Silencing the P38 Seat Belt Buzzer

As many magazine reviews have commented, and every owner knows, the seat belt warning buzzer on the 4.0/4.6 models is excessively loud, intrusive and irritating. After six months of listening to the seatbelt warning on his new 1998 Range Rover 4.6HSE, Kevin Kelly was amazed how easy it was to stop it.  He shares his procedure below.

There are two black wires going to the drivers side seatbelt. To expose the wires, Kevin cut the black tube they were in. He then cut one of the wires and the seatbelt warning is gone forever (He does not know which one he cut or if it matters, since the wires are both black).  After he made the cut he taped the ends up with Scotch Super 33+ electrical tape. Kevin reports that Super 33+ is amazing and is available at Home Depot, you will never use any other electrical tape after you try it) and covered everything with some plastic wire loom (he buys the wire loom in bulk from Parts Express).

View from rear passenger well showing severed seat belt connection wire 
Severed seat belt warning wire covered with plastic wire loom

Jason Haynes studied Kevin's suggestions and took them a step farther on his 98 RR 4.6. He found that if you follow the cord just a bit further under the center console there is a fuse type connection that he just unplugged. Jason reports he didn't have to cut a thing.




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