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Car Electronic Services rebuilds BECMs on an exchange basis. New ones can be obtained through British Parts of Utah for about $790.


Body & Chassis Parts Range Rover P38A

Tailgate & Hood Struts
Tailgate Strut: Aftermarket replacements for the tailgate strut (ALR10050) are available at Auto Parts Warehouse (click on "Rover" parts) for $27.  I recently found (October 2004) that Atlantic British trumps all comers in this category with a price of $29.95 for the pair!!

Hood strut: The genuine part allows locking of the hood in the position and costs a lot -- well over $50. Auto Parts Warehouse have a low cost non-locking replacement for the hood strut for $26.24.

I discovered that the genuine radiator grille is now available from Atlantic British for $189.

Rear View Mirror:
Paul Smail of Annapolis MD reports "I have twice replaced the auto-dimming mirror in my Range Rover. A couple of years ago I purchased a comparable replacement directly from Donnelly (OE manufacturer) after being quoted nearly $700 for a genuine replacement. The ersatz replacement cost around $250 and was supposedly better constructed, using some sort of gel photochromic matrix rather than the liquid in the original mirror, plus it had a nifty compass! Notwithstanding this new technology, the replacement mirror waited just until it was out of warrantly to fail. Have since purchased a genuine parts replacement from British Parts of Utah out in Utah for a price comparable to that of a Magna-Donnelly replacement. British Parts of Utah also have mirrors for other model Land Rovers in the $250 price range.


The easily-damaged front fender or wing is now available from aftermarket suppliers such as Atlantic British, who have it in stock for $459.95.

Braking System Range Rover P38A 

ABS Accumulator:
Most suppliers do not seem to list this part (STC2784) separately. Auto Parts Warehouse lists new units for $290 with free shipping, but I recently (Nov 2008) managed to find the genuine item at British Parts of Utah for $230!!.

ABS Pump:
This component (STC2783) is so expensive that for a long time most suppliers did not even list it. In August 2010 I found it at British Parts of Utah for $1300 including the accumulator which is normally about $250. Invasion Auto Parts in Hollywood, CA apparently rebuilds the pump for about $495 (plus $100 core charge), as does Falcon Works in Arizona. John Park wrote in to say the pump looks very identical to the one used in a 1992 Jaguar XJ6 and in the Alpha Romeo Milano 3.0.

Calipers & Caliper Repair Kits:
When the calipers start leaking, the new ones (especially for the front) cost over $300 each, or you can get rebuilt ones (eg Rovers North has them for about $141 each for the front ones, and
partsamerica.com has them for about $135). Alternatively, you can easily rebuild them yourself, using an aftermarket caliper rebuild kit that includes all the seals -- I found one for the 4.0/4.6 at Auto Parts Warehouse (click on "Rover" parts) for only $41 for the front brakes and $29.97 for the rear. The one for the front brakes is 
STC1919.   Atlantic British does not have the front kits but has one for the rear for only $14!

Caliper Guide Pin Kits
A more common problem than worn out or leaking calipers is frozen caliper guide pins, which you will notice when you try to do a brake job. I shopped around and found
Atlantic British
has them for $28.95 (front axle set) and $26.95 (rear axle set) including new pins, rubber boots and special lubricant.

Part Numbers: Front STC3685, Rear STC3684. Dealer Price (Oct 2004) approx $180 per axle set.
Atlantic British offers several aftermarket brake pad options from $44.95 to $130 for front pad sets and $32.95 to $100 for rear sets.
The lowest prices from Rover aftermarket specialists for the front pads seem to be Atlantic British Lockheed brand pads (made in the UK) for $44.95.
For the rear pads, I thought the record was held by Auto Parts Warehouse (click on "Rover" parts) for Deluxe PBR brand pads for $35.78.  (Their options for the front include $70 for Mintex and $96 for OEM Lucas pad sets). However, Atlantic British now (October 2004) offers the highly respected Lockheed brand rear pads for only $32.95!!

If you want to try a real generic part (not really advisable when it comes to brakes in my opinion!), you can try the Wagner rear pads I found at AutoPartsGIANT.com for $26.00 or the rebuilt "Wearever Silver" ones from partsamerica.com for $11.48 -- if you attempt this please let me know the results!!


Parking Brake Shoes:
I have not seen these listed in mail order catalogs but Auto Parts Warehouse  (click on "Rover" parts) has them for $121 for a set with free shipping.

Rotors/Discs:  The extra weight and speed of the 4.0/4.6 models is hard on brakes an they seem to wear out the rotors rapidly. The stock front brake rotors are $81 from Rovers North, but aftermarket units are now available. The lowest prices  I have seen after searching many sources are the following:
Front: Auto Parts Warehouse (click on "Rover" parts) Brembo front vented discs for $65 each (their rear ones are $46). Atlantic British has aftermarket front rotors for $50.95.
Rear: Atlantic British has rear rotors for $41.95 each. 

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Climate Control Range Rover P38A

A/C Compressor & Clutch:
The compressor/clutch assembly is now about $500 from discount mail order houses such as Atlantic British, which is a bit lower than prices for the Classic equivalent. In June 2007 I found a replacement compressor (including clutch) that is also specified for the Discovery II, offered by partsamerica.com for $359.

In October 2003, Alan Rawson reported finding  a company in Abilene, TX that rebuilds compressor clutches and has a stock of other parts. Hancock Industries (http://www.hancockindustries.com/) sold Alan a rebuilt AC clutch for $110 (+$50 core). It turned out to be very easy to take the old one off his '96 4.6HSE and slip the new one on w/o disturbing the AC charge--it only took courage dealing with the unknown. They sell a complete (rebuilt?) compressor w/clutch for $250 ($75 core). The parts had no written instructions since they are intended for professional AC shops, but John, in the Hancock rebuild shop, was extremely helpful in explaining how the clutch was mounted and what to do in getting it off, how to set the air gap. I did find a generic replacement for the clutch bearing at partsamerica.com  for $42.99 (retail cost given as $129).

A/C Condenser Unit:
This is a very expensive item to replace. I found aftermarket versions of the condenser only at Atlantic British for $429.95, or the complete unit with fans for $949.95. Auto Parts Warehouse has the complete assembly (Valeo brand) with fans for only $772.94.

A/C Receiver/Drier:
I found this item for $119.95 from Atlantic British. I also found it (October 2004) in stock at Auto Parts Warehouse (click on "Rover" parts) for $83.97 with free shipping! If you wish to try a generic solution, the Ready Aire 4086 is listed for the 4.0/4.6 by partsamerica.com for only $61.99!

Climate Control Head Unit:
The control panel and ECU that is the mastermind of the 4.0/4.6 climate control system usually costs about $600 even at aftermarket parts suppliers I have searched.


Expansion Valve:
Until recently I was never able to locate a low cost source for this part; it was not even listed in the catalogs I tried. The usual replacement part is about $180, but recently (October 2003) I finally found a generic replacement (Egelhof brand) for only $34.79 at Auto Parts Warehouse.

