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Collected results of research by Owners; Common US Sources for Replacement Parts; Aftermarket, Generic and OEM Sources; Lower Cost Equivalent Parts from Other Vehicles.

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Examples of Lowest Priced Sources
Classic Range Rover Parts
P38 Range Rover Parts
Mark III Range Rover Parts
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Examples of Best & Lowest Priced Sources We Have Found

Atlantic British  Largest independent supplier in North America -- vast array of parts & accessories at low prices, personal service by people who are Rover owners themselves. I have bought many parts here -- never had one that didn't "plug and play".
4.0/4.6 Radiator                                                     $349.95                         OEM Lockheed Brake Pads for Classic and 4.0/4.6
4.0/4.6 brand new starter motors                          $199.95                                    From $27.95 to $39.95  per axle set!
Fuel Injectors (set of 8 Bosch -- Classic, 4.0/4.6) $599.95 ($75 each)
Classic Fuel Pump (complete plug & play)           $199.95

Auto Parts Warehouse (formerly SpeedyCarParts/Import Parts Bin)
Save 40-60% on Parts for Range Rovers
Plus Free Shipping on orders over $50
Match or beat ANY price
(Select model year then click "Select Make: Rover Parts")
Classic Water Pump                                   $108.73
Classic O2 Sensors (Bosch, rewire plug)    $56.93 
Classic Viscous Fan Clutch                        $176.12
4.0/4.6 O2 Sensors (Re-use connector)       $58.43
4.0/4.6 ABS Accumulator                           $238
4.0/4.6 Rebuilt Steering Box                       $353
Customer Comments: "My order was just delivered about an hour ago! All of my Land Rover parts   were intact and in great shape. I will be doing my auto parts ordering from you all of the time now!"  "I would like to tell you that you are the most honest   people in this auto parts field, so please keep up the good work." 

Select parts group & model year,then Select Vehicle:
"Land Rover"(Not "Rover")
Guaranteed Lowest Prices 
(They offer to beat any lower price by 10%).
Free Shipping on Orders over $50. 
Classic Idle Air Bypass Valve (generic, search for 1989 Chevy Astro V6 fuel injection parts)                     $36.58
Fuel Pump (re-use original mounting)(Search for 1989 Chevy Cavalier V6 fuel pump)                               $37.46

Rebuilt Lucas Alternator (Classic)              $139
Rebuilt Lucas Starter Motors (Classic)       $157
Brake Pad set front plus rear (Classic)        $40
Monroe Shocks (Classic) set of 4                 $80 
Ignition Lead Set (Classic)                          $15.79
Rebuilt Power Steering Pump (4.0/4.6)       $182.75

On-line access to Checker, Schucks, Kragen and Advance Auto
Parts, with nearly $1.5B in inventory and 3,000 locations.
Search real-time inventory & purchase on-line.
Home delivery or pick up at local store.
Exchange or return at local store
Low price guarantee.

Classic Ignition Coil                                                 $21.99
Classic top Radiator Hose
(enter E71029 in search box)                                    $6.79
Transmission Filter Kit                                             $15.99

Guaranteed highest quality & perfect fit. Unlimited lifetime warranty,  quality & fit guarantee. "I was very impressed. Everything fit perfectly, and your radiator is better built, with better materials, and higher capacity than the original
Example: 87-88 RR Radiator                      $439

Will Tillery

Plug & Play O2 sensors for Classic $95
(Free Shipping)


Strutmasters: Air Suspension Alternatives
Air spring bellows, and coil conversion kits. Example: Range Rover front bellows $79. Their goal is to help you repair your air suspension at affordable prices. This may seem unbelievable to long-suiffering Range Rover owners who are used to frequent and expensive air spring replacement, but their parts have a lifetime warranty!!!
New: Shipping hub in California
, with 1-2 day shiping in California and 2-3 day shiping for the rest of the west coast.

British Parts of Utah: (formerly The Rover Connection) Genuine parts at amazing prices; Aftermarket parts when Genuine are too expensive. Examples: Water Pump $99, free shipping for Rangerovers.net vosotors!
Brand new Alternators: Classic STC1753A $170; 4.0/4.6 (95-98) AMR2938A  $295 (no core charge)

Arnott Industries: The leaders in Air Spring replacement components. Arnott has been making them for Ford, Cadillac, etc for years. And, the owner drives a Range Rover! Thay are constantly developing better replacement bladders and complete air springs for Range Rovers, at prices far below the genuine parts. Examples: Replacement bellows (Classic and 4.0/4.6): $89 front, $105 rear. New second-generation crimped complete air spring assemblies (4.0/4.6): $205 a pair (front), $358 a pair (rear).  
 All parts carry a lifetime warranty!!


Buy Brand Name Replacement & Performance Parts

Search by make:





Introduction: How this Page Originated

Genuine Range Rover parts are generally expensive compared with those of lesser vehicles, especially in the US. However, many of the mechanical and electrical parts are shared with other vehicles, and even the Rover V8 engine itself was originally developed by Buick. Thus, if you know what you are looking for, many items that will fit Range Rovers can be obtained under different part numbers from regular US auto parts suppliers.


With significant help from various Land Rover internet lists, private emails, personal experience, and many other Range Rover owners who have written in with their experiences, I have assembled the following examples of parts from other vehicles or generic suppliers that will work on a Range Rover. Meanwhile, the supply and cost of many genuine and OEM Rover parts and accessories has been improved by competition independent Rover parts houses in the US. Their best offerings and deals are also included here. In compiling this page over the years, I have personally searched a wide variety of internet and mail order sources, and enlisted the help of countless Range Rover owners who have kindly written in with their findings. Collectively, we have assembled the information on these pages about easily available aftermarket parts.


I would like to express special thanks to Kevin Kelly for his help in this endeavour, especially in getting it started. Kevin, like me, is generally a fan of Land Rover genuine parts, but we both agree that sometimes their prices are just too ridiculous (like the $5 that dealers used to charge for the brass washer  -- sold with the oil filter -- for the oil drain plug!!). 

Naturally, I can make no promises or guarantees about the listings, but hope you will find what you are looking for. If you have experiences with finding generic or aftermarket parts for your Range Rover.

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Classic Range Rover

Parts From Other Vehicles or Common US Sources
The collected results of research by Range Rover Owners
Air Conditioning
Axles & Drivetrain
Body Parts

Braking System
Cooling System
Door and Seat Controls

Engine Mechanicals
Exhaust System
Fuel Injection System (EFI)
Fuel Delivery System

Ignition System
Sealants (Hylomar etc)
Stereo System
Steering System

Transfer Case
Wheel Bearings

Summary of best deals found to date on RR Classic parts

Air Conditioning
The Range Rover Classic air conditioning system was added on as an afterthought, and employs standard Sanden parts which are used on many other vehicles; I found that any automotive air conditioning shop could do repairs on it. To convert the air conditioning system to CFC-Free refrigerant, see the Refrigerant Conversion Kits section below and the complete details on the A/C Upgrade page.


The Range Rover A/C compressor is the Sanden 709 style. David Sparkes reports that it can be replaced with a Sanden model 4719.  He recommends visiting the Sanden website at http://www.sanden.com/lib/drawings/7819/body.html for more information. Another good source of information is http://www.compressor-intl.com. Grant Rourke was able to source one for his 1990 RR from a Sanden retailer in Texas who told him it was a Land Rover proprietary model that they could not sell, but could "build" the same thing using one model compressor and one model clutch. They did this for him and the total cost was only $220.

Of course the easier route is to get a replacement from a Rover aftermarket parts supplier, The lowest price I have seen for a brand new OEM compressor is  $499  at Atlantic British. Rebuilt compressors are another alternative --Ready-Aire brand remanufactured complete compressor and clutch assemblies are available and ready to ship in 24 hours at Kragen, Schucks, Checker, Advance Auto Parts etc through partsamerica.com (click on "shop by category -- replacement parts") for $368.99.  The Rover Connection has them for $255. 

 Dave Brown noted his compressor is the "QC" head type. (Land Rovers also use an "MB" head)  This is displayed in raised letters on the rear end of the compressor (wipe off the grime and use a mirror to read it). This means that the Sanden 4708 (SD7H15) would work. This is a Sanden "709" style compressor. He found a new compressor that was "liquidation stock" and therefore had no warranty, for $176 at www.aircomponents.com. It was new, in a sealed box, and had the "older" style clutch instead of the "three eye" type. However Dave's old style clutch has never quit after 13 years. The new compressor had PAG oil in it, and a "Freon 134a" sticker on the box. Larry Michelon found a company called AMC in Florida who rebuilt his compressor for him for under $200, although he had to pay to ship it there and back and wait for the rebuild. . They also filled the compressor with Ester oil so it is R-12 and R-134a compatible.

Aftermarket replacements for the receiver/drier for the Range Rover A/C system are now available. The best prices I have seen (April 2004) are at Atlantic British for $49.95 and $49.37 from Speedycarparts.com.

Refrigerant Conversion Kits:
AutoPartsGIANT.com has a Conversion Kit (R12 To R134a) complete with Pag Oil or Ester Oil for the Sanden SD709 Compressor for $32, or without the oil for $17. These parts can be easily found on their site by clicking on "air conditioning" and choosing vehicle make "Land Rover" and your model year.

See also the Air Conditioning Upgrade section for more information on converting to CFC-free refrigerants.


The Range Rover air conditioning thermostat is a frequent culprit of a/c problems. I had to replace mine twice. Reduced cost aftermarket versions are available from Atlantic British for about $95. If this seems expendsive, even the lowest coast aftermarket/generic sources I have checked such as Speedycarparts.com charge $139.95.

Axles & Drivetrain
CV Joints:
I found replacement Range Rover CV joints for pre-ABS models for $220 from Atlantic British for the suffix A axles (23 splines on the bearing side) and about $280 for suffix B axles (31 splines on the bearing side) from either Atlantic British or Speedycarparts.com. (For models with ABS (1990 onwards), CV joints are $399.95 from Atlantic British and $323 with free shipping from Auto Parts Warehouse (April 2004).

Pinion Seal:
The Range Rover differential pinion seal is a comon leaker; new ones are fairly expensive but I recently found them for only $15 at Auto Parts Warehouse.


U Joints:
Derek Brennan reports: Symptoms of failing U-Joints are high pitched squealing/ squeaking sounds coming from front passenger footwell, and drivetrain vibrations when accelerating from a stop on uneven surfaces. Replacement aftermarket U joints cost $60 each from Land Rover aftermarket suppliers. The OVLR site states that whereas UK and rest of world models without catalytic converters use Precision 369 or equivalent u-joints, the ones on North American and other cat-equipped models are Precision 344 or equivalent -- the same as on a 1993 Volvo 240. This part also cross-references to PDQ1-0005 and Neapco 1-0005 -- the only difference is that the latter have the grease nipple in one of the bearing caps instead of in the middle of the "U" -- this makes no difference to function. Chris Wilson and Ron Beckett in Australia found that the U joints are the same as used on Australian Ford Falcons (not North American ones) and on the Volvo 240. The aftermarket part number used there is K5L4R. Derek found that Speedycarparts.com lists the correct U-Joint for $17.00 each, while Atlantic British and Rover’s North ask nearly $60 each. Derek purchased his at NAPA for $21 each plus tax.  Partsamerica.com has another equivalent (GMB part number 2201100) for $11.99. I recently (December 2004) found U-joints said to fit the Range Rover Classic for $5.82 each at AutoPartsGIANT.com.


Body Parts

Aftermarket sources for Range Rover body parts are few and far between. For used parts, the wreckers are a good source.  For links to other wreckers who are known to have had Range Rovers at one time or another see this link.  I am starting a list below of best deals on new parts found to date.

Bumpers & Mounting Hardware:
I managed to destroy a bumper on my Classic at least once, and I remember the body shop being surprised at how expensive they were in those days. Now, the price has come down considerably and I recently discovered (October 3004) that Atlantic British has complete new bumpers and the ancillary fittings for very inexpensive prices. For example, They have the rear bumper for $179 and the front for $199, and the bumper to frame mounting brackets are $19.95 to $24.95 each. They also have the end caps (see below), the brackets and clips that hold these on, all for pocket change. In addition, they stock complete bumper fixings kits and the seal between the rear bumper and the body.

Bumper End Caps:
I have yet to find a really inexpensive source for these items which are always getting knocked off and lost on off road excursions. Aftermarket ones are now available, and currently (as of October 2004) Atlantic British is the cheapest source I can find for the front ones, at $67.95 each. Martin Tuip got some used ones for cheap at a wreckers -- this might be another way to go although I imagine these items would often be destroyed in wrecks or scavenged early on!

