P38 Chrome Side Molding Upgrade

Range Rover with Chrome Side TrimThe rubber side molding on Range 1995 through 2002 1/2 Range Rovers was enhanced on 2001 and up models by the addition of a chrome strip (See the 2001 model year page in the model year specs section). This added significantly to the appearance of the vehicle, giving it another visual line and creating a more sporty look.

Scott recently inquired about the moldings to update his 2000 4.6 and the dealer quoted him $1000.00 for a set!! So, Scott got to work and developed a superior and dramatically cheaper alternative. The result was so pleasing that Scott is now making this upgrade available to fellow Range Rover owners . They are chrome/ aluminum inserts, made of synthetics that fit snug inside the inlay of the OEM moldings, making a 1995 4.0 look like a 2002 4.6. They adhere to the moldings with the same 3M adhesive the dealers use to hold their moldings on. The complete kits ship within 24 hours and come with easy 10 min installation instructions. You can still upgrade your Range Rover and save hundreds of dollars.

The pictures below show the same vehicle with and without the chrome side trim strips, illustrating the difference they make to the car's appearance. 

Without chrome trim
With chrome trim





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