Rock Sliders/Sill Protectors/Side Steps for Range Rovers

Rock Sliders on 2001 Range ROver

Rock sliders protect the vulnerable sill and lower door panels on vehicles used off road. They are also great for jacking up one side of the vehicle with a hi-lift jack. Aftermarket companies have long since come through with some options for the Classic Range Rover but have been slow to develop accessories for the P38 perhaps failing to recognize its superiority as an off road machine! However ingenious owners have come to the rescue and there are even some designs that are now commercially available. The pages below give details of the various available designs for the different Range Rover models.

Classic Rover Rock Sliders
P38 Rock Sliders: New Alan Bates Design
P38 Sliders: Brent Wilhelmi's Design
P38 Rear Bumper Slider/Quarter Panel Protector
P38 Sliders: Jack Poehlman's Design
Mark III/L322 Rock Sliders and Side Steps
Sport Rock Sliders

Photo: Range Rover 4.6 HSE with rock sliders designed by Brent Wilhelmi




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