Door Handles:
Greg Olma found door handles available at D.A.P. Enterprises for $44 each. (The genuine ones cost $114 at the dealer).

Door Lock Actuators:
The lowest price I have seen for "plug and play" replacements is $98 at Auto Parts Warehouse.


The Range Rover grille can easily be damaged in minor collisions or brushes with trees etc. The replacement part retails for about $218 but is available for about $190 at most Rover mail order parts houses. Recently, however, I came across an extremely low price for this part ($102.46!) at Perfect Auto Parts. Then I found the same price is available at AutoPartsGIANT.com!

Mud Flaps:
The Genuine Range Rover mud flaps are pretty expensive -- and even aftermarket ones are $130 for a pair from Atlantic British. Recently I found look-alike replacements made in Great Britain for $26 each at Auto Parts Warehouse.

Rear View Mirror:
Paul Smail of Annapolis MD reports "I have twice replaced the auto-dimming mirror in my Range Rover. A couple of years ago I purchased a comparable replacement directly from Donnelly (OE manufacturer) after being quoted nearly $700 for a genuine replacement. The ersatz replacement cost around $250 and was supposedly better constructed, using some sort of gel photochromic matrix rather than the liquid in the original mirror, plus it had a nifty compass! Notwithstanding this new technology, the replacement mirror waited just until it was out of warrantly to fail. Have since purchased a genuine parts replacement from The Rover Connection out in Utah for a price comparable to that of a Magna-Donnelly replacement. The Rover Connection also have mirrors for other model Land Rovers in the $250 price range.


Sunroof Parts:
Cor Westerduin reports that the metal sunroof panel is from a BMW 5 series, so if you need to replace the rubber gasket it can be had much cheaper if you ask for a set off a BMW. Ed Smith reports that the entire sunroof on the models with the metal sunroof (87-90) is from the BMW, so the cables, motor and other parts should fit perfectly too. However, Rich Gingrich tried a set of seals from a BMW 530 on his 1990 RR and it did not fit -- but found the correct one is a 1985-90 BMW 535 gasket set. Rich reports that AutoPartsGIANT.com has the best price.

Tailgate Handle:
The genuine Range Rover rear upper tailgate handle is about $120, but a replacement for the complete assembly is available from Auto Parts Warehouse for $85 with free shipping. To find it on their site, select your model year and "Rover Parts", and go to Body Mechanical and Trim and click on "Door Handle Assembly".

Tailgate (Upper):
The upper tailgate is notorious for corroding out over time. The Tailgate Repair Page has information on othe various options for dealing with corrosion in this area. I rcently found (Nov 2008) that the upper tailgate is still available from Atlantic British for $899 (1988-89 models). 


Window Motor:
The prices for genuine Range Rover window motors are staggering. Even at aftermarket houses like Atlantic British they are about $240. I was amazed to find Bosch replacements at Auto Parts Warehouse for half this price -- $122. (They are listed in their "body mechanical and trim" section for your Rover model year).

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Braking System

ABS Brake Pump
ABS Sensors
Brake Booster
Brake Light Switch
Brake Pads
Master Cylinder & Rebuild Kits
Pad Retaining Pins
Wear Sensors

ABS Accumulator:
This part of the ABS system introduced on Range Rovers in 1990 sits on top of the brake pump (see below) and maintains a reserve of pressure in the system that is good for a few applications of the brakes if the power fails etc.  Part number is  RTC6498 and it is available from Atlantic British for $269 (August 2010). The cheapest price I could find one when I recently needed one for my 1990 model was at British Pacific for $160. 


ABS Brake Pump:
The ABS system introduced on Range Rovers in 1990 is much more sophisticated than that on lesser vehicles, but requires some expensive componentry. The ABS brake pump which pressurizes the system is one of those $$$$ items that needs replacing every so often. There was a part change in mid 1993 so check which one yours is; part numbers are as follows.
1990-93 STC885
1993-95 STC1181 from VIN PA632719

I recently discovered (August 2010) that both these parts are still stocked by Atlantic British for $1,149.  Richard found a company (DynaTech Corporation North Hollywood, California 818-506-5186) that refurbishes these pumps (for 1990-94 models only) and got one for his 1990 Rover for about $500. I found that Invasion Auto Parts in Hollywood, CA rebuilds the pump for about $495 (plus $100 core charge) and got one from them in August 2010. Karl Sume from Sweden reports using a pressure switch form a Saab 9000 (88 to 91 model) without problems. (He reports the electric motor also looks the same but the housing is different). Try this at your own risk!!

ABS Sensors:
The ABS sensors on the different corners are officially different part numbers with different prices (unfortunately all in the $300+ range, although Atlantic British sells a bargain kit with both rear sensors for $469). Jeff Johnson reports that he believes that all the ABS wheel sensors are really the same, the only difference being in the cable on the different corners. "The two wire cable is very easy to make a good splice in so if I ever needed to buy a new sensor I would buy the one with the lowest price and splice it into the existing cable. There is a big difference in price between one and another because of the cable, it's just not worth the cost in my opinion. A good water tight splice can be made with heat shrink tubing and tape.  The cable used is a simple two wire cable with no shield or ground screen so it's quite easy to splice". 


Brake Booster/Servo:
The Vacuum Brake Booster/Servo Unit for pre-ABS Range Rover Classics (all models thru 1989 plus 1991 Hunters and 1992 non-County models) is $479 from Rovers North and $399.95 plus shipping from Atlantic British. Amazingly, the Lucas/Girling brand Range Rover Brake Booster is listed at Auto Parts Warehouse for $286 with free shipping. 

Brake Light Switch:
Larry Michelon reports that the following part numbers work for both the Classic Range Rover and the Discovery. It should work on all ABS models (4-wire).
Land Rover Part Number OEM Switch: AMR 2010
NAPA Part Number ECHSL352 $18.49


Brake Pads:
 John Benham  wrote some years back that NAPA carried the brake pads with sensors: NAPA Ray MS-7398 for rear. Scott Younker writes: "Your information just saved me at least a hundred bucks. I have some NAPA updated brake pad information for rigs with ABS. Front: #AE7401M Rear: #AE7399M. Costs about $75.00 for the set. After 2,000 miles... I am happy to say that they are holding up just fine. However, the pads DID NOT come with new pins and clips. Europarts sells the pin and clip sets for $11.00 for both front and rear, or the whole OME brake pad package (pads and clips etc) for $110.00". Autozone sells Raybestos brand pads for about $30 for front or rear sets. For later models with vented disks, they offer the Albany brand pads for $28 (front only). Taking a different perspective on the brake situation, Rich Lee has tried both aftermarket (Mintex) and Genuine pads front and rear on his Discovery, and much prefers the OEMs, despite the fact that they cost a lot more, probably don't last as long and may wear the rotors faster. They seem to grab better, fade less (though neither fade much) and definitely squeal less than the Mintex pads.


The lowest price I have seen for aftermarket Range Rover brake pads is $23.48 for KEM pads (front) and $16.66 (rear) from AutoPartsGIANT.com. The complete set (front and rear) adds up to $40.14!!  The same supplier lists half a dozen different options from other manufacturers.


Brake Pad Retaining Cotter Pins:
Greg Olma suggests “Go to a fastener supply house. I believe that a 5/32 dia. 3" long pin will do (this is from memory). Better yet, take an old one to compare. The ones I found are a little longer, which doesn't matter. The pins cost pennies”. For example, Auto Parts Warehouse sells a complete hardware kit including the cotter pins and retaining springs for $13 (front) and $8 (rear). To find the rear ones you have to click on "show all products" under the brake hardware kit category.

Master Cylinders & Rebuild Kits (Pre ABS):
The brake master cylinder used on non-ABS Range Rovers was made by Lockheed (RTC3658) to 1987, and later by Girling (NTC4991) from 1988 to 1992. The Lockheed unit is available for about $210 at from most aftermarket parts sources such as Rovers North or Atlantic British. The later Girling unit (1988-92 non-ABS, normally the more expensive of the two) costs $280-$330 at the usual mail order sources, plus shipping, but is listed for only $239 with free shipping at Auto Parts Warehouse. 


Genuine Range Rover brake rotors are about $130 each; aftermarket units are available from Atlantic British for $99.95 (vented) and $79.95 (unvented). Kevin Kelly replaced his with the respected Brembo brand aftermarket parts, upgrading his front ones to the vented design used on 91 and later RRs. They have given very satisfactory service.

The lowest price I have seen for the vented style front rotors (otherwise called discs) is the Brembo units at Auto Parts Warehouse) for $60 each (their unvented ones are $52).
The lowest price I have found for the regular (unvented) front rotors is $46.06 from AutoPartsGIANT.com.
The lowest price I have seen for the rear rotors (discs) is $45 for Brembo rotors from Auto Parts Warehouse. (select model year, "Rover" parts, Braking System, Discs, and click on "show all products".

Wear Sensors:
These items are extremely useful in alerting you when the pads are worn; I was disappointed to find they were omitted from the next Range Rover model (4.0/4.6/P38). I was amazed to find the entire wear sensor harness can be had form Atlantic British for only $39.95!!


Replacement Range Rover brake caliper assemblies are around $250-$350 each; shopping around the Rover parts specialist houses I found the pre-ABS front calipers for $339.95. and the rears for $259.95 each plus shipping. I found them available from Auto Parts Warehouse for $78 each (rear) and $118 (front) with free shipping. Select "Rover Parts", model year, brakes, calipers, and click on "show all products" to find the rear ones).  Greg Olma reports that separate parts for the calipers are available from DAP as follows: $6.50 for two pistons and $8.50 per seal kit (front).

Cooling System
Belt Tensioner Sealed Bearing
Coolant Expansionn Tank
Coolant Expansion Tank Cap
Coolant Level Sensor
Radiator Hoses
Temperature Gauge Sender
Viscous Fan Clutch
Water Pump


The Range Rover Classic (except for the last couole of years of priduction) uses 4 belts of 3 different sizes, and they need to be replaced regularly to avoid failures in the field. I was amazed to find generic versions of all the required belts for $3.99 each at partsamerica.com!!

Belt Tensioner Sealed Bearing:
On serpentine belt models the belt tensioner mechanism is a trouble point. If you don't need the whole assembly, Keith Armstrong found a generic replacement for the sealed idler pulley bearing only --
NAPA part number 6203-2RSA, or Federal Mogul  #203-FF.He reports: "You only need one and it was under $7. The pulley has a snap ring that retains the bearing and it is a friction fit but you don't need a press to remove and install the bearing, just careful use of a large hammer and a flat drift". Keith says this should fit all 3.9 and 4.2 models with a serpentine belt.

Coolant Expansion Tank:
The design for this changed to a plastic assembly in 1990. This later part for the '90-'95 RR Classic model years is now (2008) available from Atlantic British  (part number PCF101590) for only $44.95. 


Coolant Expansion Tank Cap:
I found two caps listed for the Classic by MotoRad (sold by Kragen stores); the T-16 (regular cap) and the ST-16 (safety cap). I also found a replacement at the Import Parts Bin for $5.90.  Kevin Kelly found that the cap (on which a worn out spring can lead to loss of coolant) can be replaced with a Stant brand lever-vent 16 psi cap that Wal-Mart sells. He says it is better than the factory cap (and costs a lot less).  To find the right one, look in their book for the Rover 3500 (which used the Rover V8 engine).


Coolant Level Sensor:
The Range Rover coolant level sensor is typically a $50 item from Rover parts suppliers, which fails regularly due to water getting into the magnetic reed switch connections and I repaired mine a couple of times rather than replacing it. Subsequently, Range Rover owners have discovered that the sensor from the Triumph TR6 is the same as the Range Rover part. Greg Olma, scouring the wreckers yards, found it is also the same as the ones used in the1988 - 1991 Saab 900 with 16v 4cyl, and the 1988 VW Golf with OHC 4 cyl. Kent Christensen tells us that a BMW coolant level sensor that fits 87-89 RRs (only) is BMW pn 61 31 1 375 715, intended for various mid-80's BMWs.  It was available from Bavarian Autosport  in NH for approx. $17 (before the dollar dropped). Since then, (October 2003), I found it is now listed under Rover parts for the appropriate model years at Auto Parts Warehouse for $16.99.


