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British Cars of America

2338 N Lindberg Blvd

St Louis, MO 63114



British Cars Restorations and Services, LLC provides preeminent service in rebuilding, restoring, repairing, and customizing all British automobiles. Although we specialize in vintage British cars we also welcome all of the newest of the British marks, our shop is fully equipped to perform routine maintenance, extensive repairs or total restorations to all British vehicles of interest to enthusiasts and/or collectors. We maintain an extensive inventory of project vehicles, spare parts and have a wide selection of classic and antique cars for sale. If you are interested in purchasing a new or classic British automobile for sale or are looking to buy a car, we can help with that. Auto appraisals are one of our many services, as well as hard to find parts locating.

President and founder Charlie Key was an off roader many years before it was popular, and owned many Land Rovers himself. He went through many training courses about Land Rovers, and even owned and restored a Series II and a 1954 S I, 80 " military. Charlie now has 40 years experience on Rovers, and after working for IBM for 26 years he retired early to open his own shop. His staff also have many years experiance and training on British trucks and SUVs. They are equipped with Autologic and factory trained, with capabilities fully equal to the dealer on the most modern Rovers. For example, British Cars of America is the one and only shop with logic testing for DIESEL Land Rovers (not even the dealers can have this program!) They are longtime SEMA members and have the connections to find what you might need for your Rover. We are also founding members of the BMTA. (British Motor Trade Association). Members of the RCGA, the BBB, NFIB, and are ASE.

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