Factory P38 Brush Bar & Winch Mount

bullbar1 Winch
Factory Brush Bar with winch: Note rigid cover concealing winch.
Cover removed to expose winch.

A brushbar made of plastic-coated steel (see photos above left and below left) was developed as a factory accessory, and is fully airbag compatible. It is still available through both dealers and aftermarket suppliers such as Atlantic British (they have it for a reduced price of $1099). A strong A-frame covers the central radiator area, while wrap-around wings cover the headlights. The central A-frame (see photo below right) can be purchased separately ($769) and installed without the wrap-around wings. Optional light guards are also available to fit the wings. The factory winch mount option requires at least the central A-frame bar to be fitted.

Complete Brushbar
Central A Frame
Factory Wrap-around Brushbar (Photos courtesy of Atlantic British)
Factory Brushbar Central A Frame (necessary for factory winch mount)

Another option is a very functional rigid cover that fits over the winch to protect it from the weather (see photo top left). I used this on my 4.0SE and found it concealed the winch so well that most people didn't even realize it was there. The cover is readily removable when the winch is needed.






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