The 11-blade plastic fan for Classic Range Rovers normally costs $150 even from discount mail order suppliers. Michael Slade found an aftermarket replacement -- the Imperial Automotive Products 18 inch flex fan, part number 220618. It is the metal flex fan type of design, and bolts directly on to the viscous coupling (see below) with no modifications. Michael found it at Autozone for $24.99. I entered the 220618 part number in the "Search" box on the partsamerica.com site and found it there for $23.99. It has a lifetime warranty. (Also you can return it to any local Advance Auto, Checker, Schuck's, or Kragen store near you if you decide you don't like it). After a close shave with the original fan, Michael suggests replacing it at 150,000 miles to avoid having it shatter and bounce around breaking other expensive components. Update Feb 2005: This fan was tried by Andrea Christman on an 87 RR and found to hit the shroud.


The design of the Range Rover radiator underwent some changes in different model years -- the 87 and 88 models are cheaper and the 89-94 models with integral coolers for both engine and transmission oil are more expensive. The design was changed yet again in 1995. Even the ones for th less expensive years are not cheap,  but Greg Olma found even a quality recore job at a local shop cost $399. I have researched a number of sources of new radiators with the following results:

1987-88: For these model years the lowest price I have found lately (October 2003) is $403.98 (with free shipping thrown in) for an aftermarket version from Auto Parts Warehouse. I also discovered that Radiator.com also now provides aftermarket radiators for Range Rovers. Their philosophy is not to provide the cheapest parts, but to guarantee the highest quality and "plug and play" fitment. They have an unlimited lifetime warranty and a quality & fit guarantee. However, they seem to have changed their website recently to a format that is very difficult to use, so it is hard to find out their latest prices without calling them. 


1989-1994 (and "1995" LWBs made in 1994 but sold as 95's): The replacement for my 1989 model cost me over $800 from the dealer, back in 1996. These days the genuine part for 89-94 models is still nearly as expensive and has gone up in price again due to the declining dollar (it is $799 from Rovers North and $750 from The Rover Connection).However, some aftermarket replacements are now available.  Radiator.com have them for $725. Atlantic British has them for $680 plus shipping. The lowest price I have found lately (October 2003) is $474 for a new aftermarket radiator from The Rover Connection. Rebuilt units are slightly cheaper.

1995 Classic:  The replacement for the final year of the Classic (short wheelbase) is a different part again, and is the same as used on the Series I Discovery.  Aftermarket replacements are available at Atlantic British for $640. The lowest price I have found for this model is at Auto Parts Warehouse for $607 with free shipping.


Radiator Hoses:
Needing an emergency top radiator hose replacement, I found that one of the generic flexible Gates radiator hoses will work. Charles Irvin recently found a molded replacement at Kragen (partsamerica.com), part number E71029, which currently sells for $6.79. He notes that they DO NOT list this hose in their books or their computer, but it's exact in every way - even the curves are in all the right places. You can find it by searching for E71029 on their site. Aside from this obscure part, the best deal I have found so far on OEM top hoses (that you know will fit!) at the various Rover parts houses is $15.95 at Atlantic British.

The Bottom Radiator Hose is an expensive 3-way molded piece that used to cost over $50 from the dealer. There are also slight variations by model year. Aftermarket ones are now available for less. In 2008 I found the 1987-89 hose (NTC5632) at Atlantic British for $42, and the 1990-94 one (NTC7297) for only $29.95. The bottom hose for 95 models is yet another part (ESR1818), available from Atlantic for $39.95.

Complete Hose Kits: I discovered that Atlantic British has convenient complete kits at discount package prices including full sets of replacement radiator and heater hoses for the various model years for $67-$94 (2008 prices) depending on model year. 


Temperature Gauge Sender:
The sender on early 1989 and earlier RRs is the very expensive PRC6317,  with 5/8 x 18 UNF (Whitworth) thread. If you baulk at the official $50 tariff, Richard Atkinson  has found cheaper equivalents such as Unipart GTR110, Standard TS-233, Sorensen 38-5007, and Wells TU-141. After 1989 the part was changed to the PRC7918 with a M16x1.5 metric thread, and the cost went down to about $13 although the electrical resistance remained the same.


Kragen sells the MotoRad line of thermostats; their 7200-180 is the "normal temperature" part listed for Classic Range Rovers, and the 7200-160 for hot climates. In both cases the gasket is part number MG68. John Benham found that NAPA parts list a thermostat: (Superstat by Stant #530060, 160F, $9.00) for the Range Rover, as well as a number of hoses, belts, and tune up parts. Richard Atkinson notes that  aftermarket thermostats in the UK are characterized by their 'fully-open' temperature, while in the US, it's the temp at which they 'start to open'. Thus the closest equivalent US thermostat to the WaxStat 88C would be one that starts opening near (or below) 180F. Remember to instal the thermostat with the bleed hole at the top.


Viscous Fan Clutch:
1987-93 V-belt models: The genuine Range Rover fan clutch is $266 (Rovers North or The Rover Connection). Unfortunately nobody has come up with a really generic part for this. When I replaced mine on my Classic some years ago I was shocked to find it cost $249 even from mail order suppliers!  Update November 2008: I have subsequently found this unit at Auto Parts Warehouse for $160.95 including free shipping. I then found Atlantic British has this item (part number ETC1260) for only $139.99!!

1993-5 models with Serpentine Belt: Fredd reports that if you have a '95 Classic or Defender with the serpentine belt, you are lucky. "Go to Autozone and ask for the fan clutch for a 1998 Chevy Blazer, engine 4.3l V6 with a/c. Part number is : Regular duty 922744 : $ 59.99 Extreme duty 922786 (old #215158) : $66.99  -- this is the one recommended for LR use. It's a straight swap on the waterpump and the fan."

Water Pump:
A new Range Rover water pump (STC483) costs about $200 from a wide variety of sources. Jim Hall did the experiment for us of trying a 1961 Buick Skylark water pump he got for $38, reasoning that the Rover V8 should be the same as the Buick 215 V8 from which it was derived. Unfortunately the pump did not fit. Larry Michelon reported a few years ago that he found one that did the job at Pep Boys for $36! However recent searches for this deal have drawn a blank. Since the dollar's drop against other currencies all imported parts are more expensive, but Kragen, Schucks, Checker and Advance Auto Parts (accessible through partsamerica.com) can supply them for $153.99 (click on "shop by category -- replacement parts"). Auto Parts Warehouse has it (2008) for for $145 with free shipping.

The lowest price by far I have seen so far (November 2008) is a direct fit replacement  at both  Atlantic British and The Rover Connection for $99.99 for all Classics from 87 to 94. The Rover Connection also has the 1995 unit (STC4378A) for $89.

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Door and Seat Controls

Door Handles:
The Range Rover door handles are the same as the ones on the Morris Marina and the early ‘80s Lotus Esprit Turbo.


Door Latches:
These have a General Motors (GM) logo on them, but we do not know what GM models use them.


Power Lock Actuators:
The Range Rover power door lock actuators (and power rear glass lock actuator ‘89-’95) cost about $200 each and fail fairly often. Kevin Kelly found they can be replaced with generic power lock actuators available at most car stereo stores for ~$20.  It is also available for $6.39 from Parts Express Electronics and More (1-800-338-0531) as item number 330-010.

For those preferring the much greater ease of installation of "Plug and Play" units with the OEM fit and connectors, I have searched around the available sources and found the following lowest cost options:
Front left and Rear left & right actuator
$199.95 (Atlantic British); $181.38 (Auto Parts Warehouse) (click on body mechanical and trim, door lock actuator, show all products)

Front right actuator:  $98.01 (Auto Parts Warehouse) (click on body mechanical and trim, door lock actuator, show all products)

Tailgate actuator 1989-94:  $98.01 (Auto Parts Warehouse) (click on body mechanical and trim, door lock actuator, show all products)

Front left & right:  $189.95 (Atlantic British), $166.89 (Auto Parts Warehouse) (click on body mechanical & trim, door lock actuator, show all products)

Rear left & right:  $189.95 (Atlantic British), $157.82 (Auto Parts Warehouse) (click on body mechanical & trim, door lock actuator, show all products)

Tailgate actuator 1989-94: $98.01 (Auto Parts Warehouse) (click on body mechanical & trim, door lock actuator, show all products)
Front left:  $199.95 (Atlantic British)

Front right: and rear left & right: $116.34 (Auto Parts Warehouse) (do a part# search for AMR3382)

Power Seat Control Switches:
The power seat adjustment switches cost $125 each even at discount mail order suppliers, and fail often due to dirt ingress. They are adapted from Mercedes parts (Michael Slade reports that they are identical to those on his  '87 300TD), so Mercedes replacements can be used with minor modification -- although they are not inexpensive. Details of various other solutions for repairing and replacing these common failure items appear in our page on common problems and fixes. If you get tired of trying to fix yours, some time ago I found new Mercedes ones for $96 at Auto Parts Warehouse.

Door Switches (for Interior Lights)
Headlight Bulbs
Headlight Switch
Starter Motor
Windshield Washer/Wiper System


The alternator is a common failure item on high mileage Range Rovers; symptoms can include the ignition light coming on, tachometer failure, and intermittent misfiring. The Land Rover recommended replacement unit is a Magnetti Marelli, which cost $700 when I had to replace mine. Nowadays, brand new Marelli alternators are now available from  mail order suppliers like Auto Parts Warehouse for $370 with free shipping!

Of course, you can take your alternator to a rebuilder and maybe get away for $100 if you are lucky. Or if you are adventurous, you can try rebuilding it yourself -- see our pages on alternator rebuilding for Lucas and Bosch alternators. Another option is to convert to a more generic alternator. Kevin Kelly found you can get a Premiere  Power welder alternator and bracket about $300, or a Delco alternator with tach output and get a custom bracket made for a total of about $350. Granville Pool used the Delco solution. AJR reports that on V-belted Rangies the 89 Eagle Medallion Delco drops right onto the original mount and belts right up, with no need for a modified bracket. You may need an extended tensioner, but AJR ran his for over a year without and had no issues with the belt loosening. The electrical connections are the same except you need to add a wire to one of the diodes for a tach signal - and "that's literally 2 minutes with a soldering iron". Others have found that mounting various Delco alternatives requires changes to the mounting brackets -- for more details see the Delco alternator conversion page. It is also possible to convert to a generic Bosch alternator as used in many VW models, without the need for bracket changes -- see the Bosch alternator conversion page.

Rebuilt alternators are now available fairly inexpensively, making the trouble of converting to a more generic one less worthwhile. Kragen, Schucks, Checker, Advance Auto and CSK (all accessible through partsamerica.com) can supply a rebuilt Range Rover alternator for $144.99 and a rebuilt Bosch alternative for $313.99.  Auto Parts Warehouse lists a Bosch replacement alternator for $190 with free shipping.

The lowest price I have found for rebuilt alternators so far is from AutoPartsGIANT.com, who list a rebuilt one for $129.05 with free shipping. (They list the genuine Lucas unit rebuilt by the same people for $150, and a Bosch equivalent for $187). A close second is partsamerica.com (click on "shop by category -- replacement parts") with their rebuilt Autolite alternator for $144.99.


Brand New Alternators: The lowest price I have seen (April 2005) for brand new Classic Alternators (1987-92 models) is $170 at the The Rover Connection (no core charge or exchange necessary).

Door Switches (Activating Interior Lights):
Greg Olma reports that BMW and Saab have much better quality ones that will mate up perfectly with the RR. Saab uses a torx screw instead of the phillips head on the BMW and RR. These are easily available at a junkyard. Offer a buck for a handfull of switches and Steppers and sensors. They don't usually sell these and can't guarantee them so they're cheap (or free)! Junkyards crush a car after the big stuff is gone.


Headlight Bulbs:
Sylvania H6024, or upgrade to H6024XV. The upgrade to the Hella type H4 provides a dramatic lighting improvement. Mail order suppliers have these units for about $50 each.


Headlight Switch:
Jack Walter's headlight switch on his 91 Range Rover self destructed recently (small paddle switch on side of steering column). Dealer price was $60 for a replacement. Jack thought the part looked familiar, so he went to a friend's British car shop & got a switch for 1974 MGB, list price $22. The switch was identical except for the emblem on the interchangeable paddle cover. I recently (November 2008) found this part (PRC5425) at Auto Parts Warehouse for only $37.

The Range Rover has two horns, high and low tone (see horn replacement page). I once had to replace one of mine which failed due to ingress of dirt or mud. John Benham found that the stock high tone horn is a Mixo (now Valeo) TR99R - Valeo's part number is 479005 @ $35.00/ea from a local import auto parts outlet. I found the OEM Mixo horn, which seems to be made in France, at Auto Parts Warehouse for $30 for the high tone and $23 for the low tone units (see picture on the horn replacement page). Both horns are available from Atlantic British for $27.95 each.

