Clearing P38 EAS Faults using a Notebook Computer and Free Software

Screen ShotIntroduction
Finally, there is a reliable, free software solution for clearing air suspension faults via the Range Rover's diagnostic connector port without going to the dealer or buying an expensive TestBook, Rovacom, Autologic or similar diagnostic system. The software was produced by Storey Wilson, a Range Rover enthusiast and member of the community, and is now being made available for free on the SourceForgesite. There are programs for viewing and clearing EAS faults as well as calibrating the air supsension using your notebook computer. You can make the necessary cable very inexpensively and reset the fault using a notebook computer.

The following user experience of this method were contributed by Johan Jogvansson, who successfully performed the operation on his own Range Rover ater trying the other methods of fault resetting described on this site. Johan filed the following report to share his experience with other members.

Summary of Method
When my P38 from unknown reason entered Hard fault mode, showing max 55km/h on the dashboard, I tried both Ron Beckett's an Dennis Altman's experiences, but found no help, the car stayed put on the bumpstops. This was when i found a brilliant little program that has been made as shareware and can be found at  (The progam I used is the win32 version, relased on October 12, 2007)

All that I needed was to download this little program, buy a standard serial extension cable for 6 dollars, modify the cable a little and hook it up with my usb – serial converter and the diagnosis connection on the car.

I then ran the program, and the problem was solved and the EAS has been runnig perfectly for over two months now.

Making the Cable Connection to your Notebook Computer
The modifications were very simple. I simply cut of the male connection, and connected four pins to the wires from pins 3,2,7 and 5 on the female connection (DB9F) (see sketch below)


It would have been much better though to get the socket for a OBD2 connection instead of the pins!  But as the socket wasn't available anywhere near, I simply put these four pins in the according connections in the Range rover OBD connection (see below). NB: wire colors may be different.

wiring harnessConnector

The other end was connected to a normal USB - serial converter as shown below

More wiring

The OBD2 connection is located under the glove compartment on LHD vehicles.

underdash plugged in

Then I was ready to run the program, click unlockEAS, and job done!  (see screenshot below)


More Information
The EAS Interface and Cable Fabrication Page provides more details on how to make your own cable is the website of Range Rover enthusiast Storey Wilson who developed this software. is the host for the freeware -- you can download it from this site. The software can read and reset faults, as well as calibrating the air suspension. The Range Rover specific page for free downloads is at  this link
Range Rover Diagnostic Forum: A special forum has been created here on specifically to discuss diagnostic equipment and issues. Manufacturers as well as owners participate in the discussions.




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