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2000 Model Year Statistics
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Photo:  Stephanie Dorman's 2000 Range Rover 4.0 SE. Note the accentuated "round" effect on the headlights, introduced in 2000. Note also the "Lighting" design wheels introduced on the 4.0 SE this model year.

2000 Model Year Statistics

4.0SE Suggested Retail Price $59,625 (Kelley Blue Book). 

All engines got a redesigned catalytic converter system and due to the lower emissions were all considered “LEVs) or Low Emission Vehicles. 
round lights

Chassis and Suspension:
No change from 1999


Body-color front spoiler and mirrors on the HSEs (exterior mirrors were now auto dimming).  Front and rear turn signals and side marker lamps were changed to smoke-gray plastic on all the HSE models. New headlamps and fog lamps were introduced. The new lights had darker shading to accentuate the "round" headlight effect created by the internal reflectors.

Color combinations were expanded in 2000, while in 1999, only certain interior exterior combinations were produced, customers could now mix and match at will.  Colors: Alveston Red (new for 2000) Blenheim Silver Chawton White, Epsom Green, Java Black, Kent Green (new for 2000), Niagara Oxford Blue, Rioja Red White Gold, Woodcote Green.

Photo at left: Round effect headlights and oval effect fog lights introduced in 2000 (model shown is a 2002 HSE courtesy of McCarty Motors)

2000 interiorThe 4.0L models got the leather covered shifter handle that all the 4.6L models have had since 1996 (a very small number of pre-2000 4.0L models were upgraded with the 4.6L leather handle).  The cup holders inside the cubby box lid were redesigned so they would actually hold a cup while the vehicle was moving.  The instrument graphics were slightly redesigned.  The stereo was now made by Alpine.  Interior colors: Ash Black Leather, Granite Gray Leather, Lightstone Leather, Walnut Leather  

Photo: Interior of Stephanie Dorman's 2000 4.0SE, with leather shifter and handbrake handle and optional navigation system (screen on center console).


As well as the integrated hands free phone (that mounted to the right of the radio) with roof mounted antenna, a factory in-dash navigation system called J.A.M.E.S was available for $2,995 (this was introduced in small numbers of late production 1998 models).

Photo below: Kara Burr's 2000 Rhino Edition RR with nav system on center console.

Rhino interior with nav

2000 Model Year Range Rover Special Editions:

The County name is brought back for the first time since 1995, but this time it is the base Range Rover, not the top of the line as it was on the Range Rover Classic model.  The County Edition still had the yellow turn signals and did not have the painted mirrors of front spoiler of other 2000 models.  "Lightning"-design 16-inch alloy wheels (that looked just like the 18” “Proline” wheels only smaller).  Suggested Retail Price $58,925 (Kelley Blue Book)


4.0:  A special black 4.0 model (300 made) had lightstone leather seats with black piping.  All County models may have had lightstone leather.  "Lightning"-design 16-inch alloy wheels.  Suggested Retail Price $59,625 (Kelley Blue Book)  It has different colors and in addition to all the County options it has a Brush Bar, “Kit Package” and Luggage Rack.


4.0SE:  "Lightning"-design 16-inch alloy wheels. Suggested Retail Price $59,625 (Kelley Blue Book)


4.6 HSK: Suggested Retail Price $67,652 (Kelley Blue Book)  They came with the Navigation system standard.  They had wood around the window switches and HVAC and had yellow turn signals like the County and also like the County sticker on the tailgate of the HSK and Vitesse sticker was not raised like the Range Rover and 4.6 stickers.   It had a Wood Kit and Phone kit.  Some may have been sold new with the ”Proline” five-spoke 18-inch alloy wheels (vs. the Hurricane wheels).


4.6 HSE: Suggested Retail Price $67,925 (Kelley Blue Book)4.6L Engine Brush Bar, “Kit Package” and Luggage Rack.  ”Hurricane” design 18-inch alloy wheels.


4.6 HSE Linley Edition:  Price was about $150,000 (over £100,000) The ultimate and most exclusive Range Rover ever-Range Rover Linley-embodies the spirit and flair of world-renowned designer David Linley.  A total of 10 of the all black vehicles were sold worldwide.  Linley models were available through Land Rover Special Vehicles on a made-to-order basis  The model was designed by David Linley and after each Range Rover Linley was completed on the production it was transferred to Land Rover’s on-site Special Vehicles facility for a further 100 hours of hand-finishing from craftsmen.  The all-black vehicle is inspired by Linley’s ‘Metropolitan’ range of furniture that features black wood and ebony finishes.   The piano black coachwork is achieved by hand-spraying with a solid black paint which is hand-polished to a mirror finish. To complement the coachwork the 18 inch “Hurricane” wheels have a unique ‘Shadow Chrome’ finish.  Discreet touches of chrome and the vehicle identity in stainless steel add the final detail to the exterior of the vehicle. To match the coachwork even the windows are polished with jeweler’s rouge to add that extra sparkle.  The interior is also all in black. Piano black veneer on the fascia, cubby box, picnic trays and door cappings contrast with seats trimmed in the highest grade automotive leather. Black leather is also applied to the headlining, parcel tray and other detailing. Luxurious thick-pile carpet is used for the floor of the cabin and luggage compartment, floor mats are made of black lambs wool.  All have a navigation system and twin screen TV with video.


