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A Note From the Author (Kevin Kelly)
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Photo: What Model Year is this??
The front door hinges on Kevin Kelly's 1989 Range Rover are still showing, but Kevin has upgraded his rocker panel trim strip to the deeper one used from mid-89 onwards when the hinges were hidden. He has also added a later style of alloy wheels.


Starting in the early years of US Range Rover sales, Kevin Kelly began gathering information from a wide variety of sources to compile a detailed buyer's guide to the model year changes that were made to Range Rovers since the beginning of exports to North America. This guide is invaluable to the prospective buyer or collector, and also enables the enthusiast to recognize what model year any Range Rover is from its distinctive characteristics. Kevin has now kindly made this guide available to us so more Range Rover enthusiasts can share it.

A Note from the Author (Kevin Kelly)
The information in this FAQ has been secured from sources believed to be reliable, but no representations, expressed or implied are made by the author.  Range Rover sales brochures, workshop manuals, parts manuals, and other sources have been reviewed.  Keep in mind, all Land Rover sales brochures end with a quotation “Details and specifications are subject to change” 

All prices are from Kelley Blue Book except where noted.  All model year build numbers were sent to me by John Riley Project Eng., Traceability at Land Rover in Solihull England.  The model year BUILD numbers are different from the more often quoted SALE numbers.

I would like to thank John Brabyn for all his work on the RangeRovers.net site and  Kelly Minnick who’s original list of changes to the Range Rover in 1985 got me started on this as well as Jeff Kessler, Jim Pappas, Michael Carradine, Steve Willey and Oscar Montelibano who provided me with copies of all the original Range Rover Classic sales brochures and other information.  GDE owner Scott Dickinson helped me with the 1991 GDE section, Polly Welch helped me with information about her 40th anniversary model and James Howard helped with info on the County SE sound system.  Former RRNA/LRNA mechanics Jim Allen and Philippe Gonzalez also gave me a lot of interesting info.    I also want to thank all the people that read over this and offered changes and corrections. 

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