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Cooper Mud tires on Range Rover 3
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Photo: New Cooper STT  275/65/18 mud radials on Michael Quinn's Australian Range Rover III

The Mk III model continued the eccentric Land Rover tradition of specifying odd-sized tires that are hard to find and do not come in many patterns. The new tires were about 30 inches in diameter, an inch (2.5 cm) larger than previous Range Rovers, but were still on the small side for the vehicle (eg compare them with the 31 inch size that has been standard on a Toyota 4-Runner for years). The tires specified by the manufacturer were very street-oriented and, as usual, rated for a far higher speed than a Range Rover can actually go, so any owner who is a serious off-highway enthusiast can be excused for being tempted to try and improve on the stock rubber. Note that some of the alternatives below may have different load and speed ratings than the OEM tires; if you try any of them be sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

News Flash: In August 2008 the Goodyear Wrangler MTR mud terrain tires used in the G4 Challenge and long available in the UK were finally made available in the US in the official 19 inch Range Rover size. Yeah!!! More details will appear shortly.


Wheel Information

In 2003-2005, the stock wheels in the US were19x9 inch 6 spoke wheels, with a 20x9.5 inch option. In other markets more practical 18x7.5 inch wheels were used on the base models. (According to Alldata, the 19 inch rims were 1/2 inch narrower than this spec). 20 inch wheels were optional.
In 2006,  The trend towards larger wheels and lower proofile tires continued, even though this was obviously to the detriment of off road practicality and on road ride comfort. New 7 spoke 19 inch wheels became standard on most Range Rovers around the world, although new 18x8 accessory wheels were also available. On the new Supercharged model, 20 inch wheels became standard.

Factory Wheel Options:  The following table summarizes the factory wheels and part numbers, with pictures where available. The table is not exhaustive when it comes to the 20 inch wheels, of which other special variants were available at different times and which are the least practical for off road use.

2003-2005 Models

2006 & up Models

18 inch

18 inch wheel
18x7.5 stock wheel
Initially standard in all markets  except North America
Part # RRC001320MNH

twin spoke 18 inch wheel

Twin spoke 18x7.5 wheel
Part # RRC001230MNH

Optional on early models, currently available as an accessory.

New 18 inch wheel
New twin spoke 18x8 inch wheel for 2006 & up -- narrower slits, different lug nut seats. Part # RRC500261MNH

19 inch

19 inch
Stock 19 inch 6-spoke wheel 2003-2005
(shown with snow chains)

Not Shown:
New 19x8" 6-spoke R3-style wheel (introduced 2007 for 03-05 models only)

New 19 inch wheel for 03-05 models

New 19 inch x8 accessory wheel introduced 2007 for 03-05 models. Part number RRC001270MNH

19 inch
Stock 7-spoke 19 inch wheel for 2006 & up
Part # RRC502640MNH

20 inch

20 inch
20" 7-Spoke Wheel & Tire (Dunlop  ST8000 255/50R20) ´03-´05: Right hand Part #RRC502040MCM
Left-Hand Part #RRC502050MCM

2006 20 inch wheel
20 inch 7 spoke wheel for 2006 & up (looks similar to earlier wheel but with different lug nut seats)

wheel 20b
20 inch 9-spoke alloy wheel (standard on Supercharged RR, 2006 onward in US)
Part # RRC502690MNH

10 spoke 20 inch wheel
20x8.5"  10-Spoke 06+:
Ball Polish: Wheel/Tire
Part #RRC503940MMM

Silver Finish: Wheel/Tire Part #RRC504580MCM

Not Shown:
20" Bi-colored alloy wheel to be launched in 2007 (for 2006 & up models). Has 5 "twin spokes".

Lug NutsCompatibility Between Model Years and with LR3/Disco3/RR Sport Wheels:
Officially, 2003-05 Range Rover wheels are incompatible with later models and vice versa, and all RR III wheels are incompatible with LR3 and RR Sport wheels. RR III wheels have a 57 mm offset, whereas 53 mm is used on the LR3 and RR Sport. Also, the earlier Range Rover lug nuts had square ends and the D3/LR3/Sport ones have tapered ends (see photo at right). In 2006, Range Rover wheels were redesigned to accept the RR Sport and LR3 lug nuts. However the 57 mm offset was retained.  

Photo at right adapted from TSB # LM-204-001 (July 2005) on wheel compatibility.

