P38 Cubby Box Lid & Ash Tray Upgrades

Comparison of vinyl and leather lidsCubby Box Upgrade

Rear Ash Tray Upgrade

Photo at right: Leather cubby box lid in front of the original vinyl cubby box lid on Kevin Kelly's 1998 4.6HSE (note that Kevin replaced the vinyl handbrake handle that came on his HSE, with a leather handle from a later model).

Cubby Box Upgrade

The cubby box came with a standard vinyl covered lid on most Range Rover models. The 1997 Kensington Edition and certain other special editions came with a special hand stitched leather trimmed cubby box lid.

Kevin Kelly recently upgraded the cubby box on his 1998 Range Rover 4.6HSE to the leather version. He found one of the "hand stitched leather trimmed cubby box lids" from a Kensington Edition on eBay. He was the only one that made a bid so he got it for $40 (more than $200 less than the dealer wanted for one).

Kevin reports: The cubby box lid was easy to change and there are only 5 screws to remove to get the old one out. I did have to drill out the rivet holding the shock on the leather cubby lid since the shock was worn out. Since it is so easy to remove the entire cubby box lid I would recommend removing it for anyone that needs to drill out the rivet to replace a worn cubby box shock. Details of how to replace the cubby box shock appear at this link.

Vinyl Lid

Leather Lid

View from rear passenger well showing standard vinyl cubby lid 

Upgraded leather lid installed

Ash Tray Upgrade
Kevin found a used burlwood rear ash tray on eBay.  It took about a minute to replace the ash tray.  It is held in by two screws on each side and just lifts right out after removing the screws. The before and after photos appear below. 

Plastic ashtray lid

Wood veneer ashtray lid

The left photo shows the stock rear ashtray with the plastic lid. At right is the one with the wood veneer lid. Photos by Kevin Kelly.




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