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 Great Divide Expedition Winch Bumper for Classic Range Rover

The accessory Great Divide Expedition winch bumper for the Classic Range Rover is available through the Land Rover of North America dealer network for about $2,300. Its design is similar to the one used on the actual Great Divide Expedition, and replaces the stock bumper and spoiler. It consists of an aluminum bumper inside which a Warn 8,000 lb winch is mounted. An integral brush bar is also part of the design. The complete package is a neat, practical and lightweight unit. For more details see the Classic Bumper and Bullbar page.

The limited-production Great Divide Edition Range Rover models sold in 1990/91 have an aluminum bumper which looks similar but is only about 5 inches tall -- not enough to accommodate a winch inside it (see the 1991 model year page for details and photos). Rovers North has been known to modify these bumpers by welding an addition along the bottom to create room for a winch. Unless you are an expert aluminum welder and mechanical engineer (to analyze the winching stresses in your particular modification) I wouldn't do this as a home garage job.

Winch Mounts for the P38
Winch Cover
For the Range Rover P38 models, the factory accessory has long been the only option for winch mounting. However, new designs are finally becoming available. See the P38 Bumper, Brush Bar and Winch Mount pages for full details of different options.

The official winch accessory mount is a very good looking, airbag compatible winch accessory is now  available  through Land Rover dealers. Falling into the category of "Combo" brush bars and winch mounts, the system requires installation of the brushbar and incorporates a Warn 9,000lb winch mounted in a sturdy tray just in front of the bumper. The net result is very practical and looks like part of the vehicle (see illustration at top of this page). A plastic cover, shown at right, is available to protect it from the weather. The cover also disguises the winch, making it look like part of the bumper. More pictures of this setup appear on the bullbar and bumper accessory pages.  Although the total cost of the winch, brushbar, accessory kit etc can add up, many Range Rovers already have the brush bar, and the mount itself is only about $800 plus the winch which can be sourced from Warn winch dealers.

Custom winch bumpers and mounts are now becoming available for the 4.0/4.6, including a superb new design by Alan Bates. The custom bumpers are much more sturdy than the factory ones, and offer better protection, approach angles, and recovery points as well as larger winch capacities. See the P38 Bumper, Brush Bar and Winch Mount pages for full details of these designs.Winch on RR III

Accessory Winch Mount for Range Rover Mark III

At the Range Rover launch I was told by the resident off-road instructor that Warn was not going to make a winch mount for the Mk III Range Rover as it did for the P38, due to the difficulty of airbag compatibility etc. This seemed like a feeble excuse, as the same applied to the P38 for which a great mount was produced -- see above -- which I have personally and has saved me on several occasions.

(Photo at right: Official winch mount shown on a 2004 RR Mark III belonging to Brant Nicks)

The first prototype was rejected as it protruded out too far - seriously affecting approach angle. An improved version that was settled upon is recessed into a cutout in the bumper. This version was used in the Land Rover G4 competition, in which Range Rover Mark IIIs were used in the Australian desert.

The resulting mount looks a lot like the one produced for the P38 model, but due to being partly recessed into the bumper it is a neater installation with less adverse effect on the front overhang and approach angle. The picture at right is adapted from an official Land Rover photo of this setup. The accessory is part number KNK000060. Unlike the P38 version, it can be mounted without the accessory brushbar. It uses a 9500lb Warn winch with a roller fairlead.

Official RR III Winch Photo
Winch on RR III
Official press photo of winch on RR III
Close-up of factory winch mounted on Brant Nicks' 2004 RR

Sport WinchRange Rover Sport Winch

A similar winch mount has been developed for the Range Rover Sport, first for use in the 2006 G4 Challenge, and subsequently as an official accessory. The 9,500-lb-rated winch and mount includes a cover for protection when not in use and a plug-in remote control for operation up to a distance of 11´9". Official Land Rover part # VUB501471. The separate winch accessory kit, with shackles, choker chain etc is common to all Land Rover models -- part number STC53202.

How many other current model SUVs can you order with a winch?

Photo at left: Official Land Rover press photo of winch-equipped RR Sport in the G4 Challenge.

Replacement Bumpers With Integral Winch Mountings

For full details of replacement bumpers with and without winch mounts and brushbars, see the P38 Bumper/Brushbar pages and the Classic Bumper/Brushbar page.