So, officially you are not supposed to mix early and late wheels, or use wheels from the inferior models. Unofficially, the later RR III wheels are fine on the earlier models if you buy the later lug nuts (about $400 for a complete set from the dealer, or less than half that from the Rover Connection). I know at least one 2003 RR owner who uses 2006 wheels with the old lug nuts and has reported no problems, but do so at your own risk!! Similarly, it is probably feasible to use DiscoIII/LR3/Sport wheels on the Range Rover (with the appropriate lug nuts), but the slightly different wheel offset may adversely affect steering and wheel bearing wear. If the 17 inch D3 wheels will fit (which I doubt, see above), they would be useful for short term use such as extreme off road expeditions, due to the much larger range of aggressive tires available for them.


BMW X5 Compatibility and Aftermarket Wheels: The 5x120mm bolt pattern on the new Mk III Range Rover is shared with the BMW X5, but the offset is about 10mm different off. If you don't care about this, an enthusiast source for part numbers for BMW X5 wheels is X5world.  In terms of aftermarket options, The Tire Rack advertizes 19 and 20 inch wheels for the X5, as well as a range of 19, 20 and 22 inch wheels for the Range Rover. When ordering any aftermarket wheels, be careful to specify the desired offset and make sure they are compatible wit your lug nuts. 


18 Versus 19 inch Wheels: The smaller wheels are preferable if you wish to try different tire sizes and treads, as more tires are available for 18 than for 19 inch wheels. Simon Davies found a very noticeable difference in ride comfort between the 18 inch wheels (standard on his UK spec RR Mk III) and the 19 inch ones (standard in the US) when he drove a dealer vehicle with the latter:  "As soon as I drove off in the dealer car I could tell that the suspension was firmer and the steering response slightly lighter. I assumed this was the 'old' Landrover build inconsistency coming into play, but it turned out their car was riding on 19" wheels, instead of my standard 18". If you are pondering over such an upgrade, it has the implications you'd expect. Tighter handling, at the expense of a harsher ride. They look the business, though. Not for hemorrhoids sufferers!"

New Conti tires for Supercharged RRWheels for TD6 Models:  The 19 inch wheels and OEM Goodyear tires had widespread vibration problems (see the common problems and fixes page), and I have heard that they were not recommended on TD6 models due to the greater likelihood of such vibrations. For example, 2003 TD6 owner Tim Oliver was told Land Rover does not recommend using anything larger than the 18 inch wheels on the diesel models, due to the diesel lump producing weird vibrations. Curiously, however, 19 inch wheels are offered as stock on 2006 TD6 Range Rovers. Maybe the vibration problem has been fixed?? .

Factory Wheel Availability: At the time of writing (April 2007) a wide selection of wheels is available from any dealer, satisfying the demand not only from from owners wanting more fancy looking rims, but off roaders who may want a set of 18 inch wheels for their expeditions. In the US, for example, 18, 19 and 20 inch wheels can be ordered from any dealer for any Mk III Range Rover made from 2002 onwards. I recently ordered a set of 18 inch twin spoke alloys (RRC001230MNH) for my 2004 model at a very reasonable price; I could have picked them up the next day but since I was not in a hurry I let the dealer include them in his usual weekly stock order and they arrived in a week or so.

Photo at left: 20 inch rims on 2006 Supercharged Range Rover III. Note the new chrome lug nuts, and a special 255/50R20 Continental tire (a variant of the Cross Contact UHP) developed for Range Rovers, with alternating lug pattern on outer edges of tread. From official press photo.


Standard Fitment Street-Oriented Tires and Equivalents

The most common tire seen on the Range Rover III is the Goodyear Wrangler HP (see photo below). According to Goodyear's website, this tire has "Excellent on- and off-road traction in any weather. Improved responsiveness and handling. Quick handling and agility. Efficient water evacuation at highway speeds. Enhanced all-weather traction and a comfortable ride". (However its off road rating in Goodyear's own system is only 5 out of 10). This is an expensive tire, costing at least $230 even at discount outlets. In the early years of RRIII production, innumerable owners reported vibration and cupping problems with these tires on the 19 inch rims -- for a summary of maladies they have experienced see this link on the RR III Common Problems and Fixes page. Balancing and rotation seem to be critical, and switching to the Michelins or Pirellis (see below) seems to help.

Nowadays, there are several other non-OEM options available for all the wheel and tire sizes used on the Range Rover III, so owners are not necessarily stuck with paying dealer prices for new tires. For example, I found the following stock fitment options for the Range Rover 18, 19 and 20 inch wheels at The Tire Rack


Goodyear Eagle LS (Very street oriented pattern)
Michelin Cross Terrain SUV (In spite of name, very mild tread)

Dunlop Grandtrek ST8000   (Directional. Photo below; these are slightly more aggressive than the stock Goodyears)                        
Goodyear Wrangler HP (Wimpy OEM tire -- Photo below)             
Pirelli Scorpion Zero  (Photo below).            


