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As usual, aftermarket parts for the Mk III RR model only started becoming available when the vehicles came out of warranty. Accordingly, at the most recent update of this page (November 2008), not a lot is available for the 2006 & up models yet, but quite a few are now available for the earlier 2003-2005 BMW-engined models. Among the discount Rover parts houses, I found by far the largest variety of RR III parts at
Atlantic British. Other suppliers are gradually incorporating more of these parts into their inventory. This page is an effort to compile some of the best deals and sources on such parts for the convenience of Range Rover owners.

It should be noted that more than a few parts on the RR III were borrowed from the BMW X5, so BMW parts or aftermarket parts intended for them will fit the new RR.

Summary of Lowest Cost Aftermarket and Generic Parts Suppliers I have found to date
for the Mk III Range Rover:
Atlantic British Largest independent Rover Parts & accessories supplier in North America. Now has many pages of aftermarket (and many genuine) parts for the new model. The depth of their inventory for the new model is frankly amazing, including many parts (such as body and chassis parts, engine rebuild parts, etc etc) that I would not have expected. They also have many accessories including brush bar, lamp guards, roof rack, and a leather folding seat for two extra passengers that fits in the loadspace, wood trim kits, door strips, mud flaps, seat covers, etc. Oxygen Sensors, both direct fit (OEM Connector) and universal (you rewire) versions

Auto Parts Warehouse One of the first online discounters of generic parts to offer a few items for the new model Range Rover. Example: Front brake pad set $79. Oil filter $8.72. Free shipping on orders over $50. Click on "Rover" parts. For a larger selection of parts that should fit, search under the BMW X5 4.4 model. This is a true generic parts supplier covering the entire auto industry and often has amazingly low prices on the common replacement and repair items that are shared with other vehicles. On-line access to Checker, Schucks, Kragen and Advance Auto Parts, with nearly $1.5B in inventory and 3,000 locations. Search real-time inventory & purchase on-line. Home delivery or pick up at local store. Exchange or return at local store Low price guarantee.

British Parts of Utah Often the genuine part is actually the best and sometimes even the cheapest alternative -- this company specializes in genuine Land Rover parts at lower than dealer prices -- they should be able to order most genuine parts and accessories for you even if they are not in stock. Accessories for all SUVs & 4x4s -- many of which are suitable for the Range Rover

The Tire Rack Discount tire and wheel source with a vast inventory including wheels and tires for the new model at prices much lower than dealers and local sources. Handy for low prices on the advanced sizes used on Range Rovers. Note: A search for make and model on this or other tire sites will only turn up a couple of tires for each Range Rover model due to the unusual sizes supplied stock on the vehicle. Search by tire brand, size type to get to the non-standard options. Click on "Tires by Size on the main  Tire Rack page.

Specific Parts Listings
Parts From Other Vehicles or Common US Sources
Please email if you have any updates on replacement part sources or pricing.

Note: Prices on these pages were accurate when posted, but the recent decline in the US dollar has affected some of them.  However, all suppliers should experience the same variations.  Naturally, while we will avoid mentioning any suppliers whose trustworthiness we suspect, no guarantees can be made by about products sold by suppliers listed here.

Body & Chassis Parts
Braking System
Climate Control
Cooling System
Cruise Control

Engine Mechanical
Exhaust System
Fuel Delivery System
Fuel Injection (EFI) System

Manuals and Books
Scan Tools
Sound System

Transfer Case
Washer/Wiper System
Wheel Bearings

Body & Chassis Parts
Atlantic British has the largest selection of body and chassis parts available, and British Parts of Utah has a surprisingly good range of genuine parts at the lowest possible prices, including the genuine 2003-2005 Grille for $315. For used body and chassis parts, the best bet would be to try a wrecker that specializes in Land Rovers.

Braking System
The brakes on the Mk III are expensive; I was charged $650 by the dealer for a simple front-only brake job. The pads and rotors can now be found from aftermarket sources for more reasonable prices; those below are the best I have found so far. (Note: the part numbers changed in 2006 when the Jaguar-derived drivetrain was introduced).