Blend/Flap Motors:
These motors that control air distribution from the heater body are a common failure item (see heater blend motor diagnosis and replacement page). Atlantic British stocks the set of three with the harness (STC3259) for $199. The lowest cost I have seen for them to date (October 2004) is at Auto Parts Warehouse where they have them for $175 (free shipping). The separate blend motor for the fresh air/recirc flaps (mounted to the blower motors behind the extreme left and right fasia vents) can be had for $109 at Atlantic British (STC3266). You should also be able to use this part to replace any single one of the other blend motors insteatd of all three, and splice the leads into the wiring harness.

Heater Core:
This component (STC3261) does not fail as readily as on the Classic, but eventually it does. (See the heater core replacement page for details of a shortcut for replacing it). Unfortunately it is a more expensive part than the old Classsic version. In 2008 I found it for as much as $407 even at discount supp;liers. I found the genuine part available at Atlantic British for $395 and British Parts of Utah for $350.  Auto Parts Warehouse has a Europarts version for $350 that includes the necessary O-rings. The lowest cost supplier I could find for an aftermarket core was British Parts of Utah who has one for $310. 


Plenum Air Intake Filter:
This one sits behind the grill in front of the windshield, and usually gets deformed and disintegrated after a few years. The genuine part is available at British Parts of Utah (usually the cheapest source for genuine parts) for $11. See the plenum filter renewal page for the replacement procedure.


3-Way Pressure Switch:
This vital component (which attaches to the receiver/drier and makes sure the system pressure is within prescribed limits before it allows the compressor to be turned on) failed on mine (see A/C problems section) and the A/C blew hot air. I found you can now get a replacement (called a "trinary switch") at Auto Parts Warehouse for only $65.

Cooling System Range Rover P38A

Belt (Serpentine):
The lowest price I have seen for the serpentine belt (ERR4460) (1995-98) after searching many catalogs and websites is $21.95 at Auto Parts Warehouse .
For 1999-02 models, the part changed to PQS101, for which the lowest price I have seen (November 2008) is $26.95 at 
Auto Parts Warehouse.

Belt Tensioner Assembly:
This is a known weak point on the 4.0/4.6. The price of a genuine replacement from British Parts of Utah is now down to $75 (November 2008).  I found an aftermarket version at Auto Parts Warehouse for $70 with free shipping. Even better was a replacement version at Partsamerica.com for $66, but shipping is extra.

Expansion Tank Cap:
Atlantic British has these (ESR1480) for only $21.95, guaranteed to fit.

Fan Blades
I found these at Auto Parts Warehouse for only $103. Atlantic British lists an aftermarket design, slightly different from the original, for $79.95.

1995-98: For the radiator top hose (usually the first to go as it is the hottest), aftermarket replacements average about $11. A Gates replacement part #20357 is listed at AutoPartsGIANT.com for $7.82. The lowest price I have ever seen (October 2004) is at Partsamerica.com which has a Drive-Rite brand generic replacement (curved, cut to fit) for $5.99!!

1999 & up: This later top hose has a branch in it and is much more expensive than for the earlier models -- $129 at the dealer for the top hose for example. I found one of these at Auto Parts Warehouse for $109. Atlantic British has it for only $92. I recently found it at British Parts of Utah: for $82.


95-98 Models: I found new OEM and aftermarket radiators for 95-98 models (genuine part equivalent PCC106940 for VIN numbers to WA410481) at Auto Parts Warehouse (click on "Rover" parts) for $344 with free shipping. Atlantic British now list them (November 2008) for $369. (To find it, do a search for "radiator" under RR P38 in all categories or the engine category on their website). The lowest price I have been able to find after searching high and low is at British Parts of Utah for $330.

99-02 Models: The radiator for the later Bosch engine models is part number PCC106850. Atlantic British has a replacement for $369, and British Parts of Utah has them for $330.  The lowest cost source I have seen isAuto Parts Warehouse which has a Silla brand replacement for $282!

On 4.0/4.6 engines the thermostat is a large, expensive item in a separate housing with several hoses connected to it (part number PEM101130). After searching many sources (November 2008) I found the genuine part still costs $95 even at British Parts of UtahAtlantic British has an aftermarket version for $59.95 and British Parts of Utah for $330. for $55.

Viscous Fan Clutch:
As of October 2004 the cost of the 4.0/4.6 viscous fan clutch is $229 at Rovers North, who also sell an aftermarket versionn for $209. The best deal I can find for this part after searching multiple sources is at Atlantic British for $183.95.

Water Pump:
I had to have this part (STC4378) replaced on mine at a fairly early stage; fortunately the cost has come down since then. As of 2008, there is an A1 Cardone brand unit  for $149 at Partsamerica.com, and Auto Parts Warehouse has a replacement for $128 (free shipping). However surprisingly, the specialty Land Rover parts suppliers are even cheaper for this part.  Atlantic British lists an aftermarket water pump for the 4.0/4.6 for $109. As of November 2008, the lowest cost aftermarket version was still at British Parts of Utah who have water pumps for all 4.0/4.6 RR models for $89!!

Water Pump Gasket:
I found a British made generic replacement for this at Auto Parts Warehouse for only $6.52.

Water Temperature Sender:
This sensor that drives the temperature gauge is not as expensive as on early Classics. Aftermarket versions are available at reasonable prices; Auto Parts Warehouse (click on "Rover" parts) sells one for $22 (listed in their "Body Electrical" category, not Cooling System!).

Cruise Control Range Rover 4.0 / 4.6 /P38A

Vacuum Pump:
This item is a fairly expensive one to replace. Even at aftermarket suppliers like Atlantic British it is $404.95. However, I recently (October 2004) found a replacement at Auto Parts Warehouse (click on "Rover" parts) for $150.53 (Body Electrical parts category).

Electrical Range Rover 4.0 / 4.6 /P38A

New Alternators: Dealers charge anything up to $700 for new alternators. Rovers North has aftermarket "ProLine" versions now for $399, and Auto Parts Warehouse has brand new Marelli alternators for the 4.0/4.6 for $365.62. The lowest price I have found for new alternators is at British Parts of Utah which offers new alternators for $325 (AMR2938 -- 1995 to 98) and $495 (ERR5384 -- 98 onwards).

Rebuilt AlternatorsBritish Parts of Utah has these for $220 but with a $150 core charge. Partsamerica.com lists a Worldwide brand remanufactured unit for $189. AutoPartsGIANT.com has several options for rebuilt units, with the lowest cost one also around $189.  
The lowest price I have found (November 2008) for rebuilt alternators is Auto Parts Warehouse  which has several options including a Hi Test brand direct firt replacement alternator for $154 with free shipping . 


Brian Weaver reports that the replacement battery for the 4.0/4.6 is an Interstate Commercial
battery, the 29H-VHD.  It retails for $80.95.  Here's a link to it at Interstate's website.

