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Many Range Rover owners want to improve even further on the ecellent stock sound systems in their vehicles, and with the advent of DVDs, digital media, iPods and the like, there is a movement to update older Range Rover systems to incorporate the newest entertainment technology.

There was no aux input until '06 and only with the rear DVD option.


iPod/MP3 Player Add-Ons

CD player upgrade with MP3 capability for Range Rover III 2003-2004. Updated CD changer plays MP3, WMA and iTunes, and displays ID3 audiotext on the nav display.

Adding iPod Interface to Existing Range Rover Stereo Todd Pfortmiller's ingenious do-it-yourself installation on his 1995 Classic Range Rover

Installation of ICE Link / iPod Adapter on a Mk III Range Rover 

ICE/iPod Link for Range Rover & Discovery
(Replaces CD Changer)

Official iPod Adapter for 2007 & Up Models

TV/Video/DVD Players

TV Upgrade for 2003-2004 RR III uses the nav screen to display TV and video input from DVD or back-up camera.

Add-on DVD Players for all Range Rovers & Discoverys from Atlantic British

Commercial Digital Media Player for Mk III Range Rover Stereo System 2003-2004 from -- plays mp3, wav, wma, flak, etc.

Enhanced RR Mk III Entertainment Systems from Overfinch w/local TV reception, DVD players, Rear Headrest Screens etc etc

DVD Players for P38 and Mk III RR from Special Vehicle Concepts

Satellite Radio

Satellite Radio (XM Commander) Installation on Range Rover III by Adam Goldman

SIRIUS Satellite Radio – Get the new Starmate Replay and Save $50 with rebate and subscription! Sirius is the premier Satellite Radio service with  more than 120 channels of 100% commercial-free music, world-class sports, news, talk and information. SIRIUS delivers content and quality that AM/FM radio doesn't have and can't offer from original programming to seeing the artist and song that is playing on the display feature. The many radio hardware options include the basic $49 Sirius One Radio with Car Kit, which uses your existing FM car radio to transfer the signal to your Range Rover sound system. You can also get a free 3-day trial with no obligation to see if you like the service.

Other Radio Upgrades

Radio Upgrade Module for 2003-2004 Range Rovers: Provides support for other upgrades including BMW Auxiliary input,  BMW Sirius Satellite Radio and BMW MP3 CD changer.

Adapting Aftermarket Head Units to work with the Range Rover 4.0/4.6 audio system and steering wheel controls

Bluetooth Kits

Bluetooth Retrofit Kit for 2003-2004 Range Rovers: Enables you to wirelessly connect your cellular phone to other accessories such as a laptop or wireless headset.  You can use your standard Bluetooth enabled phone in your Range Rover providing safe hands-fee operation while driving, plus some additional features such as voice control of your cellular phone and navigation system

Nav System Upgrades

DVD-Based Nav System Upgrade for Range Rover III 2003-2004: Early production RRIIIs used BMW Mk III nav system from 2001 BMW X5. You can easily  upgrade it to a more modern BMW Mk IV DVD-based system with faster response, moving map display, one DVD covering North America or Europe, and numerous other features. Upgrading the nav computer also allows a number of other upgrades including MP3 CD playing, Bluetooth, etc. For more details, see the RR III Nav System Upgrade Page.

Parts Sources online store has numerous upgrades specifically for the Mk III Range Rover (2003-2004).




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