4.6 HSE Rhino Edition:  (see photos below). Suggested Retail Price was $77,000 (only 125 sold in the US, one for each of the 121 Land Rover Centres + 4 others) Exterior paint was “Bonatti Grey” and all had custom “rhino hide” leather interior (that is a strange color and texture), black "Poplar Anthracite" (Grey looking burled wood) wood paneling the shifter and e-brake were leather rhino hide (vs. wood on the steering wheel and shift knob on the 2002 model) and special chrome Rhino logos on the sides in front of the flashers and on the tailgate next to a special chrome 4.6 HSE Logo.  All had GPS and body color painted bumpers and parallel spoke wheels.  Each also came with a little wooden Rhino that were carved by craftsmen in Africa commissioned by LRNA for the Rhino owners.

Rhino edition

Rhino interior

Above: Kara Burr's 2000 Rhino Edition RR. See also photo above under "Options", showing the dash and nav system.
Below: John Putnam's 2000 Rhino Edition, showing brush bar and another view of the distinctive rhino textured interior trim, including the armrests, shifter, glove box and transmission tunnel side panels.

Rhino edition exterior

2000 RHino edition Range Rover interior

4.6 HSE Vitesse Edition Suggested Retail Price $67,652 (Kelley Blue Book) had Navigation system standard. All were black with walnut leather; the Phone kit was not available.  They had wood around the power window switches and had yellow turn signals like the county and like the County and HSK the Vitesse sticker was not as raised as the other stickers on the tailgate.


4.6 HSE First Dartmouth Homelink Edition:  This was a special model that had a two tone “Eddie Bauer Edition” style paint job with Oxford Blue on top and Tan/Lightstone on the bottom (the entire bottom half of the vehicle including bumpers and rub strips were painted tan).  The lightstone leather stats had “First Dartmouth tm Homelink Edition (r)” sewn in to the headrests.  I have no idea how many of these were made and I have only seen two of them

Holland & Holland RR


4.6 HSE Holland & Holland Edition:  Suggested Retail Price $79,000 All were “Tintern Green Micatallic” (a bluish green) and had body color bumpers and side skirts with a Holland and Holland badge on the right side of the tailgate.  They also had body color paint on the inside of the spokes on the 18” Hurricane wheels.  The seats were a dark “bridal leather” with walnut piping and woodgrain leather gunstock gray and walnut wood accents gunmetal blue trim details on fascia rail (the gunmetal blue trim looked cool, but the blueish plastic that Land Rover put over the standard chrome trip is starting to peel off many of the four year old vehicles I have seen).  They had a leather covered glove box, under steering wheel area and center console sides (most Range Rovers had plastic in these areas).

Photos at right and below: CB Claiborne's Holland & Holland RR

  The words Holland & Holland were in gold on the wood dash trim in front of the passenger.  They had a two tone brown and black leather steering wheel and two tone door trim with dark leather to match the seats on the doors.  All came with the Land Rover kit to turn the spare tire cover in to a picnic table.  A pair of Holland & Holland duffel bags (MSRP $1,500) also came with each vehicle (but for some strange reason no shotgun case).  Land Rover made 125 for the U.S. in 2000.  They had the Harman-Kardon Premium Audio System With 7 Speakers Including Powered Subwoofer and 180 Watts Of Power Along with A 6 Disc CD Changer.

Holland & Holland seats

Holland & Holland Leather & wood trim

Interior trim in CB Claiborne's Holland & Holland Edition Range Rover

4.6 HSE Vogue Special Edition: Land Rover may have sold a special loaded 4.6 HSE with Alveston red paint and Red carpet, leather/wood steering wheel and leather covered lower dash (like the Holland & Holland) with the Vogue name in the U.S. (I have seen one)


Great Divide Edition: In late 1999 LRNA sponsored a trip along the Continental Divide for the press to introduce the 2000 Range Rovers just like they did in 1989 to introduce the 1990 Range Rovers.  LRNA never sold an “official” Great Divide Edition in 2000 like they did in 1990 but some of the special Range Rovers that made the trip may have been sold and still around with the special Great Divide equipment that included factory winch kit, roof rack and rear brush guards and ladder.  The Great Divide Range Rovers had a Great Divide sticker on each fender above the lights. http://www.suv.com/feature/LandRover2K/

Land Rover did another Great Divide Expedition 10 years after the first one in 1989 to promote the introduction of the 2000 Range Rover. See  http://www.suv.com/feature/LandRover2K/



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