Another option is to replace the original with one of the generic or "universal" horns commonly available in hi and lo tone models. For about $12 you can get a universal replacement from NAPA (part # 730-1054). For a more genuine sounding effecct,
partsamerica.com has a "European hi tone" Chieftain 30112 and a Chieftain "European lo tone", both in the $12 range. 


Many of the relays in the Range Rover are made by Bosch and can reportedly be ordered from independent auto part stores for far less than the same Bosch relay in the Land Rover packaging. For example, John Benham reports that most of the relays on the firewall are the same and can be replaced with Napa Echlin AR 272.  He was surprised to find that even the unusual sun roof stepper motor relay is carried by NAPA as the "Echlin AR284". The original is a SAR 9220 made for BMW, # 1 362 386.  The NAPA part also says SAR 9220 (no difference that John could see). In this case, John found the Land Rover dealer price for the "genuine" part was $128; BMW charged $57 and NAPA charged only $28. I found the $48 Fuel Injection Relay (Bosch) at Auto Parts Warehouse for only $7.21.


Starter Motor:
John Benham reports that rebuilt Range Rover starters are available from Schucks (special order). I checked their online arm (go to partsamerica.com -- "shop by category -- replacement parts") recently (also representing Kragen, Checker and Advance Auto Parts) and found they offer several alternatives, the least expensive of which is a Beck/Arnley rebuilt unit for $174.99 which ships within 24 hours to you or your local store. Reportedly, rebuilt Delco models can be obtained through NAPA stores (special order) for about  $200. Auto Parts Warehouse has brand new (not rebuilt) aftermarket starters in stock for $171 (free shipping).
The lowest price I have found for Range Rover starter motors is for Lucas starters rebuilt by Orange County Alternator, sold through AutoPartsGIANT.com for $157, with free shipping. Their core charge is very low too -- $50 compared to $65-100 at most vendors. Recently, (October 2003), The Rover Connection has been advertising a rebuilt starter for $145 plus shipping and a $100 core charge.

Windshield Washer/Wiper System:
I had to get a new windshield washer pump for my 89 Range Rover early on. More recently I have found this part for $39.95 at Atlantic British, and a replacement for $15 at ExpressAutoparts.com. (Select brand "Land Rover", and look in the "wiper" category).


For wipers, many buyers are shocked at the tarrif at the dealer. However, I found replacement wiper blades at ExpressAutoparts.com for $3.20 each.

Engine Mechanicals

Complete Engines:
New Range Rover engines, when available, cost many thousands of dollars. However I recently found that Roverland Parts has complete engines from crashed Rovers for bout $1,900. Complete from plenum to oil pan, they are guaranteed against oil leaks and excessive oil use, and have a full 90 day warranty. They perform the following operations on the engine before approving it for sale:
1) Test running the engine prior to dismantling the truck.
2) Removing the oil pan.
3) Cleaning the oil sump pickup.
4) Checking the main bearings.
5) Re-sealing the oil pan.
6) Removing the valve covers, cleaning and inspecting the heads.
7) Replacing and re-sealing the valve covers.
8) Capping all of the air sensitive openings.
9) Pressure washing and detailing the engine.

A number of years ago George Berka got a used engine from a rollover accident at Alpha Parts Exchange in Hayward, CA for $800. He put it in and was back on the road.

Camshafts & Rocker Assemblies:
Auto Parts Warehouse lists a huge array of engine parts including US made camshafts for $242 each with free shipping. A complete camshaft bearing set is $92 from the same supplier. (partsamerica.com has them even cheaper for only $72!). Auto Parts Warehouse has cam followers for $11 each and rocker arms for $7. The genuine rocker shaft is $189 from Rovers North; Auto Parts Warehouse lists a replacement for $78 with free shipping.


Engine Mounts:
These are common failure items; they are available from Auto Parts Warehouse for $26 each.


Import Parts Bin lists individual head gaskets for only $10; they also have comprehensive head gasket kits for $101.90. The intake manifold valley gasket is only $11.45 from the same source.

Main and Rod Bearings:
Import Parts Bin has a complete main bearing set for $75.
Rod bearing sets are $90 from Atlantic British, and $61 from Auto Parts Warehouse with free shipping.


Piston Rings:
These are $29 for each piston from Rovers North (ie $232 for a complete set) and $24.95 from Atlantic British. Auto Parts Warehouse stocks complete piston ring sets for $127 (ie $16 per piston).


Timing Chain:
The genuine timing chain costs about $80 from mail order houses such as Rovers North; Atlantic British lists one for $49.95. Auto Parts Warehouse has it for $36. The timing cover gasket needed if you are doing this job is $8.75 from the same supplier. 

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Exhaust System

Catalytic Converters:
The prices for genuine parts are truly staggering. The worst offender is the one piece front Y-pipe and catalytic convertors used in model years 1990-95 -- but nowadays aftermarket versions are finally available, and Rover parts specialists sell them for about $699.95. Cor Westerdruin found that a good muffler shop could weld in standard aftermarket cats, which he has used for years.

The lowest price I had seen til recently for the on-piece Y-pipe and catalytic convertors was at Auto Parts Warehouse for $467.72 (with free shipping, a not inconsiderable factor for such an extremely large and bulky item!).  Another aftermarket source is Discount Converters Ltd which also lists a similar-appearing replacement part for $399.95 plus shipping. Which one works out cheapest overall may depend on where you live and hence how much the shipping charges are. 

Aftermarket prices for direct fit replacements  vary considerably according to model year. Annoyingly, Rover went to a one-piece part for the center and rear mufflers and tailpipe from 1990 on -- but these can now be replaced with separate aftermarket units. The mail order houses seem to advocate switching to much more expensive stainless steel mufflers and exhaust systems, but I have had good luck with the genuine steel ones and aftermarket equivalents, which are much cheaper. The following are the best deals I have been able to find on aftermarket direct fit components.

Center Muffler 1987-88: I have not found this.
Center Muffler, 1989: $180 at Atlantic British, $135 at The Rover Connection.
Center Muffler 1990-95: This is $340 (stainless) at Atlantic British, $150 at The Rover Connection or $118 (free shipping) from Auto Parts Warehouse. They also have a modular system by Bosal that replaces the OEM center and rear muffler and piping with 3 pieces.
Rear Muffler and Tailpipe, 1987-88 $160 plus shipping from Atlantic British; $160 with free shipping from Auto Parts Warehouse
Rear muffler and tailpipe, 1989: $130 from Atlantic British
Rear muffler and tailpipe, 1990-95: $309.95 (stainless) from Atlantic British; $120 at The Rover Connection; $102.78 from Auto Parts Warehouse
Rear muffler only, 1990-95 (Bosal, part of 3 piece system to replace OEM one-piece center and rear muffler and tialpipe) $82 from Auto Parts Warehouse


Complete Exhaust Systems:
Systems sold as complete packages:
Perrone Ford checked into replacement exhaust systems and found the genuine system for his 91 model RR came in at $2800 complete. Researching aftermarket prices for cat-back systems (everything except the catalytic converters) he found Borla was $499-$799 and Falcon was $499-$599 for cat-back packages. Both of these brands are sold by Atlantic British. Northwest Performance is another brand of complete exhaust systems -- formerly independent, Chris Donald found the name is now owned by Rovers North who have them made by a custom exhaust supplier; information on them can now be found at this link.  


Using Generic Exhaust Parts:
Perrone Ford assembled an even cheaper solution, he bought individual aftermarket exhaust parts from Summit Racing for installation by any local welder or exhaust shop. He removed the resonator completely and replaced it with a stainless steel tailpipe costing $25.00.  He also ordered two CTO-6905  Universal Catalytic Converters from Summit Racing for $59.99 each, and a Flow Master FLO-42452 2.25 three-chamber muffler for $71.95.  Total parts cost including shipping was $214.88; local installation brought the total cost to $379.88. This did not include new exhaust pipe like the commercial systems, but Perrone's shop quoted $200 extra for the required custom bent pipe should it be needed. Perrone did find that the Flowmaster muffler is much louder than stock, and feels that choosing a milder version ($30-65) would quieten it down considerably. More information on his exhaust work can be found at this link on the Spanish Trail Rover Club website. 

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Air Filter
Charcoal Cannister Filter
Fuel Filter
Oil Filter
PCV Filter
Transmission Filter

Air Filter:
The genuine Range Rover air filter is about $20 (Rovers North).  FRAM lists the CA4235 ($13 at Kragen) for the Classic Range Rover. If you buy it on their website at partsamerica.com -- "shop by category -- replacement parts") it is a bit cheaper -- $9.49. John Benham found another Fram air filter, #CA6478, which he says is a hair tighter in inner diameter than stock but works perfectly well. The British "Crosland" replacement air filter element is available at Auto Parts Warehouse for $11.32. For those who wish to try the K&N re-usable filter system, the K&N part for Range Rovers is the E-2350.

The lowest price I have seen recently (October 03) is $8.95 for an aftermarket filter at Atlantic British.

Charcoal Cannister Filter:
ExpressAutoparts.com lists a Hastings VF1 for $1.89.


Fuel Filter:
The Range Rover fuel filter design changed in 1991, leading to some confusion. The earlier filter is a push fit into the fuel line tubing whereas the later style of filter is threaded on both ends. For my 1989 Classic, AutoPartsGIANT.com lists the Bosch filter for $10.22. For 1991 onwards, they list the FRAM replacement as FRAMPro series G3727DP, for $9.36 -- the lowest price I have seen so far. The listed NAPA replacement part is #3161 $21.99; (Land Rover Dealer price $17.65 -- ("the exception that proves the rule!" says Scott Dickinson.) Paul Hezseltine found the dealer filter was actually an AC GF481. He also found some more equivalents: Wix #33481, Purolator # F33144, AC GF481, or Motorcraft FG-851. Paul paid $12.95 for a Purolator from PepBoys.

The lowest price I have seen for the 1987-90 filter is at Auto Parts Warehouse which stocks Bosch replacements for $10.12
The lowest price I have seen for the 1991-on filter is at AutoPartsGIANT.com who sell a FRAM Pro series G3727DP for $10.22.Their price for the regular FRAM 3727 is $14.13, and I am not sure what the difference is. For those wishing to play it safe, Auto Parts Warehouse has the Bosch filter for $13.02.

Oil Filter:
The Rover V8 engine is known for losing the prime on the oil pump, so it is important to get a filter that incorporates an anti-drainback valve. Kevin Kelly and I always use genuine filters for safety (Kevin buys them by the dozen to get a discount). The genuine filters are apparently made by Wix (Wix filters are often sold as NAPA "Gold" parts, available at any NAPA parts store. The Fram filter listed for the 3.5 and 3.9 engines is the PH16, with the TG 16 and PG 16 also approved. Pennzoil lists their PZ34 for Range Rovers. Scott Dickinson  found the Fram filters for $2.99 at  Kragen. Kelly Minnick has used Fram PH-8 oil filters on his '87 and '91 RRs for years with no problems. John Benham has also found the Fram PH8A and PH16 work fine. Alex Schubow looked into various substitute oil filters at auto parts stores, finding that prices for Bosch are around $3-4, AC are around $3, Mobil-1 are around $5-6. Glenn Coffman uses Wix 51459 on his 91 RR, on the theory that these are twicce the size of the standard filter which he feels is good as the engine runs very dirty compated to others he has had (Chevys etc). He has also used the Fram  HP1 racing filter from Kragen wich is 50% larger than stock. (The normal price is $8.95 but you can often get it free if you buy a case of GTX). A great deal of information on different oil filters can be found at this link.

For those wishing to try the K&N re-usable filter system the K&N oil filter number is HP-2004.

PCV (Crankcase Air) Filter:
FRAM part number BA7346. Available at Kragen, Schucks, Checker, Advance Auto Parts etc for $2.59. (do a part number search on partsamerica.com). Another option is a Hastings Filter equivalent part #HV167 listed at ExpressAutoparts.com for $3.35 each. The FRAM  part# BA7346 is also listed for $2.02 at AutoPartsGIANT.com.

Transmission Filter:
The ZF automatic transmission shares at least some service parts with some Jaguar and BMW models, and aftermarket Rover parts houses sell a common filter kit including gasket and O-rings for about $60. Several years ago, Scott found the ZF tranny filter could be ordered at NAPA, part no. 0440282 $37.16 (pan gasket and 2 O-rings for tranny filter included). Dave Brown found the NAPA part had to be ordered, and it was $34. He discovered that BAP auto parts had a Bryco # 31844 for $24.99 that works. The box also had the number RTC-4653 on it. Bill Leacock used a Proformance #FK279 for $16 including tax from Advance Auto Parts (now available through partsamerica.com -- "shop by category -- replacement parts")..