Fuse Box:
Unfortunately this is a failure item on the 4.0/4.6 (see the fusebox problem & repair page for ways you might be able to fix yours to avoid replacement). I recently found (Novemner 2004) that Import Parts Bin/Speedy Car Parts stock new fuse boxes for the 4.0/4.6 (1995-98) for $216.71 with free shipping. (Click on "Rover" parts -- body electrical). They also have the 1999 & up fusebox for $164.17 with free shipping. Atlantic British has replacements for prices nearly as low -- $224.95 for 1995-98 and $169.95 for the later Bosch controlled engines (1999 & up).

Headlight Bulbs:
Sylvania lists their part number 9003 for low beam replacement, (with 9003CB for an upgrade), and 9005 for the high beam. For the auxiliary headlights, they list the H3 55W bulb.

The 9003 (Wagner) is listed for $9.03 at ExpressAutoparts.com. and both the Sylvania 9003 and 9005 (high beam) are $8.49  at partsamerica.com. They also list a General Electric H155 high/low beam bulb for $7.59, among many other alternatives and upgrades.

Fog Lights:
H3 55W


Most relays on the 4.0/4.6 are Siemens parts. 

Starter Motor:
The costs of aftermarket and rebuilt starters for the 4.0/4.6 have come down recently (October 2003). British Parts of Utah has them for $350.
The lowest pricse I have seen for new starters are at Atlantic British who have brand new ones for $199.95 plus shipping, and Auto Parts Warehouse who have new ones for $195.30  with free shipping.


Rebuilt Bosch starters for the 4.0/4.6 by Orange County Alternator are available from AutoPartsGIANT.com for $206. Ampere Automotive brand rebuilt starters are available from ExpressAutoparts.com for $178.83. The lowest price I have seen for rebuilt ones is $145 from British Parts of Utah (plus a core charge).

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Engine Mechanical Range Rover P38A

Complete Engines
New Range Rover engines, when available, cost many thousands of $$$. However I recently (August 2010) found that Roverland Parts has complete engines from crashed Rovers for bout $1,900. Complete from plenum to oil pan, they are guaranteed against oil leaks and excessive oil use, and have a full 90 day warranty. They perform the following operations on the engine before approving it for sale:
1) Test running the engine prior to dismantling the truck.
2) Removing the oil pan.
3) Cleaning the oil sump pickup.
4) Checking the main bearings.
5) Re-sealing the oil pan.
6) Removing the valve covers, cleaning and inspecting the heads.
7) Replacing and re-sealing the valve covers.
8) Capping all of the air sensitive openings.
9) Pressure washing and detailing the engine.

Camshaft & Rocker Shaft Components:
Auto Parts Warehouse has camshafts for $233 with free shipping, cam followers for $11, rocker shafts for $78, and rockers for $7.


Engine Long Block:

Head Gaskets:
The 4.0/4.6 is unfortunately notorious for blowing head gaskets. I still recall talking to an owner of a brand new 2000 model who had just had this happen on his.The good news is that replacements, made by Elrin, the OEM supplier to Land Rover, are available for only $10 each at Auto Parts Warehouse! (Click on "Rover" parts). They also have a complete set of all required gaskets for a head gasket job for only $128.90! Head gaskets in all these sets are composite material with steel reinforced head bolt and cylinder bore holes.


Intake Manifold Gasket:
This is an item that has had to be replaced innumerable times at considerable expense on my 4.0SE. I recently found out that Auto Parts Warehouse (click on "Rover" parts) stocks the intake manifold valley gasket for only $11!


Main and Rod Bearings:
Aftermarket rod bearings are now available from Atlantic British for $84.95 per set. I found a British-made set of 4.0/4.6 rod bearings at Auto Parts Warehouse (click on "Rover" parts) for only $39. Their main bearings are $82 per set with free shipping.


Timing Chain:
An aftermarket timing chain is available from Atlantic British for $50. Auto Parts Warehouse (click on "Rover" parts) has it for $36. The timing cover gasket needed if you are doing this job is $10.84 from the same supplier.

Exhaust System Range Rover P38A

Catalytic Converters:
These are expensive items to replace, and all 4.0/4.6 models have a single piece Y pipe with both converters that comes as a single unit. The genuine part number is  ESR4095 for model years through 97 (cost so high you are afraid to ask).  With this in mind, Atlantic British developed their own replacement for this part using quality aftermarket cats and stainless steel pipes. This should last longer than the genuine part, and is priced at $699.95. British Parts of Utah lists an aftermarket replacement for the Y pipe and cats for $550. Auto Parts Warehouse lists the combined Y pipe and converters in stock (49 state) for $504.67 (with free shipping, which is a significant factor on such a bulky item).


The lowest price I have seen to date is at Discount Converters Ltd of Houston, Texas, which lists a 49-state replacement part number ROVqq09 for the 4.0/4.6 that includes both left and right converters for $432.95 plus shipping, and a 50 state system for $489.95 plus shipping. 


Complete Cat-Back Exhaust Systems:
I found a complete cat-back replacement exhaust system at Atlantic British for about $400 -- a savings even on discount aftermarket pricing for the separate items (see below). aftermarket Borla makes a performance enhancing exhaust system for the 4.0/4.6, available through  Atlantic British for $799.  Northwest Rover Performance is also working on a system for the 4.0/4.6. Note that these high performance systems can increase noise and resonance at certain speeds.


Mufflers, Center and Rear:
(For full details on replacement of the center and rear mufflers, and the parts needed, see the 4.0/4.6 muffler replacement page)

Center Muffler:
The genuine center muffler and associated tubing is available from British Parts of Utah for $185. One is now available from Atlantic British for $179. Atlantic British carries the largest selection of 4.0/4.6 exhaust replacement options I have seen, including stainless steel replacements with lifetime warranties. 


Rear Muffler(s)
1995-96: Up through 1996 there was only one rear muffler -- the genuine part ESR3538 is $260 from British Parts of Utah. The lowest price I have seen so far is for a replacement from Atlantic British for $239.

1997-2002: For these model years there were two rear mufflers. The genuine complete tailpipe/muffler assembly ESR4126 retails for about $400, but can be ordered from British Parts of Utah for $280. The lowest price I have seen for rear muffler replacements for these model years is at Auto Parts Warehouse who have the mufflers available as separate parts for only $96.20 each.

Filters Range Rover P38A

Air Filter:
The air filter setup for the 4.0/4.6 is different from the Classic; the genuine part number is ESR341, and the FRAM number is CA8009, Wix number 42272. Alex Schubow reports the genuine filter from the dealer cost him less than the aftermarket ones for the 4.0 engine! (I have found prices from aftermarket suppliers are generally about $12-15). The 1999 and later models with the Bosch intake system have a different-looking air cleaner housing, but it takes the same filter element.  For those who wish to try the K&N re-usable filter system, the K&N part for all Range Rover models is the HP2004.