Brake Pads:
2003-2005: Atlantic British sells the genuine front pads for $129 and the rears for $59. If you really want cheap ones, Auto Parts Warehouse has a wide selection of brands from as low as $18 for a front set and $23 for the rear!!


2006 on: British Parts of Utah has the genuine front pads for $92 (HSE) and $95 (Supercharged), and the genuine rear pads for both models for $62.

Brake Rotors:
Unfortunately, these are not the same parts as for the LR3 and Sport, so economies of scale are not available.  Meanwhile, I found the following sources:
2003-2005: Genuine front rotors are available at Atlantic British for $169 each and the rears for $107 each. British Parts of Utah has the genuine fronts for $150 each and the rears for $100 each. Atlantic British and British Pacific also have aftermarket replacements for $69 and $59 respectively.

2006 & up: Front rotors for the 4.2 litre Supercharged model are a different part number than for the 4.4 litre HSE model, while the rear ones are the same. However the prices are all generally the same. Atlantic British has genuine front and rear rotors for both models for $99 each. They have aftermarket versions for $89 (front) and $69 (rear). British Parts of Utah has the genuine rotors for $95 each, front or rear.

Wear Sensors:
The brake wear sensors are a really useful feature for alerting the driver to the need to replace pads before the grinding noise of metal on metal is heard. However the sensors must be replaced with the pads as they are not reusable once the warning light has been activated on the dash.
Front: The front brake wear sensors are the same part for all HSE models from 2003 through 2007 (SEM000012). British Parts of Utah has these for $27, and Auto Parts Warehouse has a replacement for the front one for $26.

For the Supercharged models, the part number is SEM500050; British Parts of Utah has this one for only $20.

Rear: For 2003-2005, the rear sensor is part number SOE000011. The lowest price I have found for this is $23 at British Parts of Utah.
For all 2006 & up models, the part is SOE500030, which British Parts of Utah has for $29. 

Brake Rebuild Kits:
I found that Atlantic British puts together complete kits for brake repair jobs. Their kits include including the pads, rotors and wear sensors as well as all hardware, pins, seals and clips.

2003-2005: Atlantic British complete brake rebuild kits with genuine parts are $469 (front) and $399 (rear). As well as the pads and rotors, these kits include  They also have a complete aftermarket kit including front and rear with standard rotors and Ferodo pads for only $429.

2006 & Up: For the HSE models Atlantic British has complete genuine front rebuild kits for $299, and rear ones for $269. For the Supercharged models, the genuine front kit is $399 and the rear is $269.

2003-05: The only Rover parts supplier I have found that stocks replacement calipers is Atlantic British, who have them for the 2003-2005 model years for about $549 (front) and $339 (rear). However I discovered (October 2008) that Discount aftermarket parts source Auto Parts Warehouse has a variety of rear caliper replacements starting at $178.

Handbrake Cable:
The incredible depth of inventory at Atlantic British is reflected in the fact that they even have the handbrake cables for about $45.

ABS Speed Sensor:
The only place I have seen aftermarket replacements for the ABS speed sensors was Auto Parts Warehouse who have them for about $26 each for the front and $35 for the rear.

Brake Pedal Switch:
On the Range Rover this switch, located at the brake pedal, is a Hall Effect sensor. A replacement is available from Auto Parts Warehouse for $11.95.

Climate Control
A/C Condenser:
I found an ACI brand replacement for this at Auto Parts Warehouse for $233. I thought this was remarkable as a similar Nissens brand unit was $1,600! The lowest price I could find in 2008 was at, where an aftermarket Spectra brand condenser was $188.

A/C Drier:
The A/C receiver/drier is common to a number of vehicles including the 1993-95 Acura Legend, numerous Toyota models including the 1995-2004 Tacoma, as well as the RR Sport and Discovery and earlier RR models back to 1995. I found a generic replacement at for $37, and a rebuild kit for this at Atlantic British for $25.

