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Photo courtesy of Rover 3 Driveline Center:
Replacement front driveshaft (propeller shaft) for RR III with proper  provision for flexing at both ends.


The information on this page is rendered somewhat but not completely obsolete by the advent in 2008 of the Front Diff Recall Service Action, in which a redesigned driveshaft was provided free of charge to all 2003-2005 RR owners as a permanent solution to the front diff failure problem. The new driveshaft has a CV joint at the front as well as the existing flex coupling at the rear. Information about the earlier solutions produced by aftermarket suppliers is retained here, as in many cases their solutions were of higher quality and may still be the best option for those wanting the best possible long term cure. The information here is also retained on the site as historical information for readers.

November 2006: Finally a permanent solution to the notorious 2003-2005 RR III/L322/LM front diff failure problem is at hand!! Not from Land Rover, but from private aftermarket driveline shops. In the US, Scott Colison of Drive Line Service in San Leandro, California has come up with the solution we have all been waiting for -- a redesigned front driveshaft.  Yeah!! Scott has been in the drive line business for 20 years, solving all sorts of different drive line problems -- mostly on modified vehicles. So he recognizes a bad design when he sees one, and knows how to fix it with a redesigned, strong, permanent replacement. He is making the new driveshaft kit available to all readers.

Update June 2007: In the UK, GKN Drivelines can now modify the driveshaft to incorporate a front U joint. Details of these solutions are provided below, along with contact and ordering information.

Replacement Driveshaft from Scott Colison

Scott refers to his new product as a Range Rover Mk III Front Drive Line and Sleeve Yoke Eliminator. This driveshaft is of higher quality than the factory solution introduced in 2008, as it has proper u-joints at both ends. It is fabricated by modifying an industry standard 1310 universal joint series driveshaft with a custom made flange replacing the rubber donut and metal plate on the transfer case end. On the front differential end, the  worn out sleeve is replaced with a special 1310 series end yoke.

New driveshaft

Another view

Two views of the new replacement driveshaft. Note the U-joints providing flexibility at at both ends (the defect of the OEM part is having a flexible coupling only at one end).




Custom made 1310 flange that replaces the donut on the rear (transfer case end) of the driveshaft

Another view of custom flange

Worn out sleeve (in which the splines get destroyed) and new 1310 end yoke (right) that replaces it on the front diff.

The complete driveshaft, including the brand new front diff yoke and all new hardware, comes with a 3 year warranty. (Compare that to the 1-year warranty you will get for a band-aid repair by a Land Rover dealer). Cost of the complete unit is $800 -- less than the parts cost to do the usual official (but ineffective and temporary) diff replacement job.

User Testimonial from a reader: "It works great, the cost was reasonable, and I'm up and running!"

GKN Driveline Solution (UK)

In the UK, more than one reader has alerted us to a solution available from GKN Drivelines. For example, Simon reports: "I have recently had to replace the front propshaft on a 2003 Range Rover [due to] the stripping of the splines on the front shaft and the receiver that is fitted to the diff. The receiver (hollow tube) that is fitted to the differential can only be purchased with a diff. This can be removed by releasing the nut and using a puller.  Do not move the car after removal as the diff is pre-loaded.  I sent the receiver and the shaft to GKN drivline in Leek, Staffordshire, UK (Contact Andy) who fitted the propshaft with a UJ for a cost of £250 plus VAT. A superb piece of engineering work.....I would highly recommend GKN Driveline."

Contact Details & Ordering Information

Scott Colison has set up a special division of Drive Line Service called Rover 3 Drive Line Center for the distribution and sale of the new driveline kit. His full contact information is as follows:

Rover 3 Frt Drive Line Center,
Drive Line Service
2474 Teagarden
San Leandro, CA 94577
Phone: 510-461-4977 (ask for Scott)
Email: [email protected]

Scott has kindly offered to help sponsor based on the interest he gets in his new product, so whether you contact him via his website, phone him or email him, please tell him you found out about his product on! (Eg if you order using the shcekout cart on his website, you can put "" as your company name).

For GKN Drivelines, the contact info is as follows:
GKN Driveline Service Ltd
Higher Woodcroft
Staffordshire ST13 5QF
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1538 38 42 78 (ask for Andy).
Fax: +44 1538 37 12 65
Email: [email protected]

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