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A Citizen's Band (or other 2-way) radio is generally considered essential for off-road expeditions, both for communication with other vehicles on the trail (many clubs will not allow a vehicle to participate in trail rides without a CB) and for summoning emergency asistance. In Range Rovers, there is not a lot of spare under-dash space to mount a  CB, and few owners are keen on the idea of drilling holes in the roof for an antenna. However, solutions can be found which overcome these obstacles.  

Cobra All-in-Handset Mobile 40-Channel CB Radio with 10 Weather/Emergency Alert ChannelsCB Equipment Sources

I recently discovered (November 2005) that Buy.com   has the all-in-one Cobra 75WXST CB Radio I used in my P38 CB Installation for only $97.99, while most other sources I found in a previous search had it for $139.99 to $181.50. They also have other CBs and accessories at super low prices, including suitable magnetic mount antennas. Cobra CB Radio

(Click on image at left to go directly to the Cobra 75WXST at Buy.com).

4WheelParts.com is another good source of CB equipment.




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