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Tailgate Tent

Day Tent

One of the coolest official accessories for the Sport is this "Day Tent" that can be connected to the rear of the vehicle using its specially tailored "connection tunnel". There is a rear bumper partition to prevent draughts. The tent can be closed off completely for privacy; it can also be used as a free standing gazebo.  Cost is about 400 pounds.

RR Sport Winch MountWinch
An official winch accessory looks like it is in the works for the Range Rover Sport -- Warn apparently developed one for the 2006 G4 Challenge.

The photo at right (adapted from an official press photo) depicts the winch mount on a G4 Challenge RR Sport, showing that its general configuration follows the design of the ones for earlier Range Rover models. The winch is mounted in a tray supported by vertical arms at left and right, probably connected to the chassis in such a way that operation of the airbag crush cans is not materially affected in head-on collisions. The tray is recessed slightly into the front member to reduce the overhang which was excessive in the version designed for the P38.

The result appears to be a very accessible and workmanlike winch.

Official Accessory Catalog
Tim of Scotland has kindly put the official accessory catalog for the RR Sport on the web at this link.






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