Fuel Filter:
Genuine: The genuine fuel filter is available from British Parts of Utah for $28.
Generic: FRAM part number is GS3727 (Same as for the later Classics) and the Wix number is 33481.  Atlantic British sells a generic filter for $21.95. A Bosch equivalent is available at the Auto Parts Warehouse (click on "Rover" parts) for $13.02. The FRAM filter is listed at ExpressAutoparts.com for $12.30. I found the FRAM one at partsamerica.com for only $11.99!

Oil Filter:
The Rover V8 is known for losing the prime on the oil pump so it is important to get a filter with an anti- drainback valve. The oil filter used on the 4.0/4.6 is the same as on earlier Range Rovers; FRAM lists the PH16 as a suitable substitute. I found this one at partsamerica.com for $4.49 (October 2004). Alex Schubow reports that Genuine Land Rover oil filters are made by Wix. Paul Supp looked it up on the Wix site and the part number is 51068.  A few years ago, Alex bought various substitute oil filters at auto parts stores, finding that prices for Bosch were around $3-4, AC were around $3, Mobil-1 were around $5-6. Bruce Powell uses a PH8A instead due to a larger size in height thus holding a bit more oil which he feels might be better for cooling too. A great deal of information on different oil filters can be found at this link.

Plenum Air Intake Filter:
This one sits behind the grill in front of the windshield, and usually gets deformed and disintegrated after a few years. The genuine part is available at British Parts of Utah (usually the cheapest source for genuine parts) for $11. See the plenum filter renewal page for the replacement procedure.

Pollen Filters:
For quite a while, genuine pollen filters (BTR8037) were less expensive than aftermarket replacements. Now they are both about $14 each from most mail order houses (2 required).  

Transmission Filter Kits: Every 30,000 miles the transmission filter is supposed to be changed. (For details on this operation see the 4.0/4.6 transmission service page). The kit to do this, complete with new gasket and O-rings,  can be obtained from aftermarket sources such as Atlantic British sells it for $59.95 and Auto Parts Warehouse (click on "Rover" parts) for $36.09. The lowest cost I have seen so far (October 2004) was at partsamerica.com where they list a generic substitute kit for $17.47!

Fuel Delivery System Range Rover P38A

Fuel Filler Cap:
Land Rover Part Number NTC5418: This is one part that is cheaper than the Classic equivalent! I was surprised to find it at Atlantic British for only $11.95. If you are willing to try generic parts (at your own risk -- I don't know if they have the correct air and cacuum venting -- let me know how they do!!) Stant lists the 11819, available from Kragen, Schucks, Checkers etc through partsamerica.com for $7.38. ExpressAutoparts.com lists it for $8.44, and an even lower cost Gates equivalent (#31612) for $6.34!! To find these, click on their "Cap (gas/rad/oil)" parts category.
Fuel Filter:
Genuine: The genuine fuel filter is available from British Parts of Utah for $28.
Generic: FRAM part number is GS3727 (Same as for the later Classics).  Atlantic British sells a gneric one for $21.95. A Bosch equivalent is available at the Auto Parts Warehouse (click on "Rover" parts) for $13.02. The FRAM filter is listed at ExpressAutoparts.com for $12.30.


Fuel Pump:
Model years 1995 thru 1997 use part number STC4344. The genuine Land Rover part now costs about $360. The best price I have found for a full "plug & play" replacement (April 2004) is from Atlantic British  for $289, including the necessary ring seal for the top of the pump (a $12 item). You can also get the complete assembly minus the seal  from Auto Parts Warehouse (click on "Rover" parts) for about $300 with free shipping, which may work better depending on shipping costs.


Evan Amaya reports finding a generic equivalent -- the Airtex E3270 -- which worked perfectly for him and only cost him $100 at a local auto parts store. Like the generic replacements for the Classic, this is the pump and motor only, and has to be installed in the original mounting assembly. (See photos on 4.0/4.6 fuel pump replacement page). This pump was used on a number of GM cars. I found this pump at partsamerica.com for $96.99, and the same thing in the "Master" brand for only $74.99 (search for "E3270" on the partsamerica site).

1998 and later models use part number STC4345 which is more expensive -- the best price I have seen for the genuine part is $380 from British Parts of Utah. However I was surprised to find it recently (October 2004) at Auto Parts Warehouse (click on "Rover" parts) for $295 with free shipping.


Fuel Pump Relay:
I found this for only $7.95 at Atlantic British


Fuel Injectors:
The fuel injectors on the 4.0/4.6 should be the same part as on the Classic; Auto Parts Warehouse (click on "Rover" parts) sells the genuine Lucas injectors for $102 each (free shipping), and Bosch replacements are available from Atlantic British for $99.95.

The lowest price I was able to find on a recent search (April 2004) at  $599 for a set of 8 ($75 each) at Atlantic British.

Update June 2005: The lowest price I could find was at Five 0 Fuel Injector Specialists who have brand new warrantied OEM Bosch injectors for all RR models for $280 per set of 8 -- equivalent to about $35 each!! At these prices they do not sell them individually, just in sets. David Giller reports he got a set from them and they arrived in two days -- installing them completely cured his 1998 4.6 hard starting problem.

Fuel Tank Cap:
The genuine gas tank cap is available at British Parts of Utah for $27; I found a replacement for this at Auto Parts Warehouse for $18.

Inertia Switch:
This turns the fuel system off in case of collisions. It is an expensive part, but I found a generic version manufactured by Standard at JCWhitney.com for $56.44 (Click on "Replacement Parts"). ExpressAutoparts.com has a similar unit to fit the Range Rover for $57.79.

EFI Parts:
See Fuel Injection System section below.

Fuel Injection (EFI) System

Car Electronic Services can supply rebuilt engine ECUs for the 4.0/4.6. RPI Engineering offers ECU upgrades, available in the US through East Coast Rovers. Kelly Minnick discovered that a company called Superchips Inc produces performance upgrade chips for vehicles previously considered "unchippable". They developed an enhanced chipset for the Range Rover 4.0SE which requires 2 chips instead of one (due to the 4 coil ignition system) and boosts output by 19 bhp and 30 ft-lb of torque. British Parts of Utah also lists a Powerchip brand performance chip for about $490.


EFI Parts:
Richard Keys of ATP Electronic Developments Ltd reports having a huge range of remanufactured electronic fuel injection parts available for all Range Rovers.


Fuel Injectors:
The fuel injectors on the 4.0/4.6 should be the same part as on the Classic; Auto Parts Warehouse (click on "Rover" parts) sells the genuine Lucas injectors for $102 each (free shipping), and Bosch replacements are available from Atlantic British for $99.95.
The lowest price I was able to find on a recent search (April 2004) at  $599 for a set of 8 ($75 each) at Atlantic British.
Update June 2005: The lowest price I could find was at Five 0 Fuel Injector Specialists who have brand new warrantied OEM Bosch injectors for all RR models for $280 per set of 8 -- equivalent to about $35 each!! At these prices they do not sell them individually, just in sets. David Giller reports he got a set from them and they arrived in two days -- installing them completely cured his 1998 4.6 hard starting problem.