More recently, prices have gone up due to the dollar's decline, but I found AutoPartsGIANT.com still lists a "filter only" for $3.41, a filter and gasket kit for $6.31 and the transmission in-line filter kit for $19.95. I have not tried these parts so am not sure of their fitness.

The lowest price I have found for what I can recognize as the complete Range Rover transmission filter kit with pan gasket and O-rings is $15.99 at partsamerica.com -- "shop by category -- replacement parts").

Fuel Delivery System

Fuel Filler Cap
Fuel Filter
Fuel Pressure Regulator
Fuel Pump
Fuel Pump Seal
Fuel Level Sender
Inertia Switch


Fuel Filler Cap:
Models up through 1990 use a steel filler cap, part #TKC39762. I found an aftermarket replacement that looks the same as stock at Auto Parts Warehouse for $30.96. If you are purchasing other items that get your order over $50, you will also get free shipping from them. If not, the lowest price I have found to date (October 2004) is at Atlantic British which has the OEM part for $29.95 plus shipping. I had to replace mine when the seal went; the least expensive solution would be to try replacing the seal only, which Atlantic British now makes available as a separate part for only $3.95!


For model years after 1990, a plastic filler cap was used (WLD100820). I recently found (November 2008) that Auto Parts Warehouse has a Eurospares replacement for this part  for only $10.95!

If you are willing to experiment, I found that Stant part number 11819 is listed as a replacement for the Range Rover Classic fuel cap. They also make a lockable version.

Fuel Filter:
The Range Rover fuel filter is fairly expensive, costing $25 even at discount sources such as The Rover Connection. The design changed in 1991, leading to some confusion. The earlier filter is a push fit into the fuel line tubing whereas the later style of filter is threaded on both ends. For my 1989 Classic, AutoPartsGIANT.com lists the Bosch filter for $10.22. For 1991 onwards, they list the FRAM replacement as FRAMPro series G3727DP, for $9.36 -- the lowest price I have seen so far. The listed NAPA replacement part is #3161 $21.99; (Land Rover Dealer price $17.65 -- ("the exception that proves the rule!" says Scott Dickinson.) Paul Hezseltine found the dealer filter was actually an AC GF481. He also found some more equivalents: Wix #33481, Purolator # F33144, AC GF481, or Motorcraft FG-851. Paul paid $12.95 for a Purolator from PepBoys.

The lowest price I have seen for the 1987-90 filter is at Auto Parts Warehouse which stocks Bosch replacements for $10.12

The lowest price I have seen for the 1991-on filter is at AutoPartsGIANT.com who sell a FRAM Pro series G3727DP for $10.22.Their price for the regular FRAM 3727 is $14.13, and I am not sure what the difference is. For those wishing to play it safe, Auto Parts Warehouse has the Bosch filter for $13.02.


Fuel Pressure Regulator:
From searching the parts houses for this part (ETC 8494), I found that the average price for an aftermarket replacement is about $135. The lowest price I have seen so far (October 2004)  is $114.95 at Atlantic British


Fuel Pump:

Direct Fit Replacements:
At about 100,000 miles the fuel pump is nearing the end of its useful life. Many people have tried substitute parts for this due to the high cost of the genuine pump (at least $340 at the dealer). The genuine pump and the direct fit aftermarket replacements are mounted in a frame that is designed to collapse and allow the pump to keep operating when the fuel tank is deformed (eg by getting hit on a rock).

Models up to 1990: For fuel injected Range Rovers up to 1990 (and the 1991 Great Divide model), the genuine pump is part #PRC8318, which is now $340. Even the aftermarket version from suppliers is now about $310. It was $273 with free shipping (April 2004) at Auto Parts Warehouse. This is for pre-1991 Range Rovers. They can also provide the sender unit separately for only $70.42. The lowest price I have found (as of 2008) for a direct fit replacement fuel pump for pre-1991 Classics (PRC8318) is $199 at Atlantic British.


1991-93: In 1991 the tank design was changed making the fuel pump assembly (PRC9409) different and more expensive, incorporating the pump and sender in one unit. This OEM "plug & play" replacement still costs well over $300 at all the suppliers i have checked except one; I recently (2008) found it at for $147 at Auto Parts Warehouse.


1994-5: Pumps for the later years are still over $300, but things get a bit complicated as the design varied according to whether advanced evaporative controls were fitted. Some of the pumps on the market such as one at Auto Parts Warehouse for $245 say they are only meant for 48 state use. Atlantic British specifies their PRC9409K kit (which includes a new seal ring, feed pipe nut & olive) for $349.95 for these model years, while The Rover Connection specifies the ESR3926 for only $220 (genuine) or $195 (aftermarket replacement)!

Generic Substitutes for Inside of Pump Only:
The generic substitutes described below replace only the inside of the pump -- the actual motor and pumping mechanism, and require some fitting and rewiring work.The following information applies to both early and late model Classics, which use the same pump motor. If you want a really cheap solution to your fuel pump woes, try rebuilding it yourself -- for about $2.50 --  using the step by step instructions on our Fuel Pump Access, Replacement and Rebuild page).

The lowest price I have seen for any of these generic substitutes is $37.46 for a rebuilt one by Python Injection at AutoPartsGIANT.com (search for 1989 Chevy Cavalier fuel pump). Auto Parts Warehouse actually has a Delphi one they recommend for Range Rovers (search under "Rover" and use a model year before 1992) for $65 with free shipping.

Background Research by Owners:
Alan DuBoff called around and confirmed that the genuine fuel pump (well over $300) includes the entire assembly, plugging right into the gas tank. For under half this price you can get a Carter unit, part number P74006, available at NAPA stores for $75 to replace the inside of the pump (wiring has to be modified, plug from existing pump can be used). Shaun Carrigan says RR/LR enthusiast Jackie Bookout of Athens, TN used this pump, which worked great on his 1988 Range Rover. According to Jackie, the flow rate and mounting are identical with OEM; he confirms that only the wiring needed modifying. He says: "Use your plug off your existing fuel pump. Cut the wires. Slide neoprene shrink sleeves over the wires. Solder the joints, slide the sleeves over the bare connections. Use a match or lighter to shrink fit the sleeves over the naked wire. (I would advise using a heat gun or hair dryer here instead of an open flame!! -- JB). Reinstall and you're ready to go." Michael Ziebel also did the fuel pump conversion using this part and the information from this site, and found the list price was $142 and dealer cost is $87. "Everything went okay, except it would have been nice if there was a fuel access door on the RRs' that would allow you to get to the fuel pump." Kevin replaced the pump and regulator for a total of $67 using parts from AutoZone (Same part number P74006). He advises, "Just remember to tie down the wires, and not leave them on the exhaust pipe like I did. That way you only replace it once!!!!"


Blair Gillespie repaired his fuel pump with a Master E3240 pump for $85 and a Master FS2 fuel screen for $10. I found this pump at partsamerica.com for $69.99 (enter part number E3240 in the search box).  Alan also found an Airtex fuel pump, #E3240, about the same price, which does not include the associated hardware.  I found a rebuilt one of these by Python Injection Inc for $37.46 at AutoPartsGIANT.com (look for a 1989 Chevy Cavalier V6 fuel pump). They have several equivalent pumps to choose from, including the Airtex unit for $59.50. 


Note: The Carter, Master and Airtex parts above are just the pump and do not include the hardware that go with it. In the Haynes shop manual there is a picture of the pump assembly; with the aftermarket parts you basically get the aluminum/steel tube which is the actual fuel pump. If you buy the above pumps you will have to use the old strainer and wiring harness.The OEM and dealer part, on the other hand, include the entire part, and plug right into the gas tank.


Borg Warner Fuel Pumps used on GM Vehicles: Pumps made for certain GM cars seem to fit the 87-90 RR, but I have received mixed reports on them, as follows:

Campfred wrote: GM part No. 462-23 is identical to the fuel pump for a 1988 RR. Charles Irvin was told that any pump from a Chevy Cavalier will work, because the dimensions are the same. A 1989 Cadillac Seville is also the same. Charles bought the following parts:
fuel pump:     Borg Warner model P42
fuel strainer:   Borg Warner model F5

Total cost with tax: $88.59. He had to modify the connectors, because the sizes were opposite that which the truck came with. This was no problem with his connector kit and crimper.


John Spencer, however, bought and installed a Borg Warner P42, but found the truck had a hard time starting with it. He checked the Land Rover service manual, which said you need 37 lbs of fuel pressure when cranking; the P42 only gave 22 lbs.  John then checked into the Airtex #E3240, calling their tech line, and found the specs on this pump do fit the bill.  The Airtex operates at 50 to 70 Lbs.  He installed one and the truck started quickly.


Alan Richer resolved this controversy when he talked with a Borg Warner engineer and found that the P42 only develops 37 psi max (at zero flow) so is not really sufficient for Range Rovers. He recommended the BW P39 which has approximately the same form factor but develops 75 psi. The only problem he had was that the one he got (a generic variant of the P39) had a connector on the top of the pump to attach the wires - rather than the spade lugs of the other pumps. Connecting it was no issue - getting it in the tank was. He ended up inserting the pump into the tank with the plug disconnected, then plugging it in with a pair of needlenose pliers when inserted. Alan reports that once in it was as happy as a clam, though - works great.


R.J. Galati also used the Borg Warner P39, purchased at PepBoys for 70 bucks (including tax). He says it is listed as a Chevy part on their system and has metal impellor blades versus plastic found on the original. The only real adjustment was in the electrical - Positive and Negative contacts are reversed in blade side requiring me to use the wiring included in the Borg Warner kit. Anyway, the pump was inserted into the existing Sender/Bucket unit and reinstalled. The Rover runs better than before - more umph! His procedure on his 94 RR is pictured on our Fuel Pump Access, Replacement and Rebuild page.


Ron Beckett reports that Australian, New Zealand and other owners who have access to the Holden (the GM brand down under), the fuel pump from a Holden Commodore VN-VP model is almost identical to the Rangie part, even down to the flexible filter.  It fitted the bracketry and that odd little box thing on the output side perfectly.  As with others mentioned above, what is different is that the Holden part uses a connector plug so one has to solder the wiring to the pins.

Cor Westerduin has looked into the GM equivalents and reports that he has been using an AC Delco EP 376 pump on his 1990 Range Rover. He has found out after talking to tech support at Airtex that this crosses over to a E3270 (specs: 50-60 gall/h and 80-90 psi deadhead pressure), Borg Warner cross over is P171E (specs: 36-40 gal/h and 65 psi) all 3 use a GM style plug connection (BW part # FP51). Airtex is sold by Auto Zone under the Master name.


Fuel Pump Seal:
This seal between the fuel pump and the tank should be replaced when you replace the pump. I have seen it priced anywhere up to $12; Auto Parts Warehouse has an aftermarket replacement for $3.68.


Fuel Level Sender Unit:
On models up through 1990, the sender unit is a separate part. I found it Auto Parts Warehouse for $76.91.

Inertia Switch (Fuel Cutoff):
I found a replacement for this item at ExpressAutoparts.com for $57.79.

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Fuel Injection System
Air Flow Meter
Computer Code Readout Tools
Coolant Temperature Sensor
EFI Parts, Rebuilt
Engine Management Computers
Fuel Injectors
Idle Air Bypass Valve (Stepper Motor)
Mass Airflow Sensor
Oxygen Sensors
Throttle Position Sensor
Water Temperature Sensor


Air Flow Meter / Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF Sensor):
This $600 component is the most vital part of the fuel injection system as it measures the volume of air flowing into the engine to determine how much fuel to inject. One symptom of its malfunction is an overly rich mixture causing low gas mileage. Genuine part number is ERR5198. I found it at Atlantic British for $659.95. The lowest price I have seen for an aftermarket replacement was at  Auto Parts Warehouse who have them in stock for $624.


Computer Code Readout Tool:
An aftermarket Computer Readout Tool to access the EFI fault codes on earlier RR's (pre 1990) without the code window is available for $249 plus $8 shipping from John Grable at CarComp Inc, (812) 876 8081.

Coolant Temperature Sensor
Greg Olma noticed that Saab 900 and VW Golfs from the late '80s had an identicle looking sensor and plug. Greg's plug was cracked, so he pulled a Saab and a VW set up and Voila! it worked perfectly,  No stalling and tough starting when cold again.

Car Electronic Services rebuilds Range Rover ECUs and is a useful source of failure symptom info as well.


EFI Parts, Rebuilt:
Richard Keys of ATP Electronic Developments Ltd reports having a huge range of remanufactured electronic fuel injection parts available for Range Rovers.


