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The new model has several different options available, including a genuine lightweight sportsbar system and a streamlined crossbar system, both similar to those used on the P38. In 2003 an expedition rack of almost identical design to that for the P38 was made for the new Range Rover model. Ray Lindner found another superb rack made in Australia (photo at top right courtesy of Ray Lindner). The various options are discussed and illustrated below.

Lightweight Racks
The Mk III Range Rover has built-in channels for rack support in the roof. Adapters are available to fit standard light duty Thule and Yakima rack systems to these hidden supports, allowing a variety of options for carrying skis, bicycles as well as general luggage items in lightweight luggage baskets or fiberglass rocket boxes.  A selection of options is shown below.


genuine interated bars

(Photo courtesy of Atlantic British)

thule bike add ons

Genuine Land Rover crossbar kit fitted toMk III Range Rover -- a tidy and inexpensive installation costing about $250. (Photo courtesy of Atlantic British)

Genuine integrated rack system for Mk III RR. This is the most smooth and streamlined installation available. Cost is about $800.

Thule bike carriers can be added to either of the genuine roof rack systems pictured at left. (Photo courtesy of Atlantic British)

One of the genuine accessories is theintegrated rack system (pictured above right) that consists of two roof mounting strips running the length of the roof (attached at all three mounting points) with two aerodynamic cross bars that can slide along the entire length of the mounting strips according to your wishes. The price is fairly steep for a lightweight system but this is a very good looking and streamlined rack that is probably the best available for light duty work.

Genuine Expedition Roof Rack
expedition roof rack

expedition rackThe superb full-length expedition roof rack made for the Range Rover 4.0/4.6 (photo at left, courtesy of Bob Burgan) has been adapted for the new Mk III Range Rover.  This sturdy rack was used on the Range Rovers that participated in Land Rover's G4 Challenge, successor to the Camel Trophy. For another photo, see this link. When I bought mine for my 4.0, it was extremely expensive, but I recently found that British Pacific is now selling the RR Mk III version (part # CAB000050PMA) for only $1093.  This item is listed in their RR III catalog, but the price does not yet show up so you can fill in their simple online quote/order form or give them a call. If you do, please mention you saw the rack on! (Illustration at right courtesy of British Pacific).

Australian Rack
Aussie RackRay Lindner from Australia found a locally made roof rack that he uses on his   Range Rover (photo at right and at top of this page). Ray reports:

"I have on my series 3. Mine has a flat area at rear to take rooftop camper but they can be made as a complete rack if required. Melbourne Australia based manufacturer who does a good job. I recall the Range Rover "Expedition Roof Rack" being around $2200.00 Aussie and this one cost us around $1,200.00.

"The genuine Range Rover expedition rack does not (in my opinion) have a good designed floor with only a few cross bars and no mesh.

But wait, there is more!! You also get steak knives!!"

The roof rack was made by TRADESMAN ENGINEERING
23 Burgess Rd, Bayswater, Victoria, Australia 3153
Phone 61 3 9761 7466
Contact: Andy Grace

Ray has added a roof top tent to his rack, as illustrated a the top of the page, making an extremely convenient and luxurious camping combination befitting a Range Rover expedition. For information on these roof top tents, see Ray reports "They are made in South Africa although there are a couple ofpeople making similar items here in Australia. At the referred web site you will find both "Open Sky" & "Howling Moon" brands.  Mine is a "Howling Moon" Very good quality canvas, comfortable to sleep in and goes up & down very quickly. You will also find the awnings on the web page. Mine is a "Howling Moon Alu-Awn" The poles are built into it and all you do is unclip the cover, roll out awning by hand and stand up the built in poles".




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