A/C Expansion Valve:

Atlantic British has this part for $207.

Cabin Filter (Pollen Filter):
The micro pollen filters with activated charchoal are expensive, usually about $50. For the genuine part, as usual British Parts of Utah is the cheapest at $35, and I found an aftermarket replacement at Auto Parts Warehouse for $25.95.

Cooling System
Primary Fan/Drive Belt:

The main drive belt is shared with the BMW 7 series sedans from 1996-2001. Atlantic British has the primary drive belt for $26.95. Auto Parts Warehouse advertises an aftermarket replacement for $15.95.

Secondary/Alternator Drive Belt:
This is also shared with BMW models as above, as well as some VW models (eg 2002-2004 Beetle and Golf).  Atlantic British has this secondary (alternator) drive belts in stock for $19.95.

Coolant Level Sensor:
I was pleaed to see this component was restored in the Mk III RR after being left out in the Mk II models. It provides a great early warning system for potential overheating problems. However the only aftermarket source I have found so far for this part is at Auto Parts Warehouse for $73.

Cooling Fan Clutch:
The only place I could find an aftermarket replacement for this was at Auto Parts Warehouse lists a Behr brand replacement for this at $179.

As of November 2008, the only Land Rover parts supplier I have found that has a good stock of coolant hoses for the 2003-2005 Range Rover is Atlantic British. They have the upper radiator hose for $54, the lower one for $34, and the expansion tank to thermostat hose for $23. They also have all the other hoses including the  special hose that goes from the radiator to the transmission cooler thermostat for $76. British Parts of Utah has a smaller variety but does have the genuine top radiator hose for $52.

2003-2005 Models: I found the genuine radiator for the 03-05 models for $529 at Atlantic British. I was surprised to find an aftermarket one (Behr brand) at Auto Parts Warehouse for only $255!!

2006 & Up Models: Owners of these models can get a brand new genuine radiator from Atlantic British for only $200!!

Radiator Expansion Tank:
This is a common failure item on the 2003-05 model. The least expensive replacement I could find for it (November 2008) was at Atlantic British which has it for $52 -- considerably less than generic parts sources I checked.

Radiator Expansion Tank Cap:
This is one of the few shared parts with other models, and is the same as the one used on the Range Rover 4.0/4.6 and the Discovery Series II (even though the expansion tank itself is different). British Parts of Utah and Atlantic British both have the genuine article in stock for only $22.

2003-2005: I found the genuine thermostat assembly at Auto Parts Warehouse for $83 with free shipping. However in this case British Parts of Utah had the least expensive solution I could find, with an aftermarket replacement for $70.

Water Pump:
2003:2005 models: This is the same as on the 2000-2003 BMW X5, and the 1999-2003 540i, and the 999-2001 7-series BMW sedans. Atlantic British carries the genuine pump at $157. In a search of aftermarket suppliers, by far the least expensive I found was at Auto Parts Warehouse which specifies an aftermarket Geba brand unit for $128 wth free shipping. Rebuilt: I found a rebuilt Cardone brand water pump at for $39.

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Cruise Control

Under construction!

Front Differential Parts:
The 2003-2005 Mk III Range Rover mdels are notorious for premature and repeated front diff failure (see ). The internal gear teeth on the stock OEM coupling often snap off/wear down to the point of failure. After years of unsatisfactory solutions by Land Rover, Atlantic British came up with some new, stronger parts to prevent recurrence. Their replacement Coupling Upgrade Kit featured a higher grade coupling machined from # 4340 steel alloy that is heat-treated, resulting in a more durable design that will last longer than the inferior genuine coupling. Each kit included a Hardened Steel Shaft Coupling, Lock Nuts, 1.5 oz. Tube PTFE Grease, 2 inch O-Ring, Inner Dust Shield, Dust Shield Removal Tool, Dust Shield Installation Tool and Instructions. Cost was $299 -- a fraction of the usual repair bill for this common failure. In 2008, Land Rover finally came up with a replacement drive shaft and a recall program that solved this problem, rendering aftermarket solutions obsolete. However if your front diff should fail for any other reason, it is worth knowing that Atlantic British has aftermarket ones for only $850 (compared to over $1,400 for the genuine part). If you are willing to try a rebuilt diff, the lowest cost solution I have found so far is a rebuilt unit from British Parts of Utah for $595.