Engine Management Computers:
Dave Brown has found several brands of aftermarket engine management computers, including Haltech, Motec, Electromotive, Fel-ro, Accel, and SDS. They are priced from just over $1000 US to over $5000 US, and vary from only fuel management, to complete engine management with control of ignition timing, spark duration, etc. They replace the factory ECU and come complete with a wiring harness. For more details, see Repair and Upgrade Operations.


Fuel Injectors:
The usual retail prices of these have gone up to well over $100 each lately. However as of July 2005 I found they are available from Atlantic British for $99 each (all Classic models), or $599 per set of 8 (ie equivalent to $75 each). Note: at one source I saw part number ERR722 specified for 1991 onwards, and a different part, ETC6264 for 1987-90.

The lowest price I could find for individual injectors on a recent search (July 2005) was $77 (with free shipping) for Bosch replacements  from Auto Parts Warehouse. If you are willing to try rebuilt ones, AutoPartsGIANT.com had them for the 91 and up models for $43. However I recently discovered that Five 0 Fuel Injector Specialists have brand new warrantied OEM Bosch injectors for all RR models for $280 per set of 8 -- equivalent to about $35 each!! At these prices they do not sell them individually, just in sets. David Giller reports he got a set from them and they arrived in two days -- installing them completely cured his 1998 4.6 hard starting problem.


Idle Air Bypass Valve (ETC6660):
The genuine Range Rover Idle Air Bypass valve (now fetching rather heady prices as the dollar has declined in value) has long been available for less than dealer prices from aftermarket sources; as of November 2003 it can be had for $169.95 plus shipping at Atlantic British, or $167.79 with free shipping at Auto Parts Warehouse. The Rover Connection now has an aftermarket one for $110. The lowest price I have found recently (November 2003) for the generic replacement (described below) is at AutoPartsGIANT.com for $36.58!! (search for fuel injection parts, 1989 Chevy Astro V6 -- subcategory idle speed control parts).


If you are interested in experimenting a bit, cheaper alternatives can be tried, at considerably lower cost than the genuine part or those sold by the traditional Rover aftermarket suppliers. Salvador, of Baja Rovers, Mexico, found that as we suspected the idle air bypass valve/stepper motor is indeed a GM part #25527077. He found the Napa part number is 2-1738. Phil Tetzlaff reports finding this part at his Boulder Colorado NAPA store, but later exchanged it for one manufactured by AC Delco, part number 217-437.  It appeared to be of higher quality (in casting density and spring strength) than the Napa brand part, and indeed appeared to be exactly the same as the Land Rover part. The final kicker was that while the "genuine" Land Rover part is well over $150, the Napa part cost was $51.99, and the AC Delco only $38.51!" (However, prices have gone up considerably since then due to the fall in the dollar). Greg Olma suggests “Go to a junkyard and take your pick from GM 4 and 6cyl. I use PB'laster to clean em.” Richard Atkinson reports that this is perhaps the most popular GM idle air motor, and is eqiivalent to AC Delco part number 73312A, He says it also crosses to AC 17085051, 17086051 and 1717111288, amongst others, which were fitted to almost all 3.1L V6 from '90 - 95, '85 - '86 2.8L V6, as fitted to Cavalier and Celebrity, '85 -'92 5.0L and 5.7L V8 Camaro, etc. etc.


I have recently done more research into this mysterious part. Searching the NAPA parts directory, I did not find this genuine AC-Delco part, but they had an equivalent off-brand "Mileage Plus Fuel Idle Air Control Valve" part number MPF31738 for about $40 at Napaonline.com. (Glenn Coffman went to NAPA recently (June 2004) and they gave him a P/N 2-1736 for his 91 RR for $57). I found they had an alternative matching Echlin part number CRB21738 for $52.99 (a better known brand).  I also discovered that the GM Part number 25527077 is the AC-Delco part number 217-437. Various internet GM parts sources sell it for around $50.

The lowest price I have found recently (November 2003) was at AutoPartsGIANT.com for $36.58!! (search for fuel injection parts, 1989 Chevy Astro V6 -- subcategory idle speed control parts).

Cory Novak found that partsamerica.com & sister store Advance Auto have the Idle Air Bypass Valve for $27.99 in stock most of the time it is GP Sorensen 779-10003 & item number 5012678.


Oxygen Sensors:
The correct O2 sensors for the RR can be found on the manufacturer's website, NGK -- at www.ngk.com. Other off brand replacements can be found less expensively, often requiring splicing wires into the OEM connector. Sarvan Singh  got an Oxygen Sensor at British Motorsports (new) for about $120.  He had to splice the wires but it works fine. John Benham  replaced the O2 sensors on his 89RR with Nissan part number 22690-88G01. He found it identical to the Rover's except the plug is different.  He cut off and used the original Rover plug and soldered the red, white, and black wires accordingly.  The only problem was the wires appeared to be stainless steel and he had to use a lot of heat for the solder to flow.  He used shrink wrap to insulate and cover the solder joints. Kelly Minnick also tried this solution using the same part number; he got his O2 sensors from http://www.nissanautoparts.com (800-725-7911 -- you have to call or email them for a price quote). Kelly's cost was $60.56 each or $128.62 for 2 including shipping. The cables were 69" long, compared with 16.5" on the stock unit, so had to be cut. He reports that using acid flux on the wires (the type prescribed for copper pipes), then scrubbing with dish soap/baking soda, considerably helps the soldering when attaching the wires to the Rover connector. John Wessels feels a very good crimp connection would be a fine alternative to soldering. Kevin Kelly has never had good luck soldering stainless steel wire (attempts at stove repairs) so called around and found some Land Rover O2 sensors (with the Land Rover plugs so he didn't have to solder)  for about $40 more than the generic ones. James Howard found that the Bosch ones he got from NAPA for $69.95 with a 13021 part number had "NTK" stamped on them. According to one source, NTK Ceramics are the only company that makes O2 sensors in the size Rover and Nissan use, so get whatever are the cheapest ones you find!  Rob Kerner and I found the above oxygen sensors are available from The Parts Bin (otherwise known as the Import Parts Bin or now (2003) Auto Parts Warehouse) as follows: Nissan Part Number 22690-88G01 (Oxygen Sensor w/ connector -- as used by John Benham and Kelly Minnick) or 24005 NTK Oxygen Sensor by NGK $63.93. Nissan Part Number 22690-61A00: Oxygen Sensor with plug: equiv Bosch 13021 as used by James Howard: Auto Parts Warehouse price $56.93. This part appears to have shorter leads too so does not need to be shortened. (A part number search for "13021" on Auto Parts Warehouse finds it).


The Lowest Price I have been able to find for Range Rover oxygen sensors that you can rewire for the Rover plug is the Bosch 13021 part at Auto Parts Warehouse for $56.93, with free shipping. (Do a part number search for "13021" on Auto Parts Warehouse to find this part and price).


Another excellent source is automedicsupply.com, which specializes in oxygen sensors as its main business. (Click on year and make "Land Rover"). They offer a performance guarantee,  and stocks both "universal" ones that you rewire as above (they include a kit to splice the connector from your original sensor onto the new sensor) and direct-fit "plug and play" versions with the OEM connector. They charge $74.99 for the universal version with wiring kit, and $94.99 plus shipping for the direct fit one with the factory connector.


Will Tillery found another source of "direct fit" O2 sensors that need no rewiring (direct "plug and play"). He uses them in his own shop with great success, and is now making them available to fellow Range Rover enthusiasts for $95 each, with free shipping. Will has kindly offered to help sponsor the RangeRovers.net website by donating a portion of the profits from sales to customers who come to him from the site. So, Email Will for more information.


Throttle Position Sensor:
Replacements can be obtained from Auto Parts Warehouse for $147.


Water Temperature Sensor
This sensor tells the ECU what temperature the engine is running at so it can adjust the mixture accordingly. I found it for $18 at Auto Parts Warehouse

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Ignition System

Distributor Assembly:
The Range Rover distributor is an expensive part -- 
Atlantic British has them for $740. Auto Parts Warehouse has them for slightly less -- $701 with free shipping. Interestingly, The Rover Connection lists the genuine part for only $575!

Distributor Baseplate and Pickup Coil:
The Range Rover distributor uses an electronic pickup coil instead of the old-fashioned mechanical contacts. The best deal I have seen on aftermarket versions of this unit is at
Auto Parts Warehouse
who offer it for $105.78 with free shipping.

Distributor Cap:
John Benham wrote that NAPA carries a suitable replacement for the Range Rover distributor cap and rotor - EP-78 and EP-72 respectively. The genuine distributor cap can be ordered from Atlantic British for $40 and the rotor for $35. Aftermarket caps can be found for around $27 at mail order suppliers. ExpressAutoparts.com has Beck/Arnley equivalents for $16.76. Note however that these cheaper caps have aluminum posts, and according to Glenn who recently used one  they do not last anywhere near as long as the good quality ones with brass posts. He found harder starting and significant buildup after only 13K miles, while the brass versions last at least 50K miles in is experience. He recommends the Niehoff  Ignition 416 available from  partsamerica.com for $33.

The lowest price I have seen is for the Beck Arnley replacement from AutoPartsGIANT.com for $13.50; they also list several other alternatives. However, see the caveat above about cheap distributor caps.

Distributor Rotor:
Aftermarket Range Rover distributor rotors can be found for $19.95 (Atlantic British), $9.83  (Auto Parts Warehouse), $8.14 (ExpressAutoparts.com) and $6.56 (AutoPartsGIANT.com).

Ignition Amplifier Module:
The Range Rover ignition amplifier module (STC1184) is a common cause of misfiring and ignition woes, and has traditionally been expensive to replace. In an acknowledgement of this being a weak link, failing due to engine heat, Land Rover in later yuears brought out a module relocation kit to get the amplifier away from the heat of the engine. As of 2008, Auto Parts Warehouse has the module for $148. After searching many sources, the lowest price I have seen by far for the amplifier module itself is at Atlantic British foronly $79 plus shipping! They also have the necessary link lead set (STC1212) for only $39.95.  FUrthermore, they still have the genuine relocation kit.


Ignition Coil:
A standard replacement Range Rover ignition coil costs $60 from The Rover Connection and $57.95 from Atlantic British. It is $49.19 at Auto Parts Warehouse.
Lower cost generic replacements are available, although some owners have reported problems with anythig other than the standard type. For example, Jon Santana reports: "I had replaced my LR coil with an Accel coil and the trouble began... I experienced intermittently rough idle, stutters at low RPM’s, right hand turns and uphill. Also, it had issues with hard starting after being run for any amount of time. Glad to report that the second I changed back to my old LR coil, the truck returned to running like a champ."

However if you would like to try some lower cost generic alternatives, ExpressAutoparts.com has a Standard brand replacement for $33; AutoPartsGIANT.com has one made by Standard Motor Products and another by KEM -- both listed at $29.02.

The lowest price I have seen is an aftermarket replacement by Niehoff for $21.99 at partsamerica.com -- click on "shop by category -- replacement parts".


Ignition Leads:
Some years ago, Scott Dickinson found a set of "high quality, guaranteed for life" ignition leads for $30 by ordering them through Pep Boys. Stock number was CH7846, SKU #8384106. Prices have gone up since then due to the dollar's decline but I recently found a set of Bosch ignition leads for the Classic Range Rover for $22 at Auto Parts Warehouse.


The lowest price I have found for Range Rover ignition leads is for a set by KEM for $15.79 from AutoPartsGIANT.com; they also list other options such as a Bosch set for $22.66.


In some cases, you might want to get the aftermarket parts because they are better (rather than cheaper) than stock. Larry Michelon found the stock blue leads to be prone to failure; deciding to buy the best wires he could find, he got some Magnecor 8.5mm wires designed for the Rover V8, and found they fit perfectly in the holders -- you can just "roll" them in. "They look pretty cool too". I recently found some Nology aftermarket lead sets at this link: Land Rover Range Rover V8 85-94 Nology HotWires. These have a built-in capacitor that is claimed to create an improved spark for faster, more complete combustion and a smog-legal increase in horsepower.

Ignition Key:
Larry Smith was looking for a replacement ignition key without the large plastic head. The local locksmith. did not have the correct "Range Rover" all metal blank; however, he cut one using an ILCO X184 B65 blank originally for a GM. Dale Desprey also got a local locksmith to make a spare key for under $5 using an Ilco blank with the numbers V073 on one side and X29 on the other. Dean Sonneborn had a key copy for his 90RR cut from a "ilco RV4 x239" blank. But, he warned, this is a large key blank measuring 3.5 inches long and dangles out of his key holder (but this does make it easy to find in the dark!)  Abel  Meza adds that the brand
name that he found was TAYLOR X29. His cost was $1.00 for the blank, plus whatever they will charge you to cut it (usually another  $2.00 since it's a double cut) instead of $7.95 at the dealer.