Similar in concept to the dealer-supplied system for the Classic, which replaces the standard bumper and airdam, are various Australian "bullbar" winch mounts. Australian ranchers often chase a stray bull in the Rover, bowl it over with the bullbar, then drive up onto it with the front wheels to hold it down. This requires something stout; the steel ARB bullbar for winches up to 10,000 lb capacity weighs 95 lbs, while the TJM steel bullbar is about 120 lbs. Adding the largest winches can run the total up to 250 lbs; heavy duty road springs are available to compensate. Aluminum bullbars are also available, but most use a heavy steel winch mount insert. (An exception is the 70 lb all-aluminum "Aussie" bullbar). To my knowledge these mounts are not yet available for the MkII Range Rover.

Recently, British and American manufacturers have developed their own versions of this design concept. Safari Gard now makes a slightly lighter weight steel winch bumper/bullbar which is designed to maintain maximum departure angle. D.A.P. Enterprises is the US agent for a modular winch bumper system in which bullbars can be included or omitted as desired.

For full details of replacement bumpers with and without winch mounts and brushbars, see the P38 Bumper/Brushbar pages and the Classic Bumper/Brushbar page.

"Combo" Add-On Brush Bars with Winch Mounts

A second option for winches of 6,000 to 9,000 lbs capacity is known as the "combo" grille guard, brush bar and winch mount, which retains the factory bumper and airdam. These weigh about 70-75 lbs, plus the winch weight of 60 to 95 lbs, for a total of 130-170 lbs. Models are available for Ramsey and Superwinch winches; a discontinued Warn version is available while supplies last. The official accessory winch kit for the P38 falls into this Combo category.

For full details of brushbars with or without winch mounts, see the P38 Bumper/Brushbar pages and the Classic Bumper/Brushbar page.

Under-Bumper or "Hidden" Winch MountingsUnder Bumper Mount

A third option is the "hidden" mount style with the winch tucked beneath the factory bumper (see photo). For the Classic Range Rover, an economical 35 lb Ramsey hidden mounting kit was available for a while, accommodating the REP series of winches up to 8,000 lbs capacity. More expensive are kits incorporating a Warn 8,000 lb winch mounted in a welded steel box structure are still available through suppliers such as Rovers North and D.A.P. Enterprises. Designed to be covered by the large British-style license plate, these require a wide cutout in the airdam (through which they protrude) and some trimming of the bottom of the bumper. Total weight including winch is about 110 lbs. Similar in concept are the Range Rover under bumper winch kits from Superwinch, for the X6 (6,000 lb light duty), X9 (9,000 lb medium duty), and Husky (8500 lb heavy duty) winches. (Photo: Custom under-bumper winch mount on author's Classic Range Rover)

For the P38, a custom hidden winch mounting which fits behind the stock bumper is available from Safari Gard by special order. All you can see from the outside is the roller fairlead. Be prepared to leave your Range Rover in the shop for a couple of weeks, however, for this tricky installation.

Pros and Cons of Different Options

In choosing between the various options, personal preferences as well as practicality come into play. For frequent winching operations, the "combo" and some bullbar mounts may be preferred for greater accessibility. For occasional duty the lighter, less expensive hidden mount is adequate and avoids the need to lean over protruding bars for maintenance access to the engine bay. Of course, a major factor for many is appearance; some like the rugged looks of the external mounts, while others may find them ostentatious. (Photo: Combo mount on author's Range Rover 4.0SE)

In my own case I chose a hidden mount for my Classic Range Rover (see below), and the factory "combo" mount for my subsequent 4.0SE. Aside from laziness in not wanting to build a custom mount for the 4.0, I was influenced by the easy drum access of  the factory mount and not having to kneel down to use it!  In actual vehicle recovery it has proven to be fast, powerful and easy to use. Its mounting brackets reduce approach angle slightly, but so far this has not been a limiting factor.

A Custom "Hidden" Winch Mount Design

Winch behind license plateFor my first experience in winchery on my Classic Range Rover, I was looking mainly for a safety measure for only occasional (I hoped) use on my often-solo backcountry trips. Talking to other Range Rover owners with winching experience revealed frustration with inadequate access to the cable drum to view and control spooling. One  found the 1-inch wide cutout in the top of the bumper in the Great Divide mount inadequate for viewing the drum. Another used a box-type hidden mount, and resorted to cutting a hole in the grille! Wishing to avoid these problems, I was also concerned about cost and weight; I wanted to retain the soft stock springs without bottoming out too easily during vigorous trail riding.