2003-2005: The genuine 150 amp alternator (YLE000040) is quite expensive, usually around $600 or so. However it is a Bosch unit that seems to be shared with the BMW X5 (2000-2004) and various other BMW models. In a recent search (November 2008) I was surprised to find Atlantic British did not have a replacement for this item but I found a rebuilt one at British Parts of Utah for $395, plus a refundable core charge of $150. The best deal I was able to find was at Auto Parts Warehouse, who sell a rebuilt model under the Hi-Test brand for $193, with free shipping and a $115 core charge.

Alternator Belt:
See "Belts and Hoses" under Cooling System above.

Fog Lamp Assembly:
I was surprised to find (July 2007) that the complete front and rear fog lamp assemblies are now available at Atlantic British for only $109.

Atlantic British is a reduced cost source for the headlamp assemblies, both halogen ($339) and xenon ($995) types being available. They have the widest variety of such parts and also stock the headlamp lens ($72) and seal ($7.95) in case yours gets broken, as well as the necessary control modules and ballasts. British Parts of Utah has some of the headlamp asemblies for slightly less, at about $875 for the non-adaptive version of the Xenon headlamps. They have the siilar part for 06 and up models for $650. I also found the lens covers at the British Parts of Utah for $52.

Headlight Bulbs:
The bulbs used in the High Intensity Discharge (Xenon) headlight option are expensive. Atlantic British has them for less than the dealers, at $149 each. The same bulb is used in 2003-2005 and 2006 & up models. I did also find a Sylvania replacement bulb at Auto Parts Warehouse for $114.

Indicator Lamp Assembly:
I found the complete genuine front indicator lamp assembly (left or right) at British Parts of Utah for only $118. Atlantic British has an even lower price of $112 for the right hand one.

Starter Motor:
Early on I found an aftermarket starter motor replacement at They supply an Autolite remanufactured unit (part number 17851) for $223, which is claimed to fit all 2003 and onward RR III models including the 2006 and up Jaguiar engined models. In 2008 I researched this item further and found Auto Parts Warehouse offers 3 options ranging from $300 on down -- the least expensive being a remanufactured one for $136.

Tail Lamp Assembly:
I found that Atlantic British now stocks this complete assembly so you can replace it at reasonable cost (about $290) if it suffers from an impact.

Trailer Wiring:
The new official Range Rover III trailer wiring kit is available at a substantial discount from Atlantic British ($189 in Nov 2008) -- for full details and installation instructions see the RR III trailer harness wiring page.

Engine Mechanical
In searching for basic engine parts, I have found that as of 2008  few retailers offer much. Atlantic British offers by far the best selection from gaskets of all kinds to timng chain tensioners, head bolt sets and oil pans (all too easy to damage off road with the the RR III's pioneering independent front suspension!!). Among the generic aftermarket suppliers, Auto Parts Warehouse has a surprisingly large range of parts including head gaskets from $63, a cam follower at $23, and an exhaust valve for $28.

Complete Engines:
New Range Rover engines, when available, cost astronomical amounts. However I recently found (August 2010) that Roverland Parts has complete engines from crashed Mk III Rovers for about $6,500. Complete from plenum to oil pan, they are guaranteed against oil leaks and excessive oil use, and have a full 90 day warranty. They perform the following operations on the engine before approving it for sale:
1) Test running the engine prior to dismantling the truck.
2) Removing the oil pan.
3) Cleaning the oil sump pickup.
4) Checking the main bearings.
5) Re-sealing the oil pan.
6) Removing the valve covers, cleaning and inspecting the heads.
7) Replacing and re-sealing the valve covers.
8) Capping all of the air sensitive openings.
9) Pressure washing and detailing the engine.

