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Dog Guards
Roof Rack (Expedition)
Third Seat
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Winch Mount
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Photo at right: Official Range Rover winch accessory (official photo)

RR III Brush BarBrush Bar
The genuine brush bar for the RR III is now beginning to be available from third party suppliers. I recently found that British Pacific has it in their discount RR III catalog. The price does not yet show up, but is sure to be much less than dealer rates, so give them a call or use their online quote form. Please mention if you do!!
(Picture at right courtesy of British Pacific).


Dog Guards

dog guard

The  genuine dog guard for the new Range Rover differs from previous models -- it is precisely secured with clips and straps – no drilling required. Simply loosen the straps to remove when not in use. Photo courtesy of Atlantic British

dog guard

This version of the dog guard is offered by British Pacific in their RR III catalog -- the price is not yet in their online system so check with them for the current pricing.

expedition roof rackRoof Rack (Expedition Grade)
The superb full-length expedition roof rack made for the Range Rover 4.0/4.6 has been adapted for the new Mk III Range Rover. When I bought mine for my 4.0, it was extremely expensive, but I recently found that British Pacific is now selling the RR Mk III version (part #
CAB000050PMA) for only $1093. This item is listed in their RR III catalog, but the price does not yet show up so you can fill in their simple online quote/order form or give them a call. If you do, please mention you saw the rack on! (Illustration at right courtesy of British Pacific)

Third Seat


jumpseat folded

I found this seat at
Atlantic British, where they are available in several different trim colors to match exactly the interior of your RR. The seat fits in the loadspace of the Range Rover, and accommodates two extra people comfortably. It folds up out of the way when not in use.

Trailer Wiring Harness Kit (Genuine)
Wiring Harness
I recently discovered (September 2004) that British Pacific stocks this item for the new RR III and sells it for much less than dealer prices. Land Rover part number YWJ500011,  $184.00: see this link on the British Pacific site.

The kit pictured at right (courtesy of British Pacific) is the RR Mk II version -- but the Mk III one is similar. Mounting instructions are also included. The heavy duty 7 pin trailer plug with mounting bracket, relay, and module show how comprehensive these sets are. They are most important on trucks with sophisticated electronic systems like the new Range Rover. More details of trailer wiring for the RR Mk III appear in the page on "Towing with a Range Rover".


RR III Factory Winch Mount
Winch Mount
The official RR III winch mount looks a lot like the one produced for the P38 model, but due to being partly recessed into the bumper it is a neater installation with less adverse effect on the front overhang and approach angle. The picture at right is adapted from an official Land Rover photo of this setup. The accessory is part number KNK000060. Unlike the  4.0/4.6 version, it can be mounted without the accessory brushbar. It uses a 9500lb Warn winch with a roller fairlead.


Wood Trim Kits
A new Range Rover III interior wood trim kit is now available from British Pacific. Although it is not yet illustrated on their site, a call or email to them will get you the information on it. I also know Special Vehicle Concepts has been working on wood trim and other interior enhancements for the new model. If you contact any of these suppliers please tell them you saw the information on





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