Goodyear Wrangler HP (Original Equipment)(Photo below)   
Goodyear Wrangler MT/R (Mud terrain, available in UK but not US)           
Michelin 4X4 Synchrone  (Even more wimpy tread than Goodyear HP)(Photo below)                              
Pirelli Scorpion Zero (highway tread but least expensive at about $200 each). (Photo below)                                           


Continental Cross Contact UHP
Dunlop Grandtrek ST8000 (moderately aggressive for a stock tire -- see photo below right)
Dunlop Grandtrek PT9000
Michelin 4X4 Diamaris
Michelin 4X4 Synchrone
Pirelli Scorpion Zero

Goodyear Wrangler HP

Pireeli Scorpion Zero

Michelin Synchrome

Dunlop Grand Trek ST8000

From Left: Goodyear Wrangler HP; Pirelli Scorpion Zero; Michelin Synchrome; Dunlop Grand Trek ST8000. The first three are the main stock choices for the 19 inch rims, while the ST8000 is another option for the 18 inch rims. (Photos courtesy of The Tire Rack)

Winter Ice and Snow Tires (Stock Sizes)
For the 18 inch wheels, a good choice for winter tires is the narrower (but same OD) stock size of 235/65R18, since narrower tires are  often considered better for slicing through the slushchoices for ice and snow conditions. Choices include the Dunlop Grand Trek WT M3 (pictured below, courtesy of 
The Tire Rack). This was developed for the Nissan Murano and comes with an "H" speed rating (130 mph) in 235/65R18. Another possibility is the Dunlop Grand Trek SJ5 (picture below center) in the same size. These slightly more aggressive, but only have a "Q" speed rating (99 mph/160 kph). In the wider  255/60R18 size,  the Nokian Hakkapeliitta SUV pattern is also now available. The Toyo Open Country G-02 is another option -- see picture below courtesy of, who have them for $160 (I also found them for $244 at Tires 1010).

Dunlop Grand Trek Smow Tire

Dunlop Grand Trek SJ5

Scorpion Ice & Snow

Dunlop Grand Trek WT M3

Dunlop Grand Trek SJ5

Pirelli Scorpion Ice & Snow
All Photos courtesy of The Tire Rack

Toyo G-02

Toyo Open Country G-02
Available in Range Rover sizes 235/65R18 and 255/55R19
Photo courtesy of

Vredestein 4Xtreme
available in
235/65R18, 255/60R18,
and 255/50R20

Vredestein tire

For the 19 inch rims, more winter tire choices are slowly becoming available. The Toyo Open Country G-02 (above left) is available for $202 from, which seems to be an excellent low cost source for the widest variety of tire patterns in the "odd" Range Rover sizes. They also have the Goodyear Ultra Grip, which recently became available in the 255/55R19 size. There is also the Pirelli Scorpion Ice & Snow (photo above right), about which I have heard several positive reports -- including its use as a beach and sand tire. I found it for $185 at The Tire Rack.  2007 has seen the introduction of the Goodyear UltraGrip SUV -- another winter tire. Alert members of the Range Rover Forum found a new winter and off road tire available in all the stock Range Rover 18, 19 and 20 inch sizes -- the Vredestein 4Xtreme. (photo above right).

For the 20 inch rims, the only options I have found so far in the stock RR size is the Vredestein as mentioned above. The  Dunlop GrandTrek SJ5 in the 265/50R20  size, slightly larger than stock (see "Almost Stock" section below)

Grabber AT2All-Terrain Tires (Stock Size)
18 inch rims The General Grabber AT2 (photo at right, courtesy of
The Tire Rack) is a true all terrain design which was scheduled to be arriving in the Range Rover 255/60R18 size in the Fall of 2006, but as I found out when my 18 inch wheels arrived in April 2007, it is not yet available. I was told by General Tire that they introduce new sizes according to market demand; please write in to them via the General Tire Website to request them to expedite the production of the AT2 in the 255/60R18 size.

The absence of other stock AT choices forces owners to resort to the alternatives in the "Almost Stock" and "Oversize" sections section below. Or, you could try the various winter tires -- the Nokian SUV, Dunlop Grand Trek SJ5 and Dunlop WT M3 -- these are at least more aggressive than the standard street tires but will wear very fast in the summer!

MTR tires on RR IIIMud Tires (Stock Size)
During the G4 Challenge, the Range Rover III 4.4 V8 models used in the Australian desert sported specially manufactured Goodyear MT/R mud tires in the stock Range Rover 255/55R19 size. Until recently July (2008) these tires were readily available in the UK, but for North American RR owners the only recourse was to try and find British dealers who would ship them (Bronco 4x4 or were two such suppliers -- Mike Heaivilin of Nevada used the latter source to get them for his RR Sport.