Fuel Pressure Regulator:
Most aftermarket suppliers do not even list this part, however I found a Lucas brand one recently (October 2004) at Auto Parts Warehouse (click on "Rover" parts) for $136 with free shipping.

Idle Air Control Motor:
This item (ERR4352) is not a constant troublemaker on the 4.0/4.6 as it is on the Classic, but on the downside it has certainly been known to fail and is even more expensive than the Classic equivalent. It seems to be the same part for all models including the later Bosch engines. Lee Schierbaum had a problem with this unit on  his 1996 4.0 and instead of the $200-plus genuine item he located a NAPA replacement part (Echlin #2-1856) for $52. The  part also fits a Jeep. Another part number I have seen for this is AC-151. Matt LeFande (September 2004) found an even less expensive replacement at partsamerica.com -- a Borg Warner 21774 for $39.95! They also have a Niehoff Ignition 21774 that can substitute.

If you would rather use a regular Rover parts supplier so you know for sure the unit will fit and work according to spec, the best price I have seen for this part (November 2008) is $180 at British Parts of Utah (part number ERR4352).

Mass Airflow Sensor:
The OEM part for the 95-98 models is over $600, but I found a generic replacement for this part at Auto Parts Warehouse for $398 with free shipping. In 1999 the part changed for the Bosch engine controls, and I found the MAF sensor for these models at Auto Parts Warehouse for only $290.

Oxygen Sensors:
The US spec 4.0/4.6 has 4 Oxygen Sensors (one upstream of and one downstream of each catalytic converter), so replacing them all can get expensive. NOTE: If you get an aftermarket replacement, make sure it is a full 4-wire version, not a "4 wire to 3 wire" version -- see below. One useful source for looking up the sensors specified for the 4.0/4.6 is the manufacturer's website, NGK -- at www.ngk.com.


OEM "plug and play" replacements are available at British Parts of Utah; the genuine O2 sensors for the 95-97 models (ERR1834) can be ordered from them for about $220 each, but they can supply aftermarket ones for $130. Sensors for the later models (AMR6244) are $180 from the same supplier. The lowest price I have seen for the OEM style plug and play sensor is $115 from automedicsupply.com (earlier model years); the lowest price I have found for the 1998 & up  models is at Atlantic British which has OEM plug & play O2 sensors for $77.95 for the front ones (MHK100940) and $69.95 for the rear(MHK100930)!! (select their exhaust" category).

Michael Nix had the "Check Engine" light come on recently on his wife's 96 Range Rover.  A trip to the dealer revealed confirmed that the  engine had a slow oxygen sensor. Instead of paying the $275 from the dealer, he got one at a Nissan dealer for $90 (part number: 22690-85E10). He spliced the Range Rover connector on to the Nissan sensor and it fit perfectly.  Three out of the four wire colors even matched up. I recently found this part by searching for its part number at Auto Parts Warehouse for $58.43!!


Alan Rawson  delved more deeply into the O2 sensor problem on his 96 RR, adding substantially to our collective knowledge. He found the dealer price had dropped to $130.  He found NAPA offers a similar item but with different connectors, their part # OS 778 (I recently looked it up and priced it at $81.99; it looks like the Nissan part mentioned above). Alan initially chose a Nissan part by NTK,  which he found for $56 at a web company in southern CA., www.automedicsupply.com (their part # 250-2505). However, this replacement was a curious one with 4 wires at the connector reducing to 3 at the sensor. The vendor thought it would work fine, since the 4th wire is just data ground. All appeared to be OK at first, but Alan found that when the wires to one sensor were sheared off during an off-road trip the GEMS computer could not detect the problem (no light came on) and gas mileage went down the tubes. After further research, Alan found another part by NTK for $89.99 (current price $114.95 as of October 2003) which  has the OEM connector (www.automedicsupply.com part number 250-8004) listed for the 4.0, quoted to replace OEM #70399A-- that number was stamped on his old original ones!). The 4th wire provides data ground, and with the semiconductor circuits used in the GEMS computer it appears to be important to have this separate ground, so the computer can detect failure of an individual sensor through the ground circuit. Ron Beckett checked the NGK manufacturer's website at www.ngksparkplugs.com and reports that their part number for the O2 sensor with the right plug for 95-98 models is 25017. Their UK site calls it a OTD3J-5C1, number of wires 4, connector style 57, lead length 521 mm. On Australian models a 3 wire unit is specified, OTD3G-3A1, with connector style 55.

Lowest Price (95-97 models): After scouring different sources for these parts, the best deal I have found so far was from a part number search for the Nissan equivalent 22690-85E10 at Auto Parts Warehouse  (their part# C5010-65234) and found it there for $58.43 (free shipping). (To do a part number search on their site, go to the "Replacement Catalog" link on their main page). This is a Bosch part# 13388, and is the 4 wire version but with two connectors -- the wires can easily be spliced to the single Range Rover connector from your old part.  For "Direct Fit" replacements with the OEM connector, the lowest price I have found is $114.95 at automedicsupply.com.(Click on year and make "Land Rover").

1998 & up models: the lowest price seems to be at Atlantic British which has OEM plug & play O2 sensors for $77.95 for the front ones (MHK100940) and $69.95 for the rear(MHK100930)!! (select their exhaust" category).

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Ignition System Range Rover P38A

Coil Pack and Individual Coils:
The 4.0/4.6 uses a four-coil pack costing about $700-800. Usually only one of the four coils fails, but parts houses only sell the complete pack. Walter Gates recently reported spending $750 on new ones after his failed and caused misfiring and rough running. (For details of diagnosis and replacement see the 4.0/4.6 Ignition Coil Failure, Diagnosis &Replacement Page). I recently found the complete pack for $619.95 at Atlantic BritishAuto Parts Warehouse (click on "Rover" parts) who recently had them (April 2004) for $621 with free shipping.  Update October 2006: (Alert RR owner Calverti has discovered that the indivdual coils used in the pre '99 and up (Bosch engine) P38 ignition pack are exactly the same as those in a 94-96 Mitsubishi 3000, 95-98 Eagle Talon and 94-96 Dodge Stealth. He bought a used Mitsubishi igntition pack containing three coils for $36. He only needed two so that left him a spare). He found it much cheaper to source these parts, used or new, instead looking for Rover part numbers. If preferred Napa sells the individual coils for about $100 but he has seen them as low as $55 online. Various part numbers can apply; IC187 UF143, AC Delco C518. These parts probably apply only to the 99-2002 models with the Bosch engine controls. 


Crankshaft Position Sensor:
This sensor's failure is often the cause of intermittent ignition problems. The genuine part is about $64; Auto Parts Warehouse (click on "Rover" parts) has it for $44.83. (search under "engine electrical - reference sensor") and I recently found an aftermarket one at Atlantic British for $37.95.


