P38 Dog Guard Installation or Removal

Parts Sources

The dog guard is a popular accessory on all Land Rover models, as it keeps the dog safely in the load space and removes the temptation for him to chew all that great-smelling leather in the passenger compartment.

Kevin Kelly supplied the photo sequence below to help owners either add or remove a factory Land Rover Dog guard from a P38. 

Photo at right: Genuine Dog Guard (courtesy of The Rover Connection).

To install the dog guard you need to cut two holes in the headliner and add two "riv-nuts" to the holes in the roof.  The plastic mounts attach with two screws and the dog guard clips to the plastic mounts.

Hole cut in headliner for dog guard mounting 

Mounting fixture for dog guard

When Kevin removed the dog guard that came with his 1998 4.6HSE (he does not have a dog), he covered a couple pieces of plastic with fabric from a yardage store (the match the headliner as close as he could) and covered the screws with $0.25 screw covers from Home Depot. The picture below shows the patch up close -- to the casual observer it would be hardly noticeable.

Patch made by Kevin to cover headliner hole after dog guard was removed

Parts Sources

The Rover Connection has the genuine dog guard (STC8524) for about $340. If you buy a used one and need the mounting hardware, they have it for $90.
British Pacific has a look-alike substitute (their part #GAN010) for $209.




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