P38 Load Space Anchor Points

Chris Crompton's Installation
Ron Beckett's Installation
Official Land Rover Tiedowns
Kevin Kelly's Cargo Net Installation

Chris Crompton's Installation

Chris Crompton fabricated some folding tie-downs for the load space of his P38 Range Rover. He used a heavy duty door hinge bolted to the loadspace floor under the carpet, so he can fold it down for normal use, and unfold it for use when off road or other circumstances requiring luggage to be held down in place. The photos below illustrate Chris's design.

load anchor folded

load anchor up

Chris's loadspace anchor in the folded position

The anchor in the "up" position

Ron Beckett's Installation
Land Rover does make an official accessory tiedown which screws into the (4) threaded holes in the loadspace of the 4.0/4.6 Range Rover. Ron Beckett devised a lower cost alternative using upper seat belt mounts from the B-pillar - see the photos below. The tiedowns are held in with high tensile bolts using the same threaded holes intended for the official accessory. He used fully threaded high tensile 3/8" UNC (16tpi) bolts about 2 inches long. These are very similar in size and thread pitch to 10mm ISO coarse (1.5mm pitch - Japanese car manufacturers tend to use 10mm in 1.25mm pitch). Ron's design has the advantage of accepting web straps, but the anchors do not fold out of the way.



Ron Beckett's home-made tiedown screwed into the loadspace holes. Note that Ron has also installed a rigid cargo container (an old carry case for magnetic tapes) in the space on the right of the loadspace intended for the (expensive) official accessory container.

Components used in Ron's tiedown design.
Note the spacer used to compensate for the thickness of the carpet.

Ron reports that if you are trying out this scheme you will have to lift the carpet and the underlay to see the captive nuts. He had to punch holes in the underlay.  You can see in the pictures (below) where, after lifting the carpet and foam underlay, Ron put an arrow in black felt pen indicating the location of the securing nuts. 

load anchor

load anchor 4

After folding the underlay back into position he used these arrows to mark where he needed to punch the holes for the spacers.  (A set of wad punches is ideal for this type of hole making -- you can buy very cheap ones at the $2 shops. Just put a piece of timber under the foam underlay and hit the punch hard with a hammer.)

Official Land Rover Tiedowns 
The official load anchors for the Range Rover loadspace are actually very similar to Ron's improvised design, and are sold as part of a load retention system, with part number STC 8530. (Another part number for this is VUB000700). The kit includes 4 such anchors (pictured below, left) and a net that can be strung between them. The anchors can alternatively be used separately as tiedowns. Another type of anchor is an official accessory  for Land Rover Defender models (part number EPL000010MVM). They are internally sprung so they automatically lie flat against a vertical or horizontal surface when they are not in use. The photos below, kindly supplied by Ron Beckett, illustrate the Defender units which could easily be used for the loadspace of the Range Rover, or for other load-securing purposes elsewhere.

genuine load anchor



Kevin Kelly's Cargo Net Installation
Kevin Kelly came up with another method of installing a cargo net in the loadspace -- see the Cargo Net Installation Page for complete details.




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