Ignition Leads:
A full set of aftermarket ignition leads cost around $50-60 from any of the sources I have checked. Update September 2004: I just found out in 2008 that Auto Parts Warehouse offers a set of leads for the 4.0/4.6 models for only $34! In the same search, I found AutoPartsGIANT.com has several options, one as low as $21 for the complete set!
I recently found an aftermarket lead set from Nology that claims to boost horsepower. It is probably only a mild boost and there may well be other ways of increasing power for less money, but if you are interested see this link:  Land Rover Range Rover V8 95-97 Nology HotWires


Spark Plugs:
The original equipment plug is the Champion RN11YC. Generic parts are Autolite 64 (available for about $1.45 each from Kragen or AutoPartsGIANT.com). Auto Parts Warehouse (click on "Rover" parts) lists many replacement alternatives from a $1.45 Bosch plug to a $13.61 Denso Iridium IW16 plug.


Range Rover sound systems are supposedly designed to withstand the rigors of off-road use but I personally have found they need replacing or repairing at regular intervals. For example, the LCD panel on the radio goes dim on one side if one of the bulbs illuminating it from behind fails. The procedure for replacing the backlight bulbs is detailed on the Radio Display Backlight Bulb Replacement page, but is a slightly tricky operation (sometimes resulting in further damage from the soldering iron such as burnt LCD microchips and connections). This and other radio problems can of course be fixed by paying the $1500 requested by the dealer for a new radio, but I discovered that John & Tom of  Roverville - Radio  provide in both USA and UK top quality radio repair work with genuine parts at a fraction of Dealer prices and lengthy down time. They work on all Rover units, and specialize in the Clarion units (US: AMR 2672 & UK: PRC 7618) used on all 4.0/4.6 models from 1995 through 1999.5, and the RTC7788 model used on Defenders 1994-on. They also buy any land rover stereo equipment in any condition, so don’t throw your old stuff away if you go aftermarket, drop them an e-mail and make money of it.   Roverville’s usual turnaround time is under 24 hours from the time of receipt.  They take pride in knowing they repair units that most shops condemn as liquid damaged or beyond repair. 


 They have kindly agreed to help sponsor this website, so if you use his services please mention you were referred by RangeRovers.net.


Scan Tools Range Rover P38A

This is the official Land Rover diagnostic system used by the dealer network. It is basically a custom touch screen controlled portable computer that connects to the 16 pin OBD-II plug under the dash, but accesses many more vehicle functions than standard OBD-II systems. It basically accesses anything that is computer controlled, which is nearly everything -- the engine, transmission, transfer case, suspension, BeCM, ABS, cruise control, and on and on. Originally, the system was not even available to anyone outside the dealer network, making it doubly frustrating when you run into the notation "Refer to Testbook" in the factory repair manual. Even though "Testbook" is now available to the public as an official Land Rover part, most private owners and local repair shops cannot afford the $20,000 tariff for it, so aftermarket equivalents have been developed by other manufacturers to fill the void (see below).


Rovacom Diagnostic System:
The Rovacom system was the first aftermarket equivalent for the "TestBook" to become available. It is claimed to be even better than the TestBook. It is certainly more portable. It uses a rugged custom case and hardware with a 12 inch touch screen. It draws its power from the vehcile's diagnostic connector or a 12 volt jack. The unit comes with all the software installed for the various Land Rover models, but you can pay for only the ones you want activated. The basic unit with no software activated is about £2,000.  Thus, you can get a system customized to cover all the systems on your particular Range Rover 4.0/4.6 for about £3700 ($6,000). Rovacom recently started selling used units for up to 50% off, bringing them down to the £4,500 range ($7300) for units with software activated for all models. In the US the Rovacom system is available through Rovers North ([email protected] and ask for Arthur or George) or British parts International (Phil Prince, [email protected]).
In 2003 the "Rovacom Lite" system became available, allowing customers to purchase only the functionality they need for their own model, and run the software on their own laptop computer. This has brought the price down to the region of  £600 ($1,000), which is getting within the reach of owners who may live a long way from the nearest dealer. 


Autologic Diagnosis System:
The Autologic Diagnosis System is another aftermarket TestBook equivalent. In the US it is available through Atlantic British. Their price is $10,500 for a complete system covering all late model Land Rovers -- feasible for some local shops but not many individual owners.


OBD-II Scan Tools:
Standard OBD-II scan tools can give you much of the same information as TestBook about engine and transmission fault codes, although they will not let you diagnose some of the other systems like the electronic air suspension. Trevor Briggs and Kelley Minnick found an OBDII Automotive Scan Tool Browser for $122 from Alex C. Peper, 67 Scotch Pine Dr., Islandia, NY 11772. This generic OBD II software gives the basic readouts and can reset the various codes. (Choose ISO gateway router for Range Rovers, rather than the VPW or PWM versions for GM and Ford vehicles). It runs on any Windows 3.1, 95 or 98 computer, 386 or higher, and is optimized for low cost laptops.  The system includes a protected RS-232 interface,  OBD-2 connector and cable, world wide shipping, handling and taxes. You can actually download the "software only" for free, and make your own cable and interfacing. New browser features advertized include Land Rover, Nissan, Subaru defined test results.

Michael Nix went to Auto Zone and bought an Actron OBDII diagnostic tester to diagnose the oxygen sensors on his wife's 96 RR.  (Actron's web-site is www.actron.com. Their latest hand-held Actron scanner is really convenient and works on all American and Imported OBD-II vehicles. It is sold thorugh JCWhitney.com for $159.99. On the older version Michael used (CP9035F), he found the codes had to read and reset with the engine running, which is contrary to what the manual said.  Also, it took multiple tries to read the codes and reset the check-engine light.


Danny Ledford reports that TRW has a scan tool called the Laser 2000 that is very affordable. He says it does engine management, ABS, and electronic air, and works on new OBD-II and older serial ports.


The Lowest Prices I have seen for a full function hand-held OBD-II scanner for the 4.0/4.6 are $106.95 for the Actron CP9135 at Tradervar, and  $114.99 for the Equus 3100 at partsamerica.com. This scanner works on all US and foreign vehicles. I saw the older, more basic Actron CP9035 (mentioned above) with only a digital numeric readout on sale at Tradervar for $59.95.

Sound System
See Radio section above.

Steering Range Rover 4.0 / 4.6 /P38A

Steering Damper:
OEM steering dampers are available from Atlantic British for $97.95 plus shipping (April 2004). The Auto Parts Warehouse (click on "Rover" parts) sells them for $82 with free shipping.


Power Steering Box:
This is not a weak point as it is on the Classic; however when it does fail it is even more expensive than on the older model. The lowest cost I have recently found (April 2004) for the brand new genuine part is $1195 from Atlantic British.-- this includes the core charge which is refundable.
The lowest price
I have seen for a rebuilt 4.0/4.6 steering box is a remanufactured unit by Maval sold by Auto Parts Warehouse (click on "Rover" parts) for $353 with free shipping. However last time I checked this was no longer available -- please email me if you find a better one.

Power Steering Pump:
Until recently, the lowest costs I had seen on these were for rebuilt units from ExpressAutoparts.com for $216 and AutoPartsGIANT.com for $182.75 (both with free shipping). However more recently (April 2004) I found the steering pump at Atlantic British for only $119.95!!