In August 2008 the 255/55R19 size of the MT/R was FINALLY made available in the US. Yeah!!! Frederic Dawson alerted me to the fact that they are now available at discount prices from The Tire Rack, making ordering easy from anywhere in the US. They are only "Q" speed rated so you should be careful not to cruise over 100MPH!

Photo at right: Official press photo of Goodyear MTR mud tires on G4 Challenge Range Rover III

"Almost Stock Size" Alternatives

18 inch wheels

265/60R18: At about 30.5 inches this is only about 0.5 inches larger in diameter and 0.4 inches wider than stock, and should barely cause any noticeable effect on gearing or speedometer calibration. This size opens up a wider array of choices, including a lot of street-oriented "Sport Truck" types such as the Avon Tech ST; BF Goodrich Long Trail T/A; Bridgestone Blizzak DM-Z3, Potenza RE92A, Dueler H/P; Goodyear Wrangler SR-A; Yokohama AVS-ST, Geolandar H/T-S, H/T G038. Some of these are considerably cheaper than the stock sizes, with prices as low as $111 at the The Tire Rack.

There are even some genuine all-terrain tires becoming available in this size, such as the Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor and the Yokohama AT-S (photos below).

Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor

Geolandar ATS

Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor

Yokohama Geolandar AT-S
(Photos courtesy of The Tire Rack)

275/55R18: (30.1 inches diameter and 0.8 inches wider than stock). A very few tires such as the Michelin Cross-Terrain SUV are available in this size.

275/60R18: The Yokohama Geolandar ATS, among others, is available in this size.


20 inch wheels

is only a barely noticeable half an inch larger than stock diameter and 0.4 inches wider. This size opens up a few more options such as the Bridgestone Blizzak DM-Z3, Dunlop GrandTrek SJ5 (aggressive winter tire mentioned above), BF Goodrich G-Force T/A, Fuzion ZRi, Toyo Proxes  S/T, and Yokohama Advan ST and AVS S/T. FOr those wanting something more aggressive, the Nitto Dune Grapplers are available in this size.

Nitto Terra GrapplerOversize Tires

18 inch Rims

285/60R18: This size has an OD of 31.4 inches (1.4 inches more than stock), and is about an inch wider than stock. A number of RR III, Disco3/LR3 and Sport owners have used it without any significant rubbing problems (for a Disco3/LR3 owner experience see this link). Some genuine all-terrain treads are available in this size, including the Nitto Terra Grappler (see photo at right showing these tires on Roger's 2006 RR III), Pro Comp AT, Fuzion XTi, Toyo Open Country A/T, and Sumitomo HTR Sport A/T (an unusual H speed rated AT design).

265/65R18: With a 31.7 inch outside diameter, this size should fit in the wheelwells and has the advantage of availablity of the BFG All-Terrain K/O.

275/65R18: This is 32+ inches in diameter, more than 2 inches over stock, and is pushing the limits of what will fit without vehicle modifications. Choices such as the Goodyear Wrangler AT/S and the Cooper STT (mud terrain) are available in this size. Michael Quinn of Australia is one of the pioneers in trying bigger tires on the Range Rover III, and he successfully uses 275/65 R18 Cooper STTs on his  RR (see photo). These32.32 inch diameter tires are especially nice because the new design incorporates sipes in the tread, improving the traditionlly poor mud tire performance in wet, snowy and icy conditions. Cooper STTs on Range Rover IIIMichael reports: "This tyre has a diameter 63mm larger than standard and 30mm wider. Yes they do fit under the guards but there are a few mods required to the inner plastic liners of the guards. These tyres outperform any mud terrain pattern that I have used before and coupled to the TD6 Rangie this car becomes unstoppable." Cooper also makes its slightly less aggressive S/T in this size.

Photo at right and at top of page: Mike Quinn's new 275/65R18 mud tires on his Range Rover III.

19 inch Rims

275/55R19 is about 31 inches in diameter and is available in a number of mild street-oriented designs. The 285/55R19 is about 31.4 inches in diameter, and is also available in a couple of street-oriented patterns, including Pirelli Scorpion Zero and Yokohama AVS S/T.

20 inch Rims

305/45R20: The Yokohama Geolandar AT-S is available in this size which is about 2 inches wider than stock but only 0.8 inches taller.

This is 31.26 inches in diameter and 11.6 inches wide, and should fit quite well. The Nitto Terra Grappler A/T is available in this size.

This size is about 32.5 inches in diameter and would be at the upper limit of fitting without vehicle modification. The BFG All-Terrain K/O is available to fit.


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