1998 Range Rover Model Year Details

1998 4,6 RR

Chassis & Suspension
Special Editions

Photo:  Curt Boykin's 1998 Range Rover 4.6 HSE. Note 18 inch Mondial wheels that were standard on 4.6 HSE models 1996-1998.

No major changes from 1997.

Chassis and Suspension:
1998 modelNo change from 1997.


All models had at least one Land Rover 50th anniversary sticker on the back side window, most seemed to have two stickers (one on each side of the vehicle).

Colors: Altai Silver Metallic Beluga Black, British Racing Green Metallic,  Chawton White, Epsom Green Metallic, Oxford Blue Pearl Metallic, Rioja Red Metallic, White Gold Pearl Metallic, Willow Metallic, Woodcote Green Metallic

This year all 4.0 models came standard with new 16-inch wheels with 5 split spokes. 50th Anniversary edition (see below) had different (18 inch Proline) split spoke wheels.

Photo: Michael Hagood's 1998 4.0 SE showing the new-for-1998 Spyder 16 inch split spoke wheels characteristic of 4.0 Range Rovers this model year.

1998 RR interiorAll models got the upgraded Harmon Kardon stereo system.  All seatbelts got a bright yellow warning sticker.

Photo: Interior of Michael Hagood's 1998 Range Rover 4.0SE. Note contrasting piping on seats (previously only on the 4.6) which was present on many 4.0 examples in 1998. Michael has added the optional removable cupholders (under $10 at the dealers) in the coin holder slot on the center of the dash above the radio.


An integrated hands free phone (that mounted to the right of the radio) with roof mounted antenna was available this year.

1998 Model Year Range Rover Special Editions:

4.0 SE:
All 4.0L models came standard with 16-inch 5-spoke wheels (with split spokes) this year. Some 4.0L models had seats with piping.


4.6 HSE: The seats were changed and now had seven vertical seams on the seat bottoms and seven vertical and two horizontal seams on the seat backs.


50th Anniversary Edition:  50th Anniversary EditionLand Rover ended up with a lot of unsold Woodcote Green (many call the light green color “Puke Green) Range Rover 4.0 models in 1998 so they added 18” Proline wheels and a 50th Aniv. sticker on the back (some also had a 50th Aniv. badge) to help move the vehicles off the lots.  They had walnut leather interiors with lightstone piping.  Some had green painted mirrors and front spoiler.

Photo: Bane Atanackovic's Woodcote Green 1998 50th Anniversary Edition 4.0SE. Note characteristic color and 18 inch Proline wheels.










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