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Suspension Range Rover P38A
Air Springs (Complete)
Air Springs (Bladder Only)
Air Compressor
Coil Conversion Kits
Delay/Turnoff Timer
Valve Block
Valve Block Driver Circuit

Air Springs (Complete):
These used to be very expensive but have been coming down in price. British Parts of Utah has the front spring for $150. Auto Parts Warehouse list it for $148.77 with free shipping. The same part is now available (April 2004) at Atlantic British for as little as $119.95.
The rear springs have a longer rubber bellows and are still somewhat expensive; they are $189.95 from Atlantic British and $280 from British Parts of Utah.


Long-standing aftermarket air suspension maker Arnott Industries has been active in developing replacement air springs for Range Rovers (the owner drives one!!). They have several options. Complete replacement air spring assemblies similar to OEM are $105 (front) and $169 (rear)! They also make an improved second-generation design (far superior to OEM), with crimped bellows attachments. These are sold in pairs -- $205 a pair (front) and $358 a pair (rear). Tey also make bellows-only replacements (see below). It is hard to believe for long-suffering Range Rover owners used to air suspension problems, but all Arnott part come with a Lifetime Warranty!! Typical of Arnott's quality approach is their detailed installation instructions, with photographs, on their website. Daniel Golenia of Australia reports: "I imported a set and they transformed the ride quality of the vehicle." 

Air Springs (Bladder Only):
An aftermarket US manufacturer and supplier, Arnott Industries (who make air spring components for other vehicles such as Ford cars) now sell a replacement rubber bladder only (you re-use the aluminum or plastic top and bottom of the spring) for $89 each for the front and $105 for the rear.
These parts have a lifetime warranty. Typical of Arnott's quality approach is their detailed installation instructions, with photographs, on their website.

Recently, a US manufacturer of coil conversion kits, Strutmasters, started offering replacement spring bellows and has the lowest cost I have seen (February 2005) for them in the US. They sell the front bellows only for $79 and the rear one for $95. Their parts also come with a lifetime warranty. This is hard to believe for long-suffering Range Rover owewners, but this effectively put an end to expenses on new air springs!!


Another option is an Australian company called Airbag Man who supply RR air bellows worldwide for front (their part # AB0001) and rear (their part # AB0002) of all Range Rover models. Their own specially made versions are produced by Dunlop (same factory as original units). This provides the assurance of performance at least as good as original (they state the Arnott's units, by comparison, appear to be quite short once aged). Their export price is A$110 - about US$80 for either front or rear bladders. (Prices for Australian customers are significantly higher due to local import duty and taxes). Airbag Man's rear bellows are longer than the factory units as the originals start to leak and fall off once aged; this also allows a small suspension lift as has been carried out by Hardy Neale of Australia recently. 


(For more details please see the EAS Compressor Page)
The Range Rover air suspension compressor sold for $440 at the dealer when mine needed replacing at 130,000 miles in 2003 -- and few if any aftermarket sources could supply it. Nowadays (2006) there are more suppliers, but unfortunately the price has gone up due to the declining US dollar. I found the entire compressor assembly (including the output tube and coupling, which is worth over $50 by itself!) at Auto Parts Warehouse for $559 with free shipping (listed as "suspension pump"), and for $520 at Atlantic British with a free shipping special. British Parts of Utah has it for $510 plus shipping. 


I recently discovered that Airbag Man in Brisbane Australia sells brand new compressors to export customers for A$400 or US$300 for inexpensive worldwide shipping, They also supply a compressor service kit from the OEM manufacturer (Thomas Pumps) that includes new sleeve and piston/conrod assy, and sells for A$200.00 or US$150.  (prices to Australian customers are higher due to local import duty and taxes).  


When my compressor went out at about 130,000 miles I obtained a used one from a wrecker for $225. Subsequent traffic from Ron Beckett and others on the rro email list suggested the Range Rover compressor might be a generic Thomas pump, and after searching their catalogs I concluded it is their model number 315CDC5612 (specs available on the Thomas Pumps site at this link). This is a 1/5 horsepower model with a thermal cutout and is rated for intermittent duty up to 150psi (the pressure used in the EAS system).  Independently, Abe Thietten found a Thomas 315 series compressor at Puma Sales for $109, but I am not sure if this is the exact replacement as there are at least 7 identical-looking models in the 315 range with different specs (only the 315CDC5612 can attain the necessary 150 PSI, and the "standard" 315 model only reaches 130).

However, Abe reports that he found a better alternative at the same company, the more powerful 1/4 horsepower Blowjax DC2000 for $99 that  he says fits perfectly. (See the EAS compressor diagnosis, replacement and repair page) You can line up the bracket on old air compressor with the new one and drill two holes to attach, easy. Because of this compressor's slightly larger size, the lid to the EAS system will only attach on the front not on the back, but that is no big deal. For the air line, the old adapter screws directly into the new Blojax air compressor, but before you do this you will have to rotate the top cylinder head so it points backwards. This pump comes with a filter and it is located on the side; it fits into the enclosure with no modification. The Blowjax pump is rated for a 50% duty cycle as opposed to the 15% of the OEM part, but does not have thermal cutout protection. Therefore you need to ground the thermal sensor wire going to the compressor connector to fool the Range Rover suspension ECU into thinking the non-existent thermal switch is working. As a result, there is a possibility this pump could overheat, so use at your own risk (Abe reports it runs very cool however). When using all these generic replacements you will also need to re-wire them using your old connector.

Rebuilding the Compressor: See the Compressor Rebuild page for details.

For more information on compressor replacement with genuine and generic replacements, see the EAS compressor diagnosis, replacement and repair page.

Coil Conversion Kits:
For those who are tired of dealing with the EAS, several manufacturers and vendors now offer coil conversion kits for the 4.0/4.6 models. Atlantic British offers a kit with aluminum perch adapters, instructions, a specially developed EAS override module to eliminate error mesages, and coil springsdesigned to ride at standard height, for $849. They also sell a heavy duty off road version with a higher ride height for $949.
Another option in this field is the Arnott Industries coil conversion kit, also using existing shocks, for $579. Typical of their thorough approach, their spring seats are CNC machined from solid 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, and the mounts are designed to bolt directly to the current suspension brackets. The kit features powder coated variable rate coil springs made in the USA, and includes step by step instructions on how disarm your EAS alarm.  Strutmasters makes a simpler kit  with fewer components for $495.

More information on this topic can be found on the 4.0/4.6 Coil Conversion Page.

Delay/Turnoff Timer:
(ANR4652): This part supplies power to the EAS ECU, and controls the periodic activation of the system even when the ehicle is unattended. On inspecting mine I found it is made by TRW, whose part number for it is 51606A0A. It therefore ought to be available from some other source.

