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General Information

Range Rover
P38A 2.5 DSE
All work mentioned done by myself unless otherwise noted.

Bought it from a friend whom I've helped maintain it the last 2-3 years.

No engine oil consumption between oil changes.
Leak from oil filter cap
Leak from rear front drive axle (front diff been run on low oil)
Not working AC.
Warm heater.
Immediate cold start (when extreme cold outside I wait 5 seconds after glow finished).
Hard engine hot start (15 seconds).
Air suspension sags (more on right side).
Air suspension won't lower (rear hangs).
Sunroof slightly off-angle.
Error codes : 1 engine (error 136 fuel actuator), 2 HEVAC (left motor and recirc.flap)

EAS valve overhaul
EAS compressor overhaul
EAS re-program and tune

Greased zerks

In-dash 2x 2.1A USB-charger outlets
Center console switch re-arrange for LHD position
Center console digital clock
Removed analog clock
Automatic engine glow-start LED and bypass switch
EAS disable switch with status LED

Engine code 136 (fuel actuator circuit)
HEVAC left fan and recirculation flap (flap stuck open, fan not tested yet)
Drivers seat needs freshing up
Clean interior in general
Discs and pads all around
Possibly calipers too
Start battery
Drivers door window lift
Exhaust middle damper
Front diff.
Front axle seals (both sides)
Engine oil and filter
Fuel filter
Transmission oil, filter and pan gasket
Transfer case oil
Front and rear diff oil
Right front headlamp
Replaced various missing clips etc.
Glove box gas strut
Center console cup holder gas strut
Replaced alternator brushes / regulator (14.5V)
Drivers door armrest fix
All AC o-rings
Side steps
3rd party remote central locking with trunk unlock
EAS disable switch
DAB receiver with hands-free (Kenwood KMM-BT502DAB)
Door amplifier disable convertion to regular car stereo wiring
Front door speaker upgrade (Renegade RX62)
Subwoofer removal
Self-designed and built Raspberry 3-based full HD dash-cam, GPS, anti-theft and in-car WiFi 4G network
Center console analog clock replaced with voltmeter
Disabled sunroof switch (re-programmed BECM)
Install self-designed and built engine auto glow-start system
AC-system status LEDs
Convert door speakers (all doors) to regular stereo with passive crossover
Replace drivers door woofer and midrange
Subwoofer (and left rear door and left rear interior light) power fix
Hot-start fix
Fully flush transmission and torque converter oil
Rear door poddle lights
Upgrade interior and door bulbs to LEDs
Oil filter house leak (new cap and Mahle filter and o-ring)
Fix AC
Passenger side footwell light
Switch to disable electric windows (shop mode)
Rear USB-charger outlets
Front heated seat fix
Check non-return diesel fuel valve
Replace fuel heater o-rings
Replace injector return hoses with original Land Rover
Mount trailer hitch with 7-pin and 13-pin electrical sockets
Engine top cover gasket
Fix sunroof
Webasto diesel heater (remote controlled)
Dual cupholder center console beside analog clock
Check door latches and cabling front door (auto locks randomly)
LED trunk light
Replace rear plate bulbs
Replace front right parking light bulb
Upper trunk gas struts
Fix trunk button
Pollen filters
Fix stone chips and scratches for rust
Tuning chip for engine
2000 Range Rover P38A 2.5 DSE (Green)


EAS disable with LED status
Automatic engine glow-start LED and bypass switch
Digital clock
Analog clock replaced with voltmeter
In-dash 2x 2.1A USB-charger outlets
Center console switch re-arrange for LHD position
Kenwood KMM-BT502DAB receiver
Drivers door midtone and woofer replaced with factory units
Subwoofer, front and rear door amplifier removed
Front and rear door speaker wiring adapted to regular stereo with passive crossovers
Wheel and Tire
16" winter, 18" summer (Land Rover originals)



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