Inside Thermometer

Analog Inside Temperature/Compass Mounted in Cubby Box
Classic, P38

The P38 Range Rover climate controls display shows only the exterior temperature, while the Classic has no display for indoor or outdoor temperature. Kevin Kelly mounted a digital interior/exterior thermometer in his Classic cubby box.

When he switched to a 4.6HSE  he missed being able to monitor the the inside temperature  (since the P38 climate control just has outside temperature displayed). Accordingly, he bought a low cost analog thermometer and mounted it in the cubby box soon after he bought the vehicle.  The unit he found (see photo at right) had a compass as a bonus.  Not as high tech as some GPS systems but it was cheap (under $7) and easy to install (he drilled a hole in the cubby box liner and screwed it in with a single screw).

Digital Thermometer

Digital Thermometer & Humidity Gauge Mounted in P38 Ash Tray

Kevin recently replaced the analog thermometer in his cubby box with a great digital thermometer/humidity gauge with a resetable memory that will show maximum and minimum temperature and humidity. He found this great little thermometer on eBay when hunting for a thermometer with a resetable memory for his wine "cellar" (the closet in his guest room). He ordered a second one after he found that it fit perfectly inside the Range Rover ash tray (see photo at right). You just pop the ash tray open to see the interior temp. and humidity.


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