Spark Plugs:
Autolite lists their number 66 plugs for the Classic.
The lowest price I have seen lately for Range Rover spark plugs is a Bosch plug for $1.45 each from Auto Parts Warehouse; they also list a number of alternative options.


Vacuum Advance Unit:
Replacements are available from suppliers such as Atlantic British ($85).



The Range Rover Classic shop manual recommends a number of fluids and sealants that are not commonly available in North America. One such is Hylomar -- comparable to Permatex in the US. Larry Smith found the following convenient source for "Hylomar sealants and other fine automotive/industrial products":
Hy-Seal Trading (Now known as Disco-Tech Industries)
103 Bowser Ave.
North Vancouver, BC V7P 3H1
Tel: 604-985-8324
Toll-Free: 1-877-829-1050
Fax: 604-985-8380
Stereo System

The factory stereos on Range Rover Classics up to about 1991 were not really up to the standards expected of a luxury vehicle, and many owners replaced theirs with aftermarket units. One "plug and play" aftermarket stereo system for the Range Rover Classic, including a remote control and burl walnut trim, is sold by Atlantic British. For replacement speakers, Ian Stoba found that any standard 5 1/4 inch speaker will fit nicely in the door cutout.

For repairs of the factory stereo system, the best place I have found is
Roverville Radio Repair -- they use all genuine factory parts at a fraction of Dealer prices and Usual Repair price is $185 US, depending on the model unit you have. I have tried them myself, and found turnaround is a matter of a couple of days and the result is like brand new. Roverville - Radio also buy any Rover stereo equipment, CD changers, woofers, wiring harnesses, amps and speakers, in working or non-working condition with or without code. These units are then professionally tested & reconditioned like new and made available for sale. 

Steering System
Flexible Coupling:
Tjis is a common failure item (I know it failed early on in my Classic). The usual cost is around $30 , but I recently found that Atlantic British have it (part number NTC3486 for models up to mid 91 -- chassis number MA601606) for $27.99 and Auto Parts Warehouse has an equivalent for $23.95.

Steering Stabilizer:
The OEM Range Rover steering stabilizer (damper) costs $92 (NRC6474). Bilstein part number B36-0245 can be obtained for about $65. Another option is the Rancho 5403, 5405, or 5550. I found the latter at ExpressAutoparts.com for $28.


Swivel Pin Housing Plug:
This plug for checking the oil level is notoriously difficult to remove and replace due to the lack of clearance between it and the steering stop bolts. If yours is getting burred from excessive wrenching, John Barge suggests replacing it with any 1/8" BSP plug. Just be gentler with the new one; they don't need to be very tight.


Swivel Pin Lube:
This thick lubricant replaces the standard gear oil in the swivel pin housing, putting an end to leaking. It is available from Land Rover dealers, but I found it can now be ordered from Auto Parts Warehouse for $11.88 (listed as "Swivel Pin Lube" under "Steering").


Power Steering Box:
The Range Rover Classic power steering box is a notorious leaker. New boxes are about $900 to $1100 depending on source.  The part that usually fails is the input shaft seal; I found replacing it kept me going for several more years. A seal kit for this can be obtained from Auto Parts Warehouse for $37. Some years ago Eric Burr obtained a remanufactured power steering box in San Diego from Meridian Auto Parts (authorized rebuilder) with upgraded bushings in it for $299. Nowadays, Atlantic British sells a remanufactured unit for $749.95. Autopartsgiant has rebuilt ones for $487. They are only $353 (with free shipping) from Auto Parts Warehouse.

The lowest price I have seen recently (February 2003) for new steering boxes is at  Rovers North which now has them for $500 (and rebuilt ones for $257.75 plus shipping and a rather large $275 core charge).


Power Steering Pump:
The Range Rover power steering pump is available from The Rover Connection (rebuilt) for $325;  Auto Parts Warehouse for $310 with free shipping. However, If you take account of shipping costs, the best deal is $203 with free shipping and only $50 core charge from AutoPartsGIANT.com

Power Steering Fluid Reservoir:
Evan Brown discovered that the steering fluid reservoir on his 1990 Range Rover was identical to that from a 1988 Pontiac LeMans!!

Tie Rod Ends:
Larry Michelon found a tie rod end manufactured by Lemforder (spelt with those 2 dots over the "o") which fits the inner and outer ends. It carries a Land Rover part number RTC 5869. A few years ago Larry bought it from an import car parts shop  (BAP/GEON) for $26 and will fit the inner and outer ends. Randall Vancil obtained this part through Worldwide Auto Parts in San Diego (619)283-2381, under part number RTC5869X (same as OEM). It was a special order part but was available in 12 hours thanks to the supplier's local warehouse. The Rover dealer quoted him $52.95 ea for the genuine part. The Lemforder part numbers are M3010-43959 and M3010-50620 respectively (left and right hand threads). I recently found these at Auto Parts Warehouse for $33-34 (with free shipping if you are getting more than one).  Eric Stephens found them for $30-31 plus shipping at auto-parts-oem.com.

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Air Compressor (EAS Models)
I found the complete Classic air compressor assembly for $489 at Atlantic British. See the Air Compressor diagnosis and repair page for more details.

Bushings, Complete Kits:
You can either buy the suspension bushings separately as they wear out or take advantage of one of teh complete kits offered by some vendors. Aside from getting a break on the price, one addvantage of using a kit is that it generally includes replacements for the vital attachment nuts and bolts that really should be renewed at the same time. Rovers North sells complete front suspension bushing kits for 87-90 models for $129.95, and rear ones for models up to 1992 for $189.95. I used one of their kits and found it contained new bolts and nylok nuts for the chassis fixings as well as the usual bushing components. I recently obtained a complete stock rubber bushing kit for the front and rear suspension at Atlantic British for $149.95 (2010) including new nuts and bolts for the panhard rod bushings (which are the most likely ones to work loose in my experience) -- a pretty amazing bargain. I prefer the fantastic ride resulting from the original rubber bushings as included in these kits (and the individual bushing listings below), but some owners like to "upgrade" to harder riding but longer-lasting polyurethane bushings, readily available at extra cost from most vendors. Having driven off road with friends who used the "upgraded" bushings I can report you will leave them in the dust with the genuine ones, while they need a chiropractor when they get home!

Bushings, Panhard Rod:
Auto Parts Warehouse has aftermarket bushings for cheap -- eg their aftermarket Panhard Rod bushing ANR3410 is only $4.11 -- under half the cost of some suppliers!!

Bushings, Front Radius Arm:
Note: Ratings of the bushings connecting the front radius arm to the axle (2 required per radius arm) were softened on models which had sway bars (starting on some 1990 models, and 91-93 County). Some cost-cutting vendors may ignore these changes. After searching numerous sources the best deals I have found on the correct stock rubber bushings are as follows:

Front Radius Arm bushings, pre-swaybar models NTC6860 $13.95 each (4 required) (Atlantic British)
Front Radius Arm bushings, swaybar models NTC6781 no longer seem to be available but can use NTC6860 as above.
Front Radius Arm to Chassis Bushings (4 required for front suspension) NRC4514 $1.95 (Auto Parts Warehouse)

Bushings, Rear Suspension:
From my researches of multiple suppliers to date, the lowest cost sources for the individual stock rubber bushings are as follows:

Rear lower link bushing (link to axle
) NTC1772 -- average price $15 -- $8.01 each at
Auto Parts Warehouse (2 required)
Rear lower link bushing (link to chassis
) up to mid-92 (chassis # NA618112) (16mm ID) (
STC618) Atlantic British specifies NRC7491 $29.95 ea (2 req)
Rear lower link bushing (link to chassis
) NRC7491 Atlantic British $29.95 (2008). Mid 92 on was slightly different (20 mm inside diameter) but Atlantic British specifies the same bushing for all models
Rear upper
(A-Arm) bushings (2 required) NTC1773???

During the production years, the genuine Range Rover shocks (dampers) used to cost about $108 each for the front (part numbers STC3703 w/o swaybars, STC207 for later coil sprung models with swaybars) and $169 each for the rear (part numbers STC3941 for earlier models without swaybars, and STC208 for later models with them). In searching different suppliers (2008), I find that non-Land Rover specialist aftermarket suppliers tend to gloss over the differences between model years and offer the same shocks for all model years.

1987-90 models
(and some 91 and 92) without swaybars:  Individual front shocks (STC3703) are  $69.95 at Atlantic British. Individual rear shocks (STC3941) are $79 each for the Woodhead versions. (I was told by AB that Woodhead was the original manufacturer for Range Rover shocks. I also found from the same vendor an STC3704 for the rear for only $39.95. For genuine parts, I found a complete shock set at The Rover Connection for $260. Atlantic British also offers a kit with OEM Woodhead shocks for $119.95 a set for either front or rear, or a complete set of four for $229. Auto Parts Warehouse has various aftermarket options starting at $40 each.

1991-93 model years with coils and swaybars: Atlantic British offers the fronts (STC207) for $67 and the rears (STC3939) for $59, or  for a complete front and rear aftermarket shock kit for $149. Another part number I have seen for the fronts in this era was STC208.

1993-95 air suspension models: Atlantic British stocks the genuine front (STC 2830) and rear (STC2831) (or STC2833?) shocks at $109.95 each or aftermarket replacements for $59.85 each.  They can also supply a complete set of genuine shocks for these models for $319.95. 

Many folks prefer to try "upgraded" shocks to see if they can improve on the Range Rover's ride or handling. (In my opinion, the answer is they can improve the handling but not the ride!). Bilstein shocks can be obtained for around $80 each from Auto Parts Warehouse. The Bilstein part numbers are front: B46-0243, and rear: B46-0253. 

Generic Aftermarket Shocks: The lowest price I have seen recently (2008) for the coil spring model shocks is for the Monroe SensaTrac 37191 (front) and 37192 (rear) for $30 each at AutoPartsGIANT.com!!

Springs (Coil):
The superb long, soft coil springs on the Classic Range Rover up to 1992 (and 1993 County models) eventually sag and need replacing. The genuine ones are still expensive -- Rovers North has them for about $129 each. The stock springs are uneven lengths on the four corners, supposedly to level the vehicle when the driver is aboard. However in practice the vehicle often has a lean to the right, so a standard trick of owners is to use all left hand springs to even it up. This is what I did when I replaced mine with OEM springs from
Atlantic British, who later started offering a a complete spring kit using all left hand springs to level up the vehicle (their item # 9273) for $242.95. Their complete kit with the original, varied length springs is $269. These are all for the non-swaybar models. When swaybars were introduced, the rear springs were adjusted slightly in that constant rate rather than progressives were used. However some aftermarket suppliers do not bother with this fine distinction. Of course, many vendors try to convince owners to "upgrade" their springs to "heavy duty" units, but in my opinion this merely destroys the magic carpet ride that is part of the attraction of the Range Rover Classic. Listed here are the best finds I have managed to spot so far on these amazing stock springs.

Individual springs
-- best deals I have found on the superb OEM coil springs are as follows:
Right front 572315 (blue stripe) is the least expensive -- $49.95 at
Atlantic British
Left Front NRC4306 (blue/white stripe) $97.99 at 
Atlantic British
Right Rear  NRC8113 (pink & purple)(progressive/non-swaybar models) $104.95 at Atlantic British; NRC2119 (green) (swaybar models) NLA -- tell me if you find them!
Left Rear NTC3285 (green & pink) (progressive/non-swaybar) $104.95 at 
Atlantic British; NRC4305 (red/yellow) (swaybar models) NLA -- tell me if you find them!

Springs (Air):
With the introduction of air suspension on the LWB model in 1993, Range Rover owners gained a whole new set of parts to replace! (For more detailed info on air suspension operation, diagnosis and repair, see the air suspension pages). The genuine parts are still pretty expensive even from aftermarket suppliers; the best I have found lately (2008) for the genuine rear spring NTC9820 is $260 from
The Rover Connection, while the front one NTC9819 is also $260. However aftermarket versions are now available. Early on, Arnott Industries started supplying the front bellows only for $89 and the rear for $105 -- you re-use the top and bottom or the spring. Airbag Man in Australia supply the bellows  for $80 each, and can arrange export shipping to anywhere in the world. In the US, a new independent supplier has emerged, Strutmasters, who make and sell the front bellows for $79 and the rear ones for $95 (re-use top and bottom of spring). What is more unbelievable for Range Rover owners used to struggling with frequent replacements, these ones come with a lifetime warranty!!

