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1990 Great Divide Range Rover

1990 Model Year Statistics
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Photo: 1990 Great Divide Edition Range Rover (sold as 91 model). Note Great Divide logo on tailgate, rear light guards. Also note the downward pointing exhaust tip that was used on all Classic Range Rovers from 1989 onwards. Third brake light added above tailgate handle in 1990 is present but barely visible in this photo.

1990 Model Year Statistics

Number built  5,315 U.S. (27,385 Worldwide)
First 1990 built August, 28 1989
Last 8 digits of first 1990 U.S. Spec. Range Rover VIN LA400016
Base Price $38,575 (Increase of $2,225 from 1989)
Curb Weight 4,389 lbs. (Increase of 17 lbs. from 1989)
Gross Vehicle Weight 5997 lbs.

Powertrain Changes: Larger plastic engine coolant expansion tank replaces the metal tank.
3.9 now stamped on the top of the engine plenum chamber (the 1989 3.9L engines have the same plenum chamber as the 3.5L Range Rovers).
Lucas 14CUX Multiport L-Jetronic Electronic Fuel Injection with fault code display.
New more efficient fuel injectors, two piece exhaust system.
Transmission was modified for smoother shifting and an inhibitor was added to prevent kick-down from top into third at high speed. Models built very late in the year have the 21.6 gal. deformable plastic fuel tank with integrated pump/sending unit (VIN# LA454554 on up)

EPA 13 mpg city, 16 mpg highway  

Chassis and Suspension Changes:
A special 4 wheel  4-channel ABS Anti-lock brakes designed to work with the Range Rover's full time four wheel drive was on all models.  It was developed over four years in conjunction with the German firm Wabco best known for heavy commercial vehicle and aircraft braking systems.
Front disks now vented for improved cooling and pad life.
The stopping distance from 60 mph by Road & Track was down to 153 feet from 179 feet when Road & Track last tested a Range Rover in 1987
Models built very late in the year have an access panel in the rear load area to allow the fuel pump to be replaced without removing the fuel tank (VIN# 454554 on up).
Fourth frame crossmember (what the self energizing “hydromat” ride leveling device is bolted to) changed from square to tubular (some late 1989 models may have this round crossmember).
Rear shock mounts were redesigned late in the year (after VIN 450646) so the shocks are held on with a bolt rather than a cotter pin.
Steering swivel pins modified for use with ABS brakes.
County wheels now painted dark gray metallic (vs. the body color in 1989).

The front passenger side of the frame was now stamped with the North American Spec. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), 1987-1989 Range Rovers had the euro VIN stamped in the frame.


Exterior Changes:
Available Paint Colors: Chamonix White, Colorado Silver Metallic, Portofino Red, Eastnor Green, Westminster Gray Micatallic, Clearwater Blue Micatallic, Beluga Black Clear Coat, Cairngorm Brown Micatallic, Ardennes Green Micatallic, Trocadero Red Micatallic.
The lower edge of the front spoiler got two more cooling slots this year for a total of six.  Door Jambs and under hood area painted body color (early 1990's 11/89 build are still black)
3rd brake light added to the rear window
Fog lights replace the driving lights in the front spoiler.
Different wiper arms did not have bayonet mounts for the blades anymore.  The new wipers also had different bases with that bolted on rather than clipped on to the wiper motors.

Interior Changes:

Modified speedo from 1990 onAvailable Interior Colors: Sorrell Brown leather (Winchester Gray leather available only on County).  All 1990 models had leather interior (except a small number of Countys with special order cloth)
The central locking system was modified so the passenger side door lock would now control the locking like the drivers side lock
Heater and AC system were improved with  increased output.  The starter relay moved under steering column from under the hood (to avoid problems related to the under hood heat).
The instrumentation was changed, including the check engine light removed from dash, and improved lighting, warning lights were moved and, the sweep of the new tachometer was now from 9 o’clock to 3 o’clock (from 9 o’clock to 1 o’clock) and the sweep of the new speedometer was now from 7 o’clock to 5 o’clock (from 6 o’clock to 1 o’clock).  The speedometer was now electrically-driven and the problems with the often noisy speedometer cable were eliminated. 

Photo: New tachometer and speedometer on 1990 and later Classic models (photo courtesy of Matthew Stein).
The radio antenna was modified for improved AM reception on all models and County had a new optional premium sound system with simplified controls. 
Better soundproofing was added to the passenger compartment. 
A bar code was added to the VIN and GVW information sticker on the drivers side door.

1990 Model Year Range Rover Special Editions:


It was priced at $2,100 more than the base model.  This was the first full year the County was offered.  The County came with Winchester Gray or Sorrell Brown leather interior the seats had different stitching with fewer seams.  (Winchester Gray was not available on base models).  Cloth interior could be special ordered on the County only, very few had cloth.  The CD changer was now standard on the County, but a sunroof and auto dim rear view mirror were optional.

Great Divide Edition (GDE):

The GDE was built in 1990 (and has 1990 (LA) model specifications) but it was sold as a 1991 with a 1991 (MA) VIN.  It was introduced in July of 1990.  See 1991 Model Year Range Rover Special Editions below for information on the GDE.


Range Rover of North America and the U.S. Forest Service conducted the Great Divide Expedition in August of 1989 that traversed the 1,123 mile Continental Divide in eight Range Rovers to publicize the “Tread Lightly Program” and introduce the 1990 Range Rovers to the press.

May of 1990 announced its involvement with the Tread Lightly program and it included Tread Lightly material with all new Range Rovers.

RRNA wins Renew America Award for conservation education through the Tread Lightly Program and the Great Divide Expedition.

Many 1989 and 1990 Range Rovers had a small round Great Divide Medallion added to the left side of the tailgate by dealers to commemorate the event.  These are not “Great Divide Edition” Range Rovers.  (See 1991 Range Rover Models for more information on the GDE)

Range Rover places first in J.D. Powers Dealer Satisfaction Index (DSI) and is eight points ahead of second place Acura.

Auto Motor Sport (Germany’s biggest car magazine) names the Range Rover “Best Imported 4x4”

Range Rover of North America played down the Range Rovers 20th anniversary, it did not want to remind Americans that the vehicle that they just recently introduced in America was 20 years old.

The American market became the largest of the 80 overseas markets that the Range Rover was exported to this year.

Land Rover of Canada Inc. was established and seven dealerships in the country began selling Range Rovers on June 25th.

The names of the Land Rover 90 and 110 is changed to Defender 90 and Defender 110, there are rumors that RRNA may import the vehicles to the U.S.



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