. Had a new radiator before it needed it too.
2002 Range Rover P38 Vogue (Silver)


No modifications
Sony Ericsson Bluetooth phone system with separate dedicated speaker and ceiling microphone
Front ashtray replaced with triple-socket 12v adaptor to power accessories including bluetooth audio, laptop power supply, two phone charge cables, camera battery charger and one spare 12v socket
Fire extinguisher mounted in rear
First-aid kit
Portable picnic chair
Portable rear tent (covers the rear of the vehicle and attaches to rear windows with suction cups)
150w AC inverter
(This model came with a 12v socket in the rear)

Current projects include:
1500w AC inverter and to run an expresso machine in the rear
Factory nudge bar
Factory side steps
Factory spotlights
Factory roof rails
Factory crossbars
Factory wind deflector (passenger side front only)
Factory headlight guards
Factory taillight guards (painted red)
Red painted brake calipers (match taillight guards)
Removable recovery hook fits into the tow hitch receiver
(As standard this model came with factory mudflaps)

Current projects include a moulded snorkel (being fabricated) and a recovery hook on the front without removal of the factory front bumper.
Bluetooth Audio adaptor (A2DP) which only runs through a cassette adapter at this stage.
Everything else as standard (this model came with subwoofer and 6-disc CD changer)

Current projects include:
Touchscreen audio/satnav/WiFi/bluetooth/SIM card unit in the dash space currently occupied by the plastic cubby box, which will connect to the original audio system (which will not be removed)
Media server to store content (videos/MP3s) and TV tuner.
Considering modification of the ashtray itself with a cheap audio accessory with built-in Bluetooth, though this may be redundant if the above has the same functionality and more
No modifications, standard airbags.

Current projects include:
Replacement of standard airbags with Arnotts Gen II's (not Gen IIIs as I don't plan on lifting this vehicle at this stage)
Wheel and Tire
Factory Comet alloy wheels for on-road with 255/55R18s (replaced Hurricanes)
Factory standard alloy wheels for off-roading with 245/75R16s (from an earlier model P38 )



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