Exhaust System
Borla Replacement Exhaust System:
Borla makes a complete cat-back performance exhaust system for the 2003-2005 Range Rover models, available from Atlantic British for $949. I recently found it (November 2008) at Auto Parts Warehouse for $708.

Exhaust Hangers:
I found that Auto Parts Warehouse also have genuine exhaust hangers for $9.95 in case any of yours need replacing.

Oxygen Sensors
(See Fuel Injection System)

Air Filter:
2003-2005: The air filter is an oval shaped item that is a rather expensive part. Shopping around for one on November 2008, the lowest price I found for the OEM part is $42 at discount Rover parts house Atlantic British. specifies a Purolator A35631 filter which they sell for $40. British Parts of Utah lists an aftermarket replacement by Mann for $35.

Alternatively, you can get a reusable K&N replacement filter from Auto Parts Warehouse for about $56 that fits in the stock air filter enclosure. 
2006 on: The later model air filter (PHE500021) is a flat version that is slightly less expensive. The lowest price I could find for the genuine filter was $35 at British Parts of Utah. An aftermarket replacement is available from Atlantic British for $32 or a K&N reusable fioter for $54.

Fuel Filter:

This part (WFL000021) is the same for all model years, but is a rather expensive fuel filter. I saw it for over $60 even at a discount parts supplier. British Parts of Utah as usual has the genuine part for the lowest price -- $55. Atlantic British has a generic replacement for about $49.  British Pacific also has the RR III fuel filter  for a similar price.

Oil Filter:
2003-2005:  The oil filter housing is prone to leaking around the top when the O-ring seal fails -- you can lose all the engine oil in a hurry.  Atlantic British has the replacement oil filter including the sealing ring for only $12.95. (They also sell the oil filter housing mount for only $10, and their special 36mm socket for the oil filter housing for $10 makes removal much easier). I also found several different complete atermarket oil filter kits including the replacement sealing rings at Auto Parts Warehouse for prices ranging from only $7.59 to $17.84. (Look under "Engine Mechanical" for your Rover model). They also have the filter housing mounts (a frequent failure item -- see   for $4.95 each.
2006 & up: Atlantic British makes the genuine oil filter for the Jag-based engine available for $17.95, and an aftermarket one for $16.95. British Parts of Utah has the genuine one for $15.

Pollen Filter:
All model years use the same one (
JMO000010). Unlike the 4.0/4.6 model, which introduced the pollen filter and used two of them, the RR III only needs one. British Parts of Utah sells it for $35. I also found an equivalent (called an ACC cabin filter, listed under climate control) at Auto Parts Warehouse for $25.

Fuel Delivery System
Fuel Filler Cap:
The design was changed in 2003 at VIN
3A132477. Up to that number the cap ( WLD000070PUY ) is hard to find. All later Later VINs use a cheaper cap (WLD500230) which Atlantic British sells for $15.95.

Fuel Filter:

See Filters section above.

Fuel Pump:
Range Rover fuel pumps are always expensive due to their special compressible construction, allowing them to keep operating even when the fuel tank is squashed by an off road obstacle. Searching the usual suppliers generaly comes up blank for this part, but
Atlantic British has made the 2003-2005 genuine fuel pump and sender assembly (WFX500010) available at a discount price of $659. If you only need the electrical components without the housing, they have this available for $479.

Fuel Injection (EFI) System
Fuel Injectors:
I found replacement fuel injectors at Auto Parts Warehouse for $142 each. has Python brand aftermarket injectors for $64, and specifies Python brand injectors for $34 each.

Fuel Pump:
See Fuel Delivery System above.

