P38 Bumpers, Brushbars and Winch Mounts

Bates Winch Bumper

The Range Rover P38 has not received much attention from aftermarket suppliers of such items as bullbars and bumpers, but this situation might improve as more people start using this model for off-road duty. Meanwhile, the commercially available options include the factory accessories and another version available from Atlantic British. Some excellent custom designs have also been built. The photo at right shows Alan Bates' design which is detailed on the Alan Bates Bumper Design page and is now being made available to other owners.

The following pages display some photos and construction details of custom bullbars and bumpers as well as the factory options.

Factory Brush Bar, Winch Mount and Cover
Factory Brush Bar Installing/Removing
Commercial Tubular Brushbar
Alan Bates' Custom Winch Bumper (Now Available to Others)
Hardy Neale's Custom Bumpers & Bullbars (Also Now Available)
Chris Crompton's Custom Bumper and Recovery Lesson
Chris Crompton's Revised (Stronger) Design
Rear Bumpers and Spare Tire Carriers
Winch and Winch Mount Page (All Range Rovers)






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