P38 Cargo Net Installation

cargo net
Kevin Kelly had a cargo net mounted in the back of his RR Classic for years and pulled it out before he sold the vehicle.

Last week after listening to a bunch of wine bottles roll around on his way home he decided to mount the cargo net in his P38. He used nylon wire holders, nuts and bolts and an expanding moly, zip ties and plastic bolt head covers (that he got at Goodman's Lumber in Marin).

It was easy to get behind every panel with nuts and bolts except for the front passenger mounting point so he drilled a hole and used an expanding moly. He used plastic zip ties to attach one side of the cargo net so he can cut it off (with the wire snips that he always carries) if he needs to get in to the spare tire area.

Kevin's photos below illustrate the procedure.




For information on installing more substantial load anchors in the loadspace of the 4.0/4.6, see the Load Anchor page.




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