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General Information

Range Rover
Original white/cream
A/C, rear window defrost, factory hitch.
Bought in May 2012 with 96,700 original miles. This one has the LT77 5 speed. I've since dumped a little over $2000 into it. The only thing that doesn't leak is the rear axle. It's been driven very little, so the seals are shot along with the suspension bushings. Next project is 2" suspension lift and all new bushings. In '99 an owner spent $11,000 for a frame restoration.
1985 Range Rover Classic (Original white/cream)


Had a Holley when I bought it...vacuum secondaries don't work well with a manual trans. Still runs a little rich. Will fix that issue with a better fuel pressure regulator from Aeromotive.
Upholstery is original and door panels look new! Switch panel by driver's seat is for aftermarket fuel pump I installed. Haven't hooked up the phone chargers to it yet. Will use last 2 switches for interior lighting needs. Panel is wired to battery through fuse and relays. Works well and have no issues with it. Fuel pump sounds like a chainsaw, so there's no forgettin' to turn it off.
Removed the factory hitch. Looked like a snow shovel...no approach angle with it on.
Myself, road noise and fuel pump whine.
After full Terrafirma 2" lift. All bushings, tie rods, every nut/bolt has been replaced. Still fiddling with new tyre type to install. I've also removed the bull guard out front...has a cleaner look now. Also installed since pic was taken, a pair of Terrafirma rear shock mounts and have steering damper relocating kit on it's way. Have a new steering shaft setting in the garage too...it's a pain to change out (done the rubber coupler on the old '89 prior to selling).
Wheel and Tire
Rims are off my '89. I painted them myself and they look good at 10 feet or more...lol. Tires are Bridgestone Dueler REVO, stock size. Good tire with no road hum.



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