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2002 Model Year Statistics
Chassis & Suspension
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Note from the Author (Kevin Kelly)

Photo:  Jamie Cardona's 2002 Westminster Edition RR with custom 5-spoke Avera wheels

2002 was the (short) last year of p38A/4.0/4.6 Range Rover model production, as the next (Mk III/L322/4.4) model was to go on sale halfway through the year. For 2002 The base 4.6 SE from 2001 was dropped and the 4.6 HSE became the base model this year. Not many changes were made for 2002.

2002 Model Year Statistics

The HSE had the same base price as 2001, of $68,000 not including CA Emissions $100 CA Transportation $665.  Like 2001 the 4.0L engine was not available and all were 4.6L

No significant changes from 2001. 

Chassis and Suspension:
No significant changes from 2001.


Colors: Altai Silver Chawton White,  Java Black, Oxford Blue, Rioja Red, Woodcote Green, Epsom Green, Niagara Gray

No significant changes from 2001. Nav system

No significant changes from 2001 except for minor trim variations on special models (see below). (Photo at right: 2002 Westminster Edition dash, showing nav system and black lacquer wood trim).


No significant changes.

2002 Model Year Range Rover Special Editions:

Rhino Edition:
Suggested Retail Price was $73,500 (only 125 sold in the US, one for each of the 121 Land Rover Centres + 4 others)   All have Bonatti Grey paint and special Grained leather interior with contrasting light and dark "Rhino" (strange textured) embossed leather seating surfaces, headrests and armrests.  Dark "Rhino" leather is on the gear knob, handbrake grip & handbrake gaiter, center console,  door panels, door arm rests, and glove box.  “Poplar Anthracite” (grey looking burled wood) is on upper and lower center console, fascia and door trim (it was optional on the steering wheel).  Door locks and speaker surrounds have chrome accents.  Special chrome Rhino logos on the sides in front of the flashers and on the tailgate next to a special chrome 4.6 HSE Logo.  All had GPS and body color painted bumpers and 18-inch Proline five spoke wheels (the wheels were first seen on the Callaway Edition Range Rover but became a common wheel on the Discovery Series II).  The 2002 Rhino Edition cost $3,500 less than the 2000 Rhino Edition, but it didn’t come with the small wood rhino from LRNA. 

Borrego Edition


Borrego Edition: (100 were made) All had bright yellow “Borrego Yellow” paint with black ash leather interior and seats.  The seats had gathered leather with three horizontal stitches across the seat back and two horizontal stitches across the seat bottom.  There was yellow stitching around the edge of the seats, the shift lever, parking brake handle, door pulls and mid door leather.  The MSRP was $72,665. 

The Borrego Edition also had the new for 2002 Flat face five-spoke “Comet” 18-inch rims that were also on the Discovery II Kensington Edition (different from the Range Rover Kensington Edition).  Some of the Borrego models may have come with “Kryton” Wheels.  They had the wood and leather steering wheel (with yellow stitching in the leather area).  Some (but not all of them) were sold with the full length Safety Devices metal roof rack.

Photo at right: 2002 Borrego Edition Range Rover belonging to Chris Cole and Tammy Walsh of Florida. (Picture found by Kevin Kelly).

rear seat dvd player

Westminster Edition: The price was over $75,000 and 300 were made.  All had black paint and black interior with black lacquer wood trim (it was shiny dark black like a grand piano).  The Westminster model had the five spoke Proline wheels that were common on many Disco IIs but were on a limited number of Ranger Rovers (including the 30th Anniversary and Rhino models) outside it had almost everything painted shiny body color black.  It did not have a 4.6 HSE sticker on the tailgate, but it its place it had a Westminster Edition badge like the badge on the Disco II Westminster Edition model (the Disco II Westminster did not have the black lacquer wood but had “Birds Eye Maple” that looked a lot like the “Poplar Anthracite” wood trim on the Range Rover 2002 Rhino Edition).  It also had chrome around the door locks and nicer leather on the seats.

Photo at right: Rear seat DVD player installation on 2002 Westminster Edition. This was added on by some dealers.


On February 9th 2002 the last production Range Rover P38 rolled off the assembly line and driven from Lode Lane to the Heritage Museum at Gaydon.  It will join the 1st of the 3rd Generation Range Rover (L322) in the permanent display.  Land Rover announced that the 2003 Range Rover would have an engine build by BMW and the Discovery II models would all have the 4.6L V8 from the Range Rover P38.

Note from the Author (Kevin Kelly)

The above information has been secured from sources believed to be reliable, but no representations, expressed or implied are made by the author.  Range Rover sales brochures, workshop manuals, parts manuals, and other sources have been reviewed.  Keep in mind, all Land Rover sales brochures end with a quotation “Details and specifications are subject to change” 

All prices are from Kelley Blue Book except where noted.

I would like to thank Kelly Minnick for his original list of changes to the Range Rover Classic in 1985 that got me started on my Range Rover Classic FAQ and it was John Brabyn that encouraged me to write this one. 



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