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2001 Model Year Statistics
Chassis & Suspension
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Photo:  2001 Range Rover 4.6 HSE.  Note bright trim on side rub strips. This example has the Hurricane wheels that were standard on all 1999-02 HSE models. Photo courtesy of McCarty Motors.

2001 was the penultimate year of the Range Rover P38/4.6 model. With the obvious need to upgrade the vehicle to remain competitive, the anemic 4.0L engine was dropped and only the 4.6 was offered.

2001 Model Year Statistics

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2001 RR on the rocks

Only the 4.6L engine was available this year and the 4.6 SE model replaced the 4.0 SE.  The 4.6 SE model had similar trim levels to the 2000 4.0 SE

Chassis and Suspension:
No change from 2000.

Photo: Brent Whilhelmi doing a bit of rock crawling in his 2001 Range Rover HSE.  Like me, Brent has long since cast aside the bib spoiler that came on the front of his RR. He has also installed a factory brush bar with headlight guards, driving lights, rear light guards and custom rock sliders.


All models had the smoke grey turn signals this year.  All models (except the Holland & Holland Edition) got bright trim on the side rub strips, but not the front bumper (the super limited edition Linley Edition  and some other models in Europe also had bright trim on the front bumper, but I’m guessing that  U.S. laws prevented Land Rover from adding the front bumper bright trim to US model).  Colors: (Alveston Red Blenheim Silver, Bonatti Grey Chawton White, Epsom Green Java Black, Kent Green Oslo Blue, White Gold Metallic on SE) Alveston Red, Blenheim Silver Bonatti Grey, Chawton White, Epsom Green Java Black, Kent Green Oslo Blue, White Gold Metallic on HSE)

2001 interiorAn airbag warning sticker was added to the dash on all models in addition to the airbag warnings on both sun visors.  Interior Colors: (Granite Gray and Walnut on SE)  (Ash Black, Granite Gray, Lightstone, and Walnut on HSE). On the HSE after 2000 the sides of the center console and the cubby box lid were leather.

Photo: Interior of 2001 HSE showing accumulated additions since 1995 models including nav system, extra wood trim, leather covered handbrake and transmission shifter, leather center console and cubby box lid, contrasting piping on seats, and Alpine radio. 


Accessory packages available on all models in 2001 were:

Freedom Kit - Wrap around brush bar, roof rails, rear lamp guards.


Adventure Kit - Wrap around brush bar, front lamp guards, auxiliary lamps, running boards, roof rails, rear lamp guards, bike rack


Safari Kit - Wrap around brush bar with winch, auxiliary lamps, front lamp guards, safari roof rack, rear lamp guards, rear ladder.


2001 HSE

2001 HSE interior with optional steering wheel

These photos of Adam Friedman's immaculate 2001 4.6HSE show the identifying characteristics of the model year. Adam's example has the optional steering wheel and lightstone leather trim (see below).


2001 Model Year Range Rover Special Editions:

4.6 SE
Edition: Base price was $62,000. Standard wheels were the five spoke16" "Lightning" alloys. The SE had only one option a combination of the JAMES navigation system and an upgraded 460 watt stereo for $3,000.

4.6 HSE Edition: Base price was $68,000 Standard wheels were the ten spoke 18' "Hurricane" alloys. The JAMES navigation system was now standard on the HSE (it was optional on the 2000 HSE). It had a more powerful 460-watt Alpine stereo (vs. the 300-watt Alpine standard in the 4.6 SE). The HSE had only had two options, a leather and wood steering wheel for $400 and a lightstone interior with color keyed piping on seats and carpet for $750 The color of the leather parking brake boots cubby box lids and steering wheels matched the color of the seats this year (the leather was always black in past years).

30th Anniversary Edition: Cost $72,900 and a reported 200 of this top of the line model were made in 2001. The came with everything that the HSE had including the same ten spoke 18' "Hurricane" alloys. Most (if not all) had Wimbledon Green exterior paint with body color bumpers (including the lower edge of the front spoiler). The rocker panels below the doors and exterior mirrors were also painted body color. A metal 30th Anniversary badge was on the tailgate below the latch release in place of the 4.6 HSE stickers (and many also said "30th Anniversary Edition" on the rear side windows). Inside they had Wimbledon green carpet and floor mats and lightstone leather seats with green leather piping. They had green leather arm rests on all four doors and a two-tone (green and lightstone) leather steering wheel. The emergency brake handle and shifter were also covered in green leather. All had full wood trim (in a maple that was a lighter color than the burl wood on the HSE). The door sill plates were special and said "30th Anniversary Edition" rather than "Range Rover".

Nothing to report for this model year

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