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A-Bar 06
Genuine Wrap-Around Brush Bar
Tubular Steel Brush Bar
Winch Mounts

The awesome off road capabilities of the Mark III/L322 will no doubt eventually attract aftermarket suppliers of such items as bullbars and bumpers,  but meanwhile we have to be satisfied with the various factory offerings. The first aftermarket suppliers to provide a non-dealer discount source for these items have been Atlantic British and The Rover Connection.  This page shows the various options tat are available, and will be updated as new ones appear.

Photo at right: Genuine Range Rover A-frame front protection bar (Official Land Rover photo)

Genuine Wrap-Around Brush Bar
The brushbar most commonly seen on the RR III is the genuine wrap-around version, made of a combination of steel and textured polyurethane materials. Officially called the "Wrap Protection Bar", it is a tight fitting streamlined unit, with padding on the outside. This makes it a very practical add-on for the urban warrior, as well as being quite adequate for most off road purposes. Because of the model year changes to the profile of the Range Rover's stock front bumper, slightly different versions of the bar have to be ordered for 2003-2005 and 2006 & up models. These are depicted in the photos below, courtesy of
The Rover Connection, who now sell all the applicable variants in case you are looking for an aftermarket source. (Over the years I have usually found them to be the lowest cost US supplier for genuine Range Rover parts and accessories). Both versions are fully airbag-tested. Note: you should also get the separate Park Distance Control conversion kit (part # VUB001050, $100 at The Rover Connection), which relocates the sensors to adjust for the altered front position of the vehicle.

Genuine wraparound bar

genuine wraparound 03

2006 model brush bar
Genuine wraparound brush bar (photos courtesy of The Rover Connection).

Top Left and Top Right
Version for 2003-2005 models. (Part number VUB001100). Top right photo graphically illustrates the streamlined, body-hugging design of this bar. Note provision for mounting driving lights (top left).

Version for 2006 & up models (part number VUB503340), with slightly different front bumper profile and headlight profile.

Cost of both versions is about $750 at The Rover Connection.

I also recently found that British Pacific has this bar in their discount RR III catalog, but the price does not yet show up -- so call them or use their online quote form.

Note that it is also possible to use just the central "A-Bar" part of this setup, part # VUP000840 (2003-2005); VUB502600 (2006 & up). This setup is depicted in the photo at the top of this page.

Genuine Tubular Brush Bar
Another version that became available around 2005 is a more serious-looking tubular steel brush bar (see photos below). This is a stronger-looking unit that is probably a better choice for those who are looking for something to deflect trees and bushes etc when taking their Range Rover off the pavement. I recently found out that it is now available at 
The Rover Connection for about $720 -- far less than the dealer price. (As is often the case, I find they are usually the cheapest source for genuine parts and accessories of this nature). Optional lamp guards are available to fit in the "wings" of the brush bar to better protect the headlamps. There is also a stainless steel version of this brush bar (about $785 at the Rover Connection). Note: you should also get the separate Park Distance Control conversion kit (part # VUB001050, $100 at The Rover Connection), which relocates the sensors to adjust for the altered front extremity of the vehicle.

tubular brush bar
Genuine tubular steel brush bar for Range Rover III. (Photos courtesy of The Rover Connection)
Above: Black powder coated version. Part # VUB000780 (03-05 models) or VUB502680 (06 & up models). Shown with optional lamp guards, part # VUB000800, $110.
Right: Stainless Steel version. part # VUB000790

stainless version

Winch accessoryWinch Mounts

At the Range Rover launch I was told by the resident off-road instructor that Warn was not going to make a winch mount for the Mark III Range Rover as it did for the P38, due to the difficulty of airbag compatibility etc. This seemed like a feeble excuse, and fortunately turned out to be wrong. 

The first prototype developed by Warn was rejected as it protruded out too far - seriously affecting approach angle. An improved version that was settled upon is recessed into a cutout in the bumper. This version was used in the Land Rover G4 competition, in which Range Rover Mark IIIs were used in the Australian desert. The resulting mount looks a lot like the one produced for the P38 model, but due to being partly recessed into the bumper it is a neater installation with less adverse effect on the front overhang and approach angle. The picture at right is adapted from an official Land Rover photo of this setup. The accessory is part number KNK000060. Unlike the  P38 version, it is mounted without the accessory brushbar. It uses a 9500lb Warn winch with a roller fairlead. The Park Distance Control sensors are relocated to the front of the mount so they will still operate accurately. Installation time for the winch and mount is rated at about 8 hours of labor at the dealer, making it a significant part of the total cost.

Like the factory winch mount for the earlier models, this winch mount does not seem to be available from any of the aftermarket suppliers, so you are more or less forced to buy it from the dealer network.







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