Modifying Classic Side Moldings to Remove Rusty Chrome Trim

Painting the Trim

Kevin Kelly found that the chrome centers of his rub strips were starting to rust on his 1989 Classic Range Rover, and kindly sent in this writeup describing how he overcame the problem.

Kevin reports "I realized that the Range Rover door rub strip centers were a lot like the BMW front and rear window trim centers that I have been painting black for years. Land Rover and BMW cover the chrome bright strip with clear plastic and it looks great when new but over the years the plastic turns yellow and moisture gets in and starts to rust the chrome (see photo below).

It takes less than a half hour to prep with some fine sand paper, tape off and paint (see photo at top right) to make the Range Rover look a lot better."

The photo below shows a closeup of the rust starting to set in, followed by "before and after" pictures of the vehicle.

Rusty chrome trim
Illustration of the rust forming on the center chrome trim strip on the body side molding. This is a California car too!

Kevin's RR before and after the treatment:
after picture





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