Mass Airflow Meter:

2003-2005 models: This part seems to be the same as on the 2000-2003 BMW X5, 99-03 BMW 540i and 99-01 BMW 7 series sedans. Normally these items are about $500 at the dealer -- mine once had to be replaced due to excessive dirt in it from my off road forays. However in 2008 I found an OEM replacement for this item at for $282 and at Auto Parts Warehouse for only $157!!.
Oxygen Sensors:

I found "plug & play" front and rear oxygen sensors available at a reduced price from Atlantic British -- about $79 each. This was much cheaper than the ones I found at the usual generic auto parts suppliers. I also managed to find Bosch plug and play versions from British Parts of Utah for $60. However, if you would like to experiment, Auto Parts Warehouse has a Bosch plug and play front sensor for $56, rear (after catalyst) sensor for $67, and specifies the lowest cost generic sensor I have found for the front and rear Range Rover application (no connector) for $33 each.

Cam Position Sensor:
I found a generic version of this part at Partsam for $97.99.

Crankshaft Position Sensor:
Searching aftermarket sources for this part, I found it is available from for $83.

Ignition Coils:
The ignition coils (8 required) seem to be the same as on the BMW X5. I found the genuine coils at the Auto Parts Warehouse for $85 each, and aftermarket versions for $70.

Spark Plugs:
A set of plugs purchased from the dealer is likely to set you back $100. However, a variety of aftermarket spark plugs are available for the RR III at less than genuine pricing. Atlantic British has recommended plugs for $9 each. Auto Parts Warehouse offers a large selection specified for the RR III starting at $2.99 each for NGK plugs. goes one better and specifies Autolite plugs for as low as $1.59 each.

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Manuals and Books
For better or worse, documentation for the Mark III is all electronic, and no paper shop manual is available.  Check the internet for RAVE for .pdf versions for model years 2002-2005.

Radio, Entertainment and Nav System
See Entertainment and Nav System Upgrades Page

Scan Tools
Autologic Diagnosis System:

The Autologic Diagnosis System is another aftermarket TestBook equivalent. In the US it is available through Atlantic British. Price is around $10,000 for a complete system covering all late model Land Rovers including the 2003 & up models-- feasible for some local shops but not many individual owners.

Rovacom Diagnostic System:
The Rovacom system was the first aftermarket equivalent for the "TestBook" to become available. In the US the Rovacom system is available through Rovers North ([email protected] and ask for Arthur or George) or British parts International (Phil Prince, [email protected]). The "Rovacom Lite" system allows customers to purchase only the functionality they need for their own model, and run the software on their own laptop computer. This has brought the price down to the region of  £600-1,000 ($1,100-2,000), which is getting within the reach of owners who may live a long way from the nearest dealer. 


OBD-II Scan Tools:
Standard OBD-II scan tools can give you much of the same information as TestBook about engine and transmission fault codes, although they will not let you diagnose some of the other systems like the electronic air suspension. Trevor Briggs and Kelley Minnick found an OBDII Automotive Scan Tool Browser for $122 from Alex C. Peper, 67 Scotch Pine Dr., Islandia, NY 11772. This generic OBD II software gives the basic readouts and can reset the various codes. (Choose ISO gateway router for Range Rovers, rather than the VPW or PWM versions for GM and Ford vehicles). It runs on any Windows 3.1, 95 or 98 computer, 386 or higher, and is optimized for low cost laptops.  The system includes a protected RS-232 interface,  OBD-2 connector and cable, world wide shipping, handling and taxes. You can actually download the "software only" for free, and make your own cable and interfacing. New browser features advertized include Land Rover, Nissan, Subaru defined test results.


Michael Nix went to Auto Zone and bought an Actron OBDII diagnostic tester to diagnose the oxygen sensors on his wife's 96 RR.  (Actron's web-site is Their latest hand-held Actron scanner is really convenient and works on all American and Imported OBD-II vehicles. It is sold thorugh for $159.99. On the older version Michael used (CP9035F), he found the codes had to read and reset with the engine running, which is contrary to what the manual said.  Also, it took multiple tries to read the codes and reset the check-engine light.


Danny Ledford reports that TRW has a scan tool called the Laser 2000 that is very affordable. He says it does engine management, ABS, and electronic air, and works on new OBD-II and older serial ports.