My parts manual states ANR3773 was used up to mid 1995 (VIN #MA308966). After that, it was ANR4499. David Sparks reports (November 2004) that the earlier versions are no longer priced, presumably meaning they have been replaced by the third version (RQT10040). If you buy this part new, it is the third version you would be quoted for.

Rovers North lists the regular price of the ECU as $392.13, but I got a spare one from them when they had them on sale for $159. (They use part number RQT10040).

If you tire of the OEM system, Dakota Digital makes a complete air suspension control system for $795 including a remote control option. It does all the automatic ride height functions, as well as lets you control each bag individually. It also comes with a nice display to let you know what's going on. If anyone tries this, please email me so we can share your experiences with other owners.

Part numbers: STC3672 (front)  or STC3671 (rear). The lowest price I have seen for the genuine shocks is at Atlantic British for $82 each.
Various aftermarket shocks are available for the 4.0/4.6. Probably the most popular upgrades are the famous Bilsteins; these are now advertized at Auto Parts Warehouse  for $96 with free shipping. Kevin Kelly found them at www.shox.com which sells them for $314.80 for a set of four.   Atlantic British offers aftermarket Boge replacement shocks for $89 each or $279 for a set of four. Auto Parts Warehouse also has an aftermarket twin tube gas shock by KYB specified for the 4.0/4.6 for $81. (free shipping). AutoPartsGIANT.com offers some KYBs for about $71-77 (search for a late model 4.0/4.6 such as 1998). Brent Wilhelmi found Monroe Wilderness 4x4 shocks (RS010 front, RS001 rear) for his 4.6HSE for $62.95 each  at DAP Enterprises.

In a 2008 search, the lowest price I could find for 4.0/4.6 shocks was at AutoPartsGIANT.com who offered their version of the "original type" shock for only $71.

Valve Block:
New EAS valve blocks are an $800-900 item. Usually, all that is wrong is air leaks via perished rubber O-rings inside the block. (See the Valve Block Repair pages for more details).

Valve Block Driver Circuit:
This is the black box that sits beside the valve block and takes the signals from the ECU and converts them to the voltage and current needed to drive the solenoids in the valve block. It is an occasional failure item.

Transfer Case
I have yet to see new P38 transfer cases offered by aftermarket parts houses. One temporarily offered a rebuilt unit for $2,300 but they are no longer available.

Transmission Range Rover P38A

Rebuilt and Used Transmissions
Rebuilt ZF electric shift automatic transmissions for the 4.0 used to e extremely expensive, when available at all. Because the ZF transmissions used in Range Rovers are also OEM equipment in many other vehicles, some transmission rebuilding and parts houses also have them. Dwight Smith found a very low cost generic source of the electric shift ZF 4HP24 used in the 4.0 and 4.6 -- Phoenix Remanufactured Transmissions who have it for $1,250!! (You should check with them by phone for the minor variations for your exact application). Phoenix is a major rebuilding and parts house, and all their remanufactured transmissions are dyno tested and warrantied.

Used (not rebuilt) transmissions are another option.

Transmission Filter Kits:
Every 30,000 miles the transmission filter is supposed to be changed. Since the ZF transmission, with variations, is used on a number of other European vehicles, the filter kit to do this can be obtained from aftermarket sources. Atlantic British sells it for $59.95 and Auto Parts Warehouse (click on "Rover" parts) lists it for $35.

Washer/Wiper System Range Rover P38A

Headlight Wiper Blades:
Robert J N Watson reports that the little short wiper blades for the headlights (DKC100860) seem to be $13 each at the dealer or $26 for a set of two. He found that one 'narrow fit' blade for $3 can be sectioned to length to replace both! Ron Beckett bought a wiper blade at Kmart and cut the notches to fit the headlight wiper arms. 


Washer System Jets:
British Parts of Utah usually has the lowest prices for genuine parts like these, and their part and pricing info is as follows:
AMR5257 Nozzle (RR 4.0/4.6 95~98) $7 each
DNJ100750 Nozzle (RR 4.0/4.6 99~02) $8 each
AMR5256 Clip (all years) $3 each


Washer System Non-Return Valve:
I found this part at
Atlantic British for only $3.95!

Washer System Pumps:
The front and rear windshield washer pumps (which are different parts) cost about $60-$67 from Rovers North and Auto Parts Warehouse. The lowest price I have seen for generic replacement parts is at AutoPartsGIANT.com, who have several options specified for both front and rear pumps on the Range Rover 4.0/4.6 for $14-15, and one (ANCO brand) for $12.35!! If you are really daring, you could save a few more cents by trying the $11.99 one at JC which claims to replace any 12 volt washer pump on any vehicle!

Windshield Wiper Blades:
Genuine wiper blades are expensive; even British Parts of Utah charges $15 each for them, and the cheapest aftermarket ones offered by Atlantic British cost $12.95 each. I found Bosch replacements at Auto Parts Warehouse (click on "Rover" parts) for $8.42 each (in their body electrical category), but partsamerica.com have AC-Delco replacements for $6.99 each!!! AutoPartsGIANT.com has a range of replacement blades and refills starting at about $3.75. 


Wiper Blade, Rear:
This is a different part on the 4.0/4.6 -- Atlantic British sells an aftermarket one for $12.95, but I found Bosch replacements for $5.45 at Auto Parts Warehouse! (in their body electrical category). Partsamerica.com has Trico replacements for $4.19. AutoPartsGIANT.com has a range of replacement blades and refills starting at about $3.


Wheel Bearings Range Rover P38A

Genuine and Aftermarket Parts: The Range Rover 4.0/4.6/P38 had new lighter, stronger and simpler axle assemblies. The wheel bearings are pressed into the hub, eliminating the need for the inumerable seals, gaskets, washers, spacers and other paraphenalia that makes the reassembly of a Classic hub impossible without referring to a diagram. The only downside is that the procedure for replacement of the wheel bearings, according to the shop manual and Land Rover dealers, is to replace the entire $500 hub assembly as a unit. The lowest prices I have seen for these assemblies are at Rovers North, which has the rear hub assembly (FTC3223) for $466, the front left (FTC3243) for $469 and the front right (FTC3226) for $499. However Atlantic British now has a much less expensive solution -- they can sell you just the  bearings already (part number FTC1507) for $199. In this case you need a means of pressing the old bearings out of the hub and the new ones in.

Generic Parts: When replacing my right rear hub assembly (see hub and bearing replacement page), I found the inner bearing was a Timken unit inscribed with part number NP275832. It also had a "DV" symbol on it, and was made in France. (I think front and rear use the same bearings). Andy Cunningham (at this link) describes the numbers printed on the boxes of Joe Godfrey's Timken bearings he got from Kaid Ltd in the UK for about GBP80 ($150). These were NP275832 followed by "90VA1" or "90UA1" (unclear). Also on the boxes were the numbers 200304 FR and 64922. DAP Industries sells an equivalent as partnumber FTC-3223B for $110. Recently, (March 2007), I found found the Timken bearings at AutoPartsGIANT.com for $13.80.

Please email if you have any updates on replacement part sources or pricing.



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