Front of Range Rover showing hidden winch mountI selected a Ramsey 8,000 lb (REP 8000) winch for its lower cost, weight and battery drain compared to the equivalent Warn model. I designed and fabricated a hidden mount using a 24-inch Ramsey mounting channel for a convenient and sturdy base. Supports cut from 3/16-inch steel plate were welded to its front and sides, calculated to resist maximum longitudinal and lateral winching stresses but leave most of the front area open for easy access. The resulting frame was bolted to the chassis forward of the front crossmember but behind the bumper and spoiler, using the bumper attachment bolts as the main supports. Braces extend back to the Panhard rod anchor bolts. The solenoid box was bolted to the chassis rail using another pre-existing hole. Total weight of the setup including the winch is only about 95 lbs, a relatively modest addition to the 2,200 lbs already carried by the front springs of an unladen Range Rover. The front of the winch mount is flush with the ends of the chassis rails, extending about 3 1/2 inches below them. WinchingWith the spoiler removed for serious four-wheeling, this gives the same angle of approach for surmounting obstacles as the commercial box-type mounts, but the open front design allows better accessibility. Nothing protrudes in front of the spoiler, and no cutting of the bumper is required.

With the spoiler in position, a cutout, completely concealed by the U.S. - size license plate (removed in seconds by undoing two screws), allows access to the fairlead, cable drum and clutch. With the license plate on, there is no visible evidence that your vehicle has a winch (see photo at top of this page), unless you choose to leave the cable end out with the hook attached to the vehicle's factory towing loop. The completed installation is unobtrusive, lightweight, inexpensive, convenient and easy to use. Fortunately it was not often called upon, but when it was it did the job nicely. The photo at right shows it in action. 

Other Innovative Installations

The Warn 8274 is the "Classic" electric winch, widely admired for its high line speed and reliability. Appropriately, Brian Graftas has installed a Warn 8274 on his Classic Range Rover. He designed a complete new bumper, starting with a winch box of 3/8" steel and adding wings (3/16"), which he had plasma-cut and bent  based on a cardboard pattern he made.  He notes that the 8274 is 9.5" deep, resulting in a significant front overhang. However avoiding this would have involved cutting into the grill and relocating the oil cooler. (In my experience a very large approach angle is pointless anyhow, when the departure angle is the limiting factor as it is on Range Rovers). To complete his installation, Brian plans to add a bullbar and HiLift points.

Hydraulic Winches

Lawrance Lee is planning on fitting a hydraulic winch to his P38 Range Rover, and is trying to find out what the flow rate iof the stokc steering pumps is. He notes there are two possible pumps from the 2000MY Range Rover, and is trying to find out if there's a difference in the performance. The LR part numbers are: QVB000040K and QVB000050.  Lawrance reports being unable to find out the performance specs of these two pumps.  He intends to install a Milemarker hydraulic winch, and would like around 120 bar pressure and around 13 litres per minute flow rate.  He is hoping the Rangie pump will output these numbers but  can't find any documented information for their specifications.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Ground Anchors

A winch is little use if there is nothing to which to attach the other end of the cable. In forests, this is usually not a problem, but in desert terrain you definitely need some sort of anchor. Many types of anbchors can be purchased or fabricated -- the traditional solution which is taught in off road books is to dig a hole and bury the spare tire as an anchor. For those who regard this as too labor intensive, other choices may be preferable. The Pull Pal is a popular choice which has received good reviews and can dig into a variety of surfaces. It folds up to stow in a reasonable space. I use a cheaper alternative -- an 18 lb Danforth boat anchor. This fits neatly on the floor in the rear passenger compartment in both the Classic and new Range Rovers.

Winch and Winch Mount Suppliers:

The following suppliers will help support this site if you buy from them.
Their prices on the items listed are the best I have seen:
Atlantic British
This Rover specialist supplier sells all manner of Range Rover off-road accessories. Listed at right are a few examples.
Warn Multimount Winch for 4.0/4.6 or Classic
ARB Bumper/Bullbar for Range Rover Classic,
with Warn M8000 Winch $1,745
Roller fairlead and full installation kit.

