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Land Rover
Range Rover P38
Alpine White
First Range Rover of mine and never had it running yet!
1997 Land Rover Range Rover P38 (Alpine White)


***UPDATE!*** Pictured to the right of the rover on white rims is a photo of a white P38A that I photoshoped the rear pillar and front and rear bumpers as well as the door handles white! going this rout would save me so much time and money that it will probably be what I decide to do!

This Is what I would like for her to look like in the future! Pictured is a 1995 P38A with a with a L322 conversion on 22" powder coated rims. I would like it to be a luxurious family S.U.V. that I can haul a set of spare off road wheels and tires in the back in case I ever get the urge to go have some off road fun!
Was on the bump stops when I bought it, Thanks to this site I was able to get her back in the air! What I did; removed E.A.S. valve block and E.A.S. dryer and replaced o rings to the air lines with similar size o rings from home depot. Due to "no crank issue" and E.A.S. fault I removed the E.A.S. timer and unplugged the E.A.S. computer both located under the drivers seat here in the U.S.. I manually started the compressor by jumping the E.A.S relay port on the fuse box and manually jumped wires near the E.A.S valve block to raise the vehicle I then jumped two sets of female pins on the E.A.S. computer harness making sure to leave it jumped over and harness left unplugged until I can get the E.A.S. fault reset! Thanks Everyone!



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