Ball Joints:
Atlantic British stocks the upper ball joint for only $29.95.

Power Steering Pump:
Atlantic British stocks the genuine power steering pump at the discount pcrice of $319. A recent search (November 2008) yielded the lowest price I have seen so far for this part -- a Cardone brand pump at for $155.

Rack & Pinion Assembly:
Interestingly this is available as an aftermarket Cardone part from for only $588.

Steering Column Tilt Motor:
I can testify that this is a frequent failure part, and if yours is out of warranty you might be looking for a replacement. I recently discovered that Atlantic British stocks the genuine tilt motor for a discount price of $699.

Tie Rod Ends:
I found a generic replacement for the inner tie rod end at Auto Parts Warehouse for $41.95.

Air Spring Strut Assembly, Front:
The front suspension uses a McPherson strut system with the air spring and shock absorber integrated into one strut. This is effective but expensive, and it should be noted that the left and right struts are different parts. British Pacific was the first independent supplier to list the front strut assemblies (which include the air spring and shockand have to be replaced as a unit) on their RR III page of their catalog. Others have now followed suit. Atlantic British has both left and right parts for $869, while British Parts of Utah has the genuine part for $895 and aftermarket replacements for $820.

Air Spring, Rear:
The genuine rear air spring RKB500082 is now available from Atlantic British and Rover Renovations for $164. I found an even cheaper aftermarket version at rovercon for $145

Air to Coil Spring Conversions: 
Atlantic British has a new (2010) coil spring conversion kit for the RR III. In fact they have three different versions,all of which come with a special electronic EAS Override Module.

Air Compressor:

Atlantic British carries the replacement air compressor for $629. Rover Renovations has it for $629.

Ball Joint:
This is the lowewr suspension arm attachment to each front wheel. It is unfortunately liable to fail -- I popped one of mine on an off road excursion by hitting a bump too hard.  Replacements can now be obtained (Lemforder aftermarket brand) at
Auto Parts Warehouse for $40.

Control Arm Bushing:
Front lower and upper suspension arm bushing repacements are now available from Atlantic British for $24 and $69 respectively. I aso found trhe lower one at Auto Parts Warehouse for $30.

Lower Suspension Arm (front):

This is the one most likely to get bent on a rock. Atlantic British stocks it for $109.

The rear shock absorber is a separate part of conventional type. The same part (RPD500260G) fits all models to 2007, and is available from Atlantic British for $254.

Sway Bar Link:
I found these for $69 at Auto Parts Warehouse.

Transfer Case
I found the RR III 2003-2005 transfer case available from Atlantic British for $3995!

Transmission, complete:
Atlantic British offers complete transmisions for the 2003-2005 RR III for $3600.

Transmission Pan & Filter
2003-2005: The transmission filter is now available from auto for about $53.
2006 & up: On the 2006 & up models, the transmission pan incorporates the filter. The genuine replacement part is now available from Atlantic British for $119.

Washer/Wiper System
Washer Pump: specifies a universal washer pump for $10.99.

Wiper Blades: has complete Trico "Exact Fit" wiper blades for $38. They offer a range of other options including refills for $6.99.

Wheels and Wheel Bearings
The wheel bearings for the RR III seem to be the same as on the VW Taureg/Porsche Cayenne. lists BCA bearings for the 2003-2005 Range Rover III (part number 510082) for $115 each, front or rear. Auto Parts Warehouse offers a complete wheel bearing kit for front or rear for $182.

Lug Nuts:
2003-2005: Much cheaper than earlier models; Atlantic British has them for $8.95, part number RRD4000011G
2006 & up: Same as for RR Sport and LR3. Atlantic British has them for $9.95 each.


Auto Parts Warehouse has a wide selection of wheels for the 2006 & up models from $169 each. For the 2003-2005 models they also have the original 19 inch wheels (refurbished) for $248 each.

Please email if you have any updates on replacement part sources or pricing.



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