Classic ARB Bumper/Bullbar with Warn XD9000 Winch $1795
Includes roller fairlead and full mounting kit

Classic ARB Bumper with Warn M10,000 Winch $1895
Includes roller fairlead and full mounting kit

P38 or Classic: 8,000 lb Warn Winch setup for front or rear Class III trailer hitch receiver $1195 including hawse fairlead and remote (photo at left courtesy of Atlantic British).
Warn Winches - Lower  -- Off-Road Superstore -- Stock a huge variety of winches, cable, mounting kits, accessories, ground anchors, and accessories. Low price guarantee.
The Winch Depot: A special section of 4Wheel specializing in winches. Lowest prices on Warn and Milemarker winches
Winch Depot
NorthernTool & Equipment
Have tons of winches as well as much other useful gear. This is a superb source, especially for Ramsey and Superwinch products. The ones listed at right are only a coulle of examples of their HUGE selection.
110% low price guarantee 
Ramsey 8500E 8,000 lb Electric Winch $399.95 Cables, remote, hawse fairlead & 95 ft cable. I used this on my Classic. Universal bolt pattern fits any  winch bumper or mount. Same price I paid in 1993!!

"Superwinch 12 Volt DC Electric Winch — 9000-Lb. Capacity, Model# EP9"

"Superwinch 12 Volt DC Electric Winch — 9000-Lb. Capacity, Model# EP9"

"The Superwinch EP9 is a heavy-duty recovery winch that has the speed, power and compact design for all heavy-duty recovery applications for trucks and SUVs. Features an all-steel 3-stage high speed planetary geartrain, automatic full load mechanical brake, load-doubling pulley block and circuit breaker protection. 9000-lb. single line pull capacityPowers load in and powers load out100-ft. galvanized wire rope with thimble end and latched hook4.6 HP Series wound motorSteel 3-stage high speed planetary geartrainFreespooling clutchCommercial grade sealed switching waterproof contactorSealed remote switch on 15ft. leadAutomatic full load mechanical brakeLoad doubling pulley block boosts pull to 18,000 lbs.Roller fairleadIncludes hand-saver strap and mounting hardwareModel EP9Mfg Warranty: 12 month parts/12 month labor"
Stocks many Superwinch brand winches and accessories at low prices.
Superwinch 9,000 lb winch (Integrated Solenoids)-- $719.99
Remote, 100 ft cable, hawse fairlead ($799)

Superwinch Heavy Duty Winch Accessory Kit $159.99

Other Sources of Winches, Winch Mounts and Information:
P38 Bumper, Brushbar and Winch Mount Pages - Off-Road Superstore
Atlantic British, Mechanicville, New York (800) 533-2210 (Range Rover winch mounts, ARB winch bumpers, Warn and Superwinch winches)
British Pacific Ltd, Burbank, California (800)554-4133 (ARB bullbars)
Downey Off-Road, Santa Fe Springs, California (310) 949-9494 (TJM bullbars, heavy duty road springs)
D.A.P. Enterprises (Modular winch bumper/bullbar system, hidden mount for 8,000 lb winch)
Land Rover of North America (Great Divide winch and brushbar combination; 4.0SE and 4.6HSE Winch Accessory)
Oz Bars, Hillsboro, Oregon (503) 644-1811 "Aussie" bullbars
Ramsey Winch, Tulsa, Oklahoma (918) 438-2760 (Manufacturer of winches, combo and discontinued hidden mounting kits)
Rovers North, Westford, Vermont (802) 879-0032 (Box-type hidden mounting kits, ARB bullbars)
Safari Gard (Winch bumpers for Classic Range Rover, Hidden Mounts for New Range Rover)
Superwinch, Inc., Winch Drive Putnam, CT 06260 U.S.A. Phone (860) 928-7787 (Winches and mounting kits)
Warn Industries, Milwaukie, Oregon (503) 659-8750 (Manufacturer of winches, discontinued combo mounts)
West Coast British, Livermore, California (510) 606-8301 (Hidden mounting kits, heavy duty road springs)
Pull-Pal Inc  (Ground Anchors)






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