Valve Block:
New EAS valve blocks are an $800 item. Usually, all that is wrong is air leaks via perished rubber O-rings inside the block.
See also the Valve Block Repair pages for more details.

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Transfer Case
Models up to 1988 used the gear-driven LT230 transfer case with a manual diff lock, while those from 89 on used the chain-driven Borg Warner transfer case with an automatic viscous locking differential.


Rebuilt transfer cases are nowadays available from independent parts houses for an average of $2,000 for the earlier model and $2,900 for the later Borg Warner model.


The ZF transmission used in Range Rovers is similar to that used in other European cars such as BMWs and Jaguars. Dwight Smith reports that this transmission was also used on 633 BMWs, some Volvos and Peugeots, and even some Ford Trucks in the 80's. However, Larry Michelon notes that although the ZF transmissions in the BMWs are similar, some of the internal parts are not the same. The ones used in the LR are different and......more expensive! He knows because he has had his rebuilt once. However, service parts for the Range Rover transmission seem to be the same as those for Jaguars and possibly others.

Rebuilt and Used Transmissions:
Rebuilt ZF 4HP22 hydraulic shift automatic transmissions for the Classic are now available from most independent Rover parts houses for about $3,500.
The very same ZF transmissions are used in many other vehicles, some transmission rebuilding and parts houses also have them. Dwight Smith found a very low cost generic source of the ZF 4hp22 and 24 -- Phoenix Remanufactured Transmissions. In November 2004 Dave Foster reported that he got one there for his 2001 Classic for $1,050. They have this tranny listed under Range Rover 1987-95. Phoenix is a major rebuilding and parts house, and all their remanufactured transmissions are dyno tested and warrantied. 



Transmission Filter Kits:
I have used generic parts for the filter kit (which has to be changed every 30,000 miles); this seems to be common to all. See the section on the transmission filter, above, to find inexpensive sources. 


Transmission Overhaul Kits:
For the more adventurous, a complete Range Rover transmission overhaul kit is available from ExpressAutoparts.com for only $38, containing  Gaskets; Seals; O'Rings; & Sealing Rings. A Master Repair Kit for $72 contains these items plus Friction and Steel Clutch Plates,
Oil Filter, Vacuum Modulator, Front Pump Bushing, and External Housing Bushing.

Wheel Bearings
Like many other parts, Range Rover wheel bearings are sold as expensive packages and the impression is given that they are unique. However,
Tom Joyner reported finding wheel bearings, Timken set#37 at the local parts store for $10 each. Keith Armstrong found this bearing set is made up of Timken #LM603049 and LM603011 (currently selling for $10.76 and $5.11 respectively at his local bearing house). Land Rover-packaged Timkens are about $30 or so per hub.
The lowest price I have found is at partsamerica.com which has several different options for bearing sets for as little as $9 per hub -- click on "shop by category -- replacement parts".


Some other Classic replacement parts (mainly bearings and seals) can be found at this link.


The Dealer as a Parts Source

One of the traditional benefits of owning any Land Rover model, including a Range Rover, is that any part for the vehicle can be obtained through the local dealer; as an extreme illustration, it is possible to put together a complete vehicle from available parts. When Land Rover re-entered the US market in 1987, the parts supply problem was addressed by utilizing Caterpillar's centralized parts warehousing and distribution system based in Tennessee. This allows the Range Rover owner to obtain almost any part, no matter how unusual, through a dealer overnight.


Dealer prices for parts are generally on the high side, but if you regularly buy parts from your local dealer you will find he is willing to give you a discount. In any case, you should be willing to pay a bit extra for the convenience of local shopping and the ability to get even obscure parts immediately without waiting for shipping or back ordering. And, don't forget you avoid shipping charges which can be substantial on heavy or bulky items that seem like bargains from mail order merchants. (On several recent major parts purchases I have found the dealer was able to beat the mail order price).You also find such conveniences as spark plugs already correctly gapped, etc. I have had to return some parts to mail order aftermarket suppliers, and find it much more likely that a part obtained from a dealer is the correct one.

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Genuine versus Aftermarket Parts, and Merits of Different Sources

This is a controversy which will probably never have a definitive conclusion. Even the terms are confusing; for example, there are some parts on the market which are made by the same manufacturer as the genuine article, but without the "Genuine Parts" seal of approval.


In general, aftermarket parts obtained from independent suppliers cost less than genuine parts obtained through a Land Rover dealer. However, in my experience not all aftermarket parts are satisfactory in terms of quality, fit and function. Once, when trying to fix a vibration in the steering, I obtained an aftermarket steering stabilizer advertized as being made by the OEM manufacturer of Range Rover shocks and stabilizers (Armstrong/Woodhead), but found the unit exacerbated the vibration so much that I had to send it back.  (In the event, the problem turned out to be a ball joint rather than the steering stabilizer).  The original steering stabilizer worked much better and is still on the vehicle after 150,000 miles and many dents from rocks! Rich Lee much prefers genuine brake pads on his Disco, even though they cost more and wear themselves and the rotors faster. They grab better, fade less and squeal less than aftermarket alternatives. It pays to be especially careful in the case of components which affect the safety of vehicle operation. Kevin Kelly agrees about the brake pads, and finds the quality of genuine belts and hoses to be noticeably better than aftermarket substitutes.


There are certainly cases in which the price for certain "genuine" items is extreme, such as the $4 charged for the oil drain plug washer commonly sold with the oil filter, or $45 for an 18 inch length of small diameter rubber hose for the inlet manifold heater. Spark plugs and other generic items can be obtained much less expensively through mail order suppliers or local auto parts shops specializing in parts for "foreign" makes. In some cases, however, the price differential between genuine and aftermarket parts can be surprisingly little. Some of the mail order parts suppliers provide a mix of genuine and aftermarket parts, depending on what they feel is the best deal for the customer.

Recently readers such as David Giller have written in to note that a lot of parts are advertised on Ebay -- but that you should check on prices before buying there. David has found that a number of eBay sellers appear to be trying to take advantage of laziness and the assumption that eBay auctions are always 'deals'. For instance, they sell pollen filters for $58 a pair (you can buy them from AB for $15 each), or Arnott air springs for 30%+ higher than buying direct from the manufacturer (and Arnott makes online buying very easy), and charge higher shipping to boot.

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Links to Range Rover Parts Sources
Atlantic British (Largest independent Rover Parts and accessories supplier in North America. Vast selection, low prices, personal service)
Auto Parts Warehouse Save 40-60% on RR Parts) Free Shipping on orders over $50
AutoPartsGIANT.com (They offer to beat any lower price by 10%). Free Shipping on Orders over $50.
(Select parts group & model year, then Select Vehicle: "Land Rover" (Not "Rover")
Rovers North (Genuine parts and aftermarket accessories, driving school)
Actron (OBD-II testers)
Allmakes Group (Wholesale and retail parts and service operations, UK based). Their new parts shop website is at this link
AMC in Florida (rebuilt a/c compressors)
Alternate Parts List (Bearings and Seals) on the Rover Web Range Rover FAQ
APlusParts.com (Florida)
Arnott Industries (Replacement Range Rover Air Springs and Air Suspension Parts)
ATP Electronic Developments Ltd (Remanufactured EFI parts)
AutoMedicSupply.com Oxygen Sensors, both direct fit (OEM Connector) and universal (you rewire) versions
Bill Burke's 4 Wheeling America (Expedition parts and accessories).
Black Box Auto (Rebuilt ECUs, ABS pumps, controllers & modulators. Catalytic converters.)
Brake City (Brake rotors and pads for Classic and 4.0/4.6)
British Wiring (harnesses, plugs and wiring sundries for British vehicles)
Brooklands Books (Range Rover Section)  (Owners and Workshop Manuals for Range Rovers)
British Pacific Ltd (Parts, accessories)
British Parts of Utah (Low prices on Genuine Parts)
Car Electronic Services (Rebuilt ECUs)
Classic Auto Sales RR Parts 1-719-543-0607
D.A.P. Enterprises (Lucas, Girling and other parts)
Derbyshire Land Rover Spares UK and Export
D&D Fabrications Father & Son business specializing in the Buick/Olds/Rover 215 V8 engine
Disco-Tech Industries:  Engines plus Genuine, OEM & Aftermarket Parts. US buyers can take advantage of Canadian pricing.
eBay Miscellaneous Range Rover parts often appear on eBay
Exclusive British European, Campbell, California (parts and accessories)
ExpressAutoparts.com: A generic domestic and import supplier with some very low priced items
Euro Parts 800-274-4830 (Parts and accessories -- good coverage of 4.0/4.6)
Famous Four (Springs, Off Road Accessories)
Five 0 Fuel Injector Specialists Brand New Warrantied OEM Bosch injectors for all RR models $244 per set of 8
Great Basin Rovers (Heavy duty driveline components - axles, differentials, gears, driveshafts, low range kits)
JCWhitney.com Thousands of parts and accessories of all kinds
Kaid Limited, Derbyshire, UK (Land Rover parts and accessories).
Land Rover Owner International (Owners and Workshop Manuals)
Land Rover Portal (On-Line manuals -- downloads and CDs)
Lr Supermarket (On-Line parts and accessories)
Mansfield Motors (good online catalog for Classic RR)
Manuals and Parts Catalogs on CD
Marks Adaptors (Adaptors for GM V8 and Transmission swaps)
Matt Savage Independent Land Rover Parts Derbyshire, UK (Genuine parts, expedition accessories, exports to US)
Motorcars Ltd (Aftermarket parts, salvage parts, in-house remanufacturing, free shipping to Club members )
Northwest Rover Performance Inc (Exhaust Systems)
Orange County Alternator Inc. (Rebuilt Lucas alternators, starter motors etc), 11040 Inland Avenue, Mira Loma, CA 91752 (909) 360-7050
Paddock Spares UK & Export
partsamerica.com Online access to Kragen, Schucks, Checkers, Advance Auto Parts: Home delivery or pickup/exchange at local store
Perfect Auto Parts Thin selection for RRS but includes cheap radiator grilles for RR Classics
Phoenix Remanufactured Transmissions<> is a major tranny rebuilder with <>very inexpensive transmissions for Range Rovers.
Radiator.com Guaranteed perfect fit replacement radiators
Rangie Spares, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Andrew Richmond, owner. RR Spares and Modifications.
Red Rhino Products: Off road accessories as well as genuine and aftermarket parts.
Rimmer Bros, London.  wide variety of parts.
Rover Web: Some more RR alternative parts: Bearings, U-joints etc.
RPI Engineering (Rebuilt engines)
Safari Gard (Winch Bumpers, Skid Plates, Rock Sliders, Rear Bumpers, Diff Guards, Lift Kits)
Special Interest Car Parts, Johnston, RI (800)556-7496 (Great Range Rover Parts Catalog)
Auto Parts Warehouse (Save up to 60% on OEM Range Rover parts AND get free shipping). Click on "Rover" parts.
Strutmasters Alternative source for Air Suspension Parts (Range Rover front bellows $79, rear $95, lifetime warranty!!)
Superchips Inc (Performance Upgrade Chips for 4.0SE)
The Tire Rack Discount tire and wheel source
West Coast British Livermore, CA, 510/606-8031 (Parts, accessories, driving school)

Wrecking Yards as Parts Sources

The following wrecking yards have or have had Range Rovers:

AAA Small Car World, Fort Worth, Texas 800-433-3766
Aarron Auto, Medford, Long Island, NY (631) 289-3653
ABC Used Auto Parts, Massachussetts
Alfa Parts Exchange, Hayward, California, (209) 833-8330
Auto Sports Unlimited, Zeeland, Michigan 800-624-3876 or  616-291-1717
B & R Auto Wrecking, Corvallis, Oregon 503-757-0456
British Auto Center, Seattle, Washington
British Recycling, Rancho Cordova, California (888)908-7575 (Dan)
British Motorsports Inc. San Jose, California 408-370-7174
Cherry Auto Parts 800-537-8677
Grampa's Retired Rovers East Fairfield, Vermont (802)827-3048
Greenleaf Auto
Martins Auto Body Grave Yard, Rome, Ga. (706)235-8336
On Line Rover Dallas, Texas
Oxford Sales 626-812-7989
Porsche Foreign Auto Wrecking 213-589-2162
Recycler http://autos.recycler.com/ (type Land Rover in search box)
Range Rover Recycling Dutch; speak Dutch, German, English. 2 Range Rovers a week.
                                    Phone or mail order: +31-524-515559 (ask for Henk or Roland)
Rover Recycler 1-310-305-9323 or 310-306-6109
www.motorcarsltd.com (salvage parts) 800-338-5238 x570



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