1996 Range Rover Model Year Details


Chassis & Suspension
Special Editions

Photo: Rob Burgan's 1996 4.6HSE with factory brush bar, front and rear light guards, running boards and expedition roof rack (the rack was added later as it was not available until after 1997 when it was developed for use on the Land Rover Trek vehicles). Note 18 inch Mondial wheels standard on HSE models from 1996-98; 16 inch rims could be selected as an alternative at no cost, but hardly any 4.6 buyers chose them.

4.0 rearThe 4.0 SE had the same engine as it had in 1995 and the new 4.6 HSE model was introduced in North America with the 4.6L engine that was available in Europe since the new 1995 Range Rover P38 model was introduced in 1994.

4.6L (4554cc/278 cubic inches) 225 hp @ 4750 rpm 280 lb-ft torque @ 3000 rpm 90-degree Overhead Valve (OHV) V8 aluminum alloy heads and aluminum alloy block with dry steel cylinder liners (3.7" bore x 3.2" stroke) 9.3:1 compression ratio.  Five main bearings (bigger than in the 3.9L), hydraulic lifters and multiport electronic fuel injection.

Photo: Rear of Marco Crivellari's 1996 4.0SE. Note single exhaust tailpipe protruding through notch in rear bumper used on all 1995-96 models (97-98 models omitted the notched bumper and had the tailpipe pointing downwards).

Chassis and Suspension:
All 4.6 HSEs had the same air suspension as the 4.0 SE, but all came with 18-inch “Mondial” five-spoke wheels and Pirelli Scorpion tires.


Colors, Alpine White, Altai Silver Metal, Avalon Pearl Metallic, Beluga Black, Epsom Green Metallic, Niagara/Charcoal Metallic, Willow Metallic

Options: Other optional accessories included leather covered center console side panels and leather covered cubby box lid. 

1996 4.0SE dash

No change compared with 1995 models, except for special edition variations (see below)

Photo: Brian Butler's 1996 4.0SE interior view (unchanged from 1995), showing the new model's superb dash layout.

1996 Model Year Range Rover Special Editions:

4.0 SE Panther Edition: All were based on the 4.0 SE and had a leather interior with contrasting piping on the seats and armrests (and unlike other models with leather and piping) with the words “Panther Edition” is sewn in the front seats below a crest with the outline of a panther and square panther edition badging on fenders above the signal lights.  Approx. 500 Panther Editions were sold.


4.0 SE Polo Edition: All were based on the 4.0 SE and had special dark brown leather interior with piping on the seats armrests (and unlike other models with dark brown leather and piping) with the words “Polo Edition” sewn in the front seats below a crest with the outline of a guy playing Polo.  There is also a Polo Edition badge on the fenders above the signal lights.


4.6 HSE: The 4.6HSE with the 4.6L engine was introduced in the U.S. this year (HSE stands for High Specification Edition).  Base price was $62,000 (Destination Charge was $625 and California Emissions were $100).  The HSE was also the top of the line model in Europe.  All North American HSEs came with 18 inch five spoke “Mondial” wheels, HSE emblem on tailgate, chrome exhaust tip and contrasting piping on the seats and a leather covered shifter (a leather covered handbrake handle was available as an accessory, but was not standard until the 2000 model year the leather handbrake cover available prior to 2000 was different from the later covers and had a seam along the top that lined up with the leather brake boot seam).   The HomeLink garage door opening system (located above the drivers front window) was standard (HomeLink was standard on all Range Rovers for 1997).  


1996 Range Rovers in North America had a 3-